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            Welcome back, My Dear Shoevians, to ‘The Other Shoe’!  It has been several months, perhaps even a year or more, since I have posted on a regular basis. I am hoping that, with the publication of this article, that is all about to change. Honestly, My Dear Shoevians, I have felt the deep desire to return to writing and publishing from the night Hillary Clinton lost the election to a second-rate-reality-TV-star. However, my health had hampered that effort. My health has not improved, since I made that decision, but my desire to speak out has beat out my pain and discomfort.


Everyone that read my articles, and stories, over the past thirteen year, knows my personal politics. Knows that I support a financially conservative/socially liberal administration. I believe that it is the responsibility, of all Presidents, to work (for the American people) to reign in frivolous spending and work to keep our national taxation progressive and not regressive. Now, I am going to take a few lines to explain the different categories of taxation. I do this not to insinuate that any reader does not know this already, merely to make sure that we all are on the same page. So far as nomenclature.


progressive tax—A tax that takes a larger percentage of income from high-income groups than from low-income groups. proportional tax—A tax that takes the same percentage of income from all income groups. regressive tax—A tax that takes a larger percentage of income from low-income groups than from high-income groups.” [1]


We are now, nearly, to the two year point in this administration and one thing is abundantly clear. This President is the opposite of everything I think our representative democracy should be. He is socially conservative and fiscally liberal. And, that it just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the problems I have with this President and his administration.


Over the next few months I will delve more and more into the problems that plague this President, and his administration. However, that is not all I will write about.


You, My Dear Shoevians, will see the return of; ‘The Mars Report’, ‘Lost in Space’, ‘News From Around the World’, and ‘A Week in Review’. As well, I hope to create all new article series to focus on the changing world around us. I have yet to formalize a title, or the nature of the series, but I hope to start a series of articles that focus on climate change and its effect on America and the word.


Thank you for dropping by, and I hope to see you all here often. Please share ‘The Other Shoe’ via all your social media platforms. If you haven’t already, look up ‘The Other Shoe’ on Facebook and Pinterest. You can, also, find me there, too.


Daniel Hanning- Author- Editor- Publisher Hanning Web Wurx



Return to Publishing.. No, REALLY!!

Danny February 2016 - Leaving for L.A.


“Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends!” (a la Emerson Lake & Palmer)


Welcome back, My Dear Shoevians, to The Other Shoe. For the life of me, I never imagined that I would be away from writing and publishing this long. Today is Saturday February 13th, 2016 and yesterday I picked up this computer (my ‘writing computer’) from the shop. Again, the video card malfunctioned and it was in the shop for over a week. It is working, now, and it is my genuine intention to write and publish as much as my pain and shortcomings allow.


With the return to writing, and publishing, I will be making an effort to put in daily appearances at: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Now, here is fair warning to all of you, My Dear Shoevians. As this is an election year, here in America, I will be; writing, publishing and promoting many ‘political’ articles. I know that there are a handful, of readers Shoevians that… well, do not enjoy my political articles. For them, I apologize, however… This year is, well, unusual (to say the least). Therefore, I feel compelled to make my voice hear and understood.


I will not tip my hand, right now, but I will tell you all that I have a lot to say and I will use very single writing and formatting (publishing) skill at my disposal to impart my point of view. Yet, let me put your minds at ease; I will continue to publish; ‘The Mars Report’, ‘Lost in Space’. ‘News from Around the World’, ‘Sunday Funnies’, and ‘A Week in Review’. These articles have been staples, here at The Other Shoe, and that is not about to change any time soon.


Now, to wrap up this announcement of my return, I want to introduce the very first article of my return to writing. Either today, or Monday, I will be publishing the newest installment of my quarterly publication; ‘Journey to L.A.!’. The article will include; three videos, a half-dozen still images, and a fairly entertaining story of my travel into Los Angeles and my return home. I will be using images from more than just the last journey, as I want to share all I witnessed… and I was hurting just too much to capture all the sights I encountered.


My Dear Shoevians, I invite you to check back (right here at The Other Shoe) often. Over the next several weeks I will be working all hours of day and night to write and publish as many articles (each and every week) as is humanly possible, As well, I will be purchasing ad time (by selling… some things I own) on Facebook and other outlets in order to drive more traffic right here!


Finally, I want to tell all of you, My Dear Shoevians, that I have missed you greatly… I have missed writing and publishing… I have deeply missed contact and conversations with all of you! I, do, love to write… but just as much (if not even more) I love to talk and share! I encourage all of you, My Dear Shoevians, to; share, question my writings, and comment as much and as often as you want.


I hope that we can make this blog(s) more interactive than before. I do value your; input, ideas, comments, criticism. When we work together (to make this blog better/stronger) we work together for a better blog… and a forum where we are all equals.


Thank you!




Danny February 2016 - Leaving from L.A.

Danny February 2016 – Leaving from L.A.

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