Two Generations of Lies

           Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today is Tuesday, November 19, 2013. Tomorrow is my 56th birthday, and two days after that will be the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Pres. John Kennedy. Since my sixth birthday, Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, my birthday has been overshadowed by the ghost of Kennedy’s assassination. This year will not only be no different. This year this topic could, will likely, overshadowed even Thanksgiving.


First, let me speak to the social impact of the Kennedy assassination. Quite honestly, I do not know a single American that buys the results of ’The Warren Report’ lock stock and barrel. For most Americans the single hardest piece of the Warren report to chew is ‘The Single Bullet Theory’. Do you know who actually came up with this physics defying, logic infuriating, nonscientific theory? Then Warren Commission stafffer, later to be Senator, Arlen Specter.


At the time Arlen Specter had absolutely no formal education in; physics, medicine, human anatomy, or their aerodynamic our physical properties of a bullet. He had no training or education in ballistics nor in any field of medicine. Yet, our nation for the last two generations has been divided into two camps because of this staffer’s theory. One camp, let’s call them ‘Camp A’, believes the Warren commission report and the ‘Single bullet theory’. The other camp, let’s call them ‘Camp B’, do not believe either the Warren commission report in its entirety or the single bullet theory itself. I number myself among Camp B.


Now, if you number yourself as a member of Camp A’, then you might be very much surprised that myself and the rest of ‘Camp B’ are anywhere from 81% to 61% of the population of the United States of America. Regardless of the poll results from 1991 or the poll taken as recently as 2012, the vast majority of Americans fall into ‘Camp B’. However, this article today is not going to debate the facts of Kennedy’s assassination as much as attempt to characterize the sociological impact of the event and the following Warren Report.


Now My Dear Readers, it does not matter if you are one of my readers from America or if you’re one of my readers from; England, Canada, Cyprus, China or Hong Kong. I am sure at some point in your life you have engaged in a heated conversation with friends or family members over the facts of the Kennedy assassination. What that means to me, as a watcher of mankind, is that this assassination and the following report have created a schism in our international community for the past two generations. Like the abolitionists, and anti-abolitionists, of the late 19th century our world, and all its peoples, can easily be separated into these two camps.


Friendships have been put under terrible strain over this very topic. Son against father, father against mother, brother against sister, and brother against brother the poison of this day has spread throughout our society. I strongly feel that the ‘Warren Commission Report’ is:

  • a disservice to the United States of America and every thinking citizen there was a live in 1963 and born after 1963
  • quite literally a poison flowing through the veins of every thinking person, that is heard of the Kennedy assassination, on the face of the planet earth
  • A disingenuous attempt by men completely intellectually unprepared for the task they were assigned. To attempt to create a plausible ‘cover story’ for the greatest governmental cluster fuck in American history.
  • The single greatest failure of the United States government against its citizens.


For me at least, My Dear Readers, our government’s attempt to explain the assassination of Pres. John F Kennedy is equal only to lie America allowed to be perpetrated that cigarette smoking did not cause lung cancer. Nearly 8 in 10 Americans do not believe the Warren Commission Report. Eight in 10 Americans believe their government has lied to them and is covering up the real reason for the assassination of the single most loved and charismatic president of modern American history. You cannot sit there and read this article and believe for a single moment that that is not a poison flowing through the veins of our nation. You cannot sit there and honestly believe that this lie is not a cancer on the body politic of America. You cannot, in good conscience, sit there and not feel the same desire I do for the truth!


My Dear Readers I wish, today, right here right now I had that truth for you. Oh, not only because it would make me as wealthy as my dreams of avarice could possibly make me. But, regardless of that if I could bring the truth to you all I would be bringing a cure for the sociological disease that is plagued our nation and every thinking person on this planet for two generations. You see, My Dear Readers, we were promised the truth.


Shortly after the release of the report… The lie the United States Congress promised to open all records they had on the Kennedy assassination as soon as “every living adult that might be responsible at the time was dead”. That day has come and gone. We were promised that Gov. Connally’s body would be exhumed, it wasn’t. Did you know My Dear Readers that fragments of the magic bullet still reside in Gov. Connally’s body?


As recently as June 1993 the FBI and Atty. Gen. Janet Reno tried to get Gov. Connally’s body exhumed.[1] much to my chagrin, and in an injustice to history and all Americans, that Connally family balked and the governor’s body was not exhumed. In the ground in the great state of Texas lies evidence. Evidence crucial to finding out the real truth of what happened on November 22, 1963 on the streets of Dallas Texas. What kind of people would, in good conscience, stand between evidence and the pursuit of truth? My answer to you My Dear Readers? People that have something to hide.


You see My Dear Readers there are still too many people, in Texas for one, that have everything to lose and nothing to gain by Americans and the world finding out the real truth about the assassination of United States Pres. John F Kennedy. My Dear Readers until that body is exhumed, until we have the real truth and not the lie that is the Warren commission report. Poison will flow through the veins of our people, a cancer will grow in our body politic, and our people will be divided. It is also the humble opinion of this author, that until we have the real truth we will not be able to judge the societal negative impact this lie has had on two generations of Americans and thinking human beings. This is, in my humble opinion, a grave injustice just waiting for someone courageous enough to bring us all the real truth.


In closing, on a more personal note I would like for this assassination to be completely solved and the real truth to be obtain so that it will stop overshadowing my birthday. Every single year my birthday rolls around I know my birthday is coming because everybody starts talking about Pres. John F. Kennedy’s assassination. I would happily have my birthday co-opted by… let’s say… Thanksgiving! But I grow weary of my birthday being overshadowed by this lie.


As always I am deeply honored that you come here and read my work.


Thank you!


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