To The Start of a New Year at The Other Shoe

Daniel Hanning

                                                                              Daniel Hanning

Welcome back, My Dear Shoevians, to another year of; ‘Lost in Space’, ‘News from Around the World’, ‘The Mars Report’, and so much more! Just today I have renewed my hosting for this blog. Until this past week I had feared that I would be unable to continue this journey with you My Dear Shoevians.


This doubt had helped to silence my online voice, however now that I have met this challenge, and prevailed, I feel confident enough to write and publish again. I know that it will take time, to rebuild the, once huge, traffic to this blog. I know that and determine to meet this challenge head-on.


There will be many changes, over the coming months, to this blog. As I have aged, I have changed and so will this blog. I will be sharing more and more videos of game play from such venerable PC titles as; World of Warcraft, Rift, The Elder Scrolls Online, Diablo 3, and Star Wars the Old Republic. As well I will be following, very closely, the investigation into collusion by members of the Trump for President 2016 campaign and Russia. Just this week, The Other Shoe dropped proving that Donald Trump, Jr. willing took a meeting with members of Russian intelligence with the sole purpose of coordinating assistance from the Russian government.


Let me not get too far ahead of the game, and my publishing. It is good to be back. It is good to know that, for at least the next six months, this blog location is still mine! I will warn you, My Dear Shoevians, that at first… the articles will be few. I will not jump right back into publishing five to seven articles per week. However, I am committed to writing and publishing just as much and as often as my health and pain will allow.


I, genuinely, look forward to the coming months and our continuing journey here at The Other Shoe!


Take Care




Daniel Hanning- Writer, Research Staff, Editor and Publisher of The Other Shoe

Daniel Hanning- Writer, Research Staff, Editor and Publisher of The Other Shoe

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