Non-Partisan Media Evaluation

Meida Bias Graphic


Welcome back My Dear Shoevians to another article here at The Other Shoe. Today I am here to post a short article, but a very important graphic. Below you will find a chart. In this chart are logos, and names, of most of the media outlets we all are familiar. Familiar or not, this graphic (created by a non-partisan media watchdog group) breaks down where the outlets we favor fall.


Meaning, is the media outlet I read and use most; Liberal, Progressive, Conservative, Ultra-Conservative, and are they are reliable source or are they highly partisan. I have been writing and publishing, now, for over six years and I found this chart to be very helpful! I already knew where many of these outlets fell, but it did some as a surprise that some of the media I was reading was far more partisan that I realized.


My Dear Shoevians, I wanted to share this graphic but I also wanted to make you aware that I will do my best to stick to publishing honest and reliable articles. It is not my intent to write or publish highly partisan articles, there is already more than enough outlets that engage in that practice.


Finally, I want you to feel free to save this image for your own use and refer to it as a guide. A guide that might help you, My Dear Shoevians, to guard against a diet of only  highly partisan articles.


Meida Bias Graphic

Thank you!







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