Obama hits 41, Cements Iran victory | TheHill

President Obama cleared a significant political hurdle Tuesday when several undecided Democrats came out in favor of the Iran nuclear deal, giving him enough votes to block a Senate resolution of disapproval. Three of the five remaining swing votes, Sens. Richard Blumenthal (Conn.), Gary Peters (Mich.) and Ron Wyden (Ore.), announced their support for the accord in a flurry of near-simultaneous press releases on Tuesday morning, increasing the number of pro-deal Democrats to 41.

The senators released their statements of support after Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), became the fourth member of his caucus to announce his opposition to the deal. Sen. Maria Cantwell (Wash.), the last undecided Senate Democrat, announced her support for the measure late Tuesday, becoming the 42nd vote against the resolution of disapproval.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) now has the votes to support a filibuster blocking a Republican-backed resolution to disapprove the deal, which would lift sanctions on Iran in exchange for limits on its nuclear program. He predicted the deal would survive congressional scrutiny, citing support from an “overwhelming majority” of his caucus.

Source: Obama hits 41, cements Iran victory | TheHill


Welcome back My Dear Shoevians to The Other ShoeToday, Wednesday, President Obama has secured enough Senators to avoid a veto override of his signature ‘P5+1 JCPOA Iran Nuclear Deal’. This comes as welcome news on the day that Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz ‘Buddy-Up’ (on the steps of Congress) to indulge braggadocio and inflammatory rhetoric  to try and stop a train that has already left the station. What a pair, eh? A bombastic carnival barker turned reality television wanna-be star and the Senator that read ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ as part of a filibuster against the single most popular act of legislation since the Social Security Act ( ObamaCare aka The ‘Affordable Care Act’). 


As I explained, in my article Iran Deal – Part Two – The Agreementthe P5+1 JCPOA Iran Nuclear Deal is the single most important treaty, penned by a sitting President and his Secretary of State, since the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of President John F. Kennedy and the SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) and SALT II agreements of President Reagan. America, working with the other four Permanent Security Council Members of the United Nations, along with Germany, achieved the single greatest peacetime nuclear arms agreement of the modern times. It will surely, go down in history as, the single greatest treaty agreement of the first part of the Twenty-First century. 


I just wanted to come out of my health related hiatus to write my congratulations to; President Obama, Secretary Kerry and Secretary Clinton (Sec. Clinton was instrumental in putting together the parties at the table for this agreement, more than a year ago). America has created a ‘Nuclear Weapon FREE Iran’ and secured safety for the Middle East for the next decade. I know that, many, Republicans are claiming they are ‘against’ this deal. However, when push comes to shove and when they go to write their memoirs I am certain that they will say they “Secretly supported the treaty” and that their actions were dictated by the ‘Stop Obama’s EVERYTHING’ policy of the Republican party of the past seven years.


My Dear Shoevians, if you didn’t have a chance to rad my breakdown of this agreement, just click on the link above (or right here: Iran Deal – Part Two – The Agreementand there is the lead article I penned about the historical relevance  of this agreement, and the precedent for a President to enact a treaty of this kind, in the first part of the article series here: Iran – War or Peace – Part One – Historic Relevance . I hope that everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable Labor Day holiday. I look forward to getting back to my regular publishing schedule, later this week.




Thank you!


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