Will El Niño 2015 rival the strongest year on record? – CNN.com

Low Pressure System in the Pacific Ocean


Will El Niño 2015 rival the strongest year on record? – CNN.com.


“El Niño is a warming of the eastern Pacific Ocean, mainly along the Equator — see the thick red belt in the satellite photo, which indicates waters that are warmer than normal.

These warmer waters are normally confined to the western Pacific by winds that blow from east to west, pushing the warmer water toward Indonesia and Australia.

But during an El Niño, the winds slow down and can even reverse direction, allowing the warmer water to spread eastward all the way to South America.

El Niños occur every two to seven years in varying intensity, and the waters of the eastern Pacific can be up to 4 degrees Celsius (7 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than usual.”


           Welcome back My Dear Shoevians to The Other ShoeThe scientists at NOAA have been warning of this Super El Nino’ since the beginning of this summerI have yet to see a single extra raindrop for the three months, so far. I, and millions of other Southern California residents, are hoping beyond hope that this forecast is correct. California is in dire need of precipitation, as most of you My Dear Shoevians, are well aware. We are into the tenth year of a severe-historic drought. Our reservoirs are bone dry and our lakes parched.


Even the winter snow cap just failed to materialize this past winter. If this ‘Super El Nino’ doesn’t pan out, or moves to the north and   by passes Southern California, there could be water outages all across L.A. and Orange counties.


Pacific Ocean Water Temperatures - Red Is Hottest.

(Pacific Ocean Water Temperatures – Red Is Hottest)


A strong El Niño heats up the atmosphere and changes circulation patterns around the globe, especially the jet stream over the Pacific, which becomes stronger and dumps more frequent and intense storms over the western U.S., especially California. It also means more rain for the west coast of South America.

But the atmosphere is somewhat of a zero-sum game. More rain in North and South America comes at the expense of normally rainy Southern Asia and Australia, which become abnormally dry and experience droughts.”


The article also mentions the El Nino of the fall of 1997 and into the winter of 1998. I distinctly remember that El Nino! I was living in the town of Stanton, here in Orange County, during that season! The rain fell hard and for days, in late September and early October. Wonderful, rain at that time of the year, it just seems to add to the Halloween-Feel’ of the September and October. We were going out, on a Friday, to fetch our (last) pumpkin to be made into a Jack-o’Latern. The rain was coming down in sheets, we were both drenched before we made it to the first intersection. However, when we did finally get to the intersection we were caught off-guard by what we saw.



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Danny Hanning Writer, Editor, Research Staff and Publisher at The Other Shoe

Danny Hanning Writer, Editor, Research Staff and Publisher at The Other Shoe

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