Bing Pulse – Is Trump’s Antics Helping our Harming GOP? Results in Article

According to today’s Bing Pulse survey, held each day at 1PM Eastern, the media has it all wrong about Trump and his antics! Today, during the Thomas Robert’s show, MSNBC help a live poll, here was the question: “Is Donald Trump’s blunt rhetoric helping or hurting the GOP?”


The answer may well surprise you, the American people and the American media outlets. The answer is below!”

Bing Pulse.

Welcome back My Dear Shoevians to The Other ShoeToday may well mark a change in just how Americans and the American media view the caustic antics of one Donald J. Trump. At least, one would hope that this poll’s results would garner notice and gain weight in our Presidential Primary. I know, for a fact, My Dear Shoevians, that I took notice and decided to push aside my regularly scheduled article to feature these results. First, in an effort to be truthful and forthright to all of you, My Dear Shoevians, did take part in this survey. However, I seriously doubt that my one vote shifted the results in any substantive fashion.


This poll was taken via Bing Pulse during the hour broadcast of the ‘Live with Thomas Roberts’ on MSNBC. I cannot get the breakdown of the survey. How many people, how it broke down according to party, and total number of votes. However, the ending vote was quite clear and speaks volumes! At the beginning of the hour the poll was heavily leaning towards “Helpful”, meaning that the voters thought the caustic antics of one Donald J. Trump was “Helping” the GOP brand. Curious and curiouser, I thought to myself because the vat majority of people I have conversations with thought quite the opposite! 


As the hour progressed so did the voting. I was watching the show on TV, and the voting trend on my PC. A most amazing this began to happen. After the announcement, on air, that the vote broke down 75% Helping to 25% Harming I began to see much more activity. As the activity grew, and the number of Americans voting, a drastic shift began to appear. This shift is the reason for this article today, and Why I believe that American Media are getting it wrong about Trump!


As the hour moved on, so happened a drastic shift in the voting pattern. With every passing minuet the poll shifted from a majority thinking Donald Trump’s caustic antics were “Helpful to the GOP” to vast majority not voting that Donald Trump’s caustic antics were actually “Harmful to the GOP”I watched and watched as the numbers greatly shifted in just a matter of less than an hour! By the end of the show, and the hour long polling period, a drastic shift was not a reality. 


At the end of it all, and all the votes were counted and tabulated, the final numbers did appear. On the question “Is Donald Trump’s blunt rhetoric helping or hurting the GOP?” the numbers told my story: 66% voted that it HARMS the GOP and 34% voted it was helpful! Oy Vey! That is quite change from the top of the hour, and the beginning of the polling. However, the American public have spoken! This is my ‘Take-Away’! Regardless of the (sic) love affair the media outlets have for one Donald J. Trump? The AMERICAN PEOPLE strongly agree that his caustic (and self-aggrandizing) antics are HARMFUL to the GOP! 


Donald Trump Defends "Blood" Comments


Now, the question remains, “Will American Media Outlets CHANGE?” I am not hopeful in that it appears that a majority of the sick individuals in American that enjoy these caustic antics (and ‘Reality TV) are the ‘Target Demographic’ of American Media Outlets. That these ‘news’ agencies are merely tools of their corporate executives and all are really just whores. Whores for attention. Whores for ratings, just like Donald J. Trump. Because, if we have proved nothing, today, we have proved that Donald J. Trump is a Media Whore and will keep up his caustic antics harming the GOP in the process.


The vast majority of American know that Donald J. Trump (Media Whore Exceptional) will never cal 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue his home. Never in a million years. However, for the next many months we, the American people, will have to endure his caustic antics while our nation’s media outlets play to the whore. 




Thank you!


Danny Hanning Writer, Editor, Research Staff and Publisher at The Other Shoe


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