A Week in Review – August 2nd 2015

NASA's Curiosity Rover Inspects Unusual Bedrock

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Inspects Unusual Bedrock


Welcome back My Dear Shoevians to The Other Shoe. I am quite happy to announce that this week I did manage to; research, write, edit, footnote and embed images into five articles. This is mybenchmark for a ‘Good’ week. Now, what makes this week even better than ‘Good’ (for me) is that this week contained my thesis work on the ‘P5+1 Iran Nuclear Deal – JCPOA’ (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action)– ‘Iran Deal – Part Two’. This was a monumental task and was not possible without reading all 159 pages of the nuclear treaty. That, My Dear Shoevians, is a major accomplishment all by itself!


Really, if you were to give my articles weight according to length and composition, I published aboutten articles this week. Today ‘A Week in Review’ is a day late, and there will not be an edition of‘Sunday Funnies’. I apologize for this whole in my regular publishing schedule, but I just had to take a few days’ break, after that thesis length article explaining the JPCOA. Now I am rested and, mostly, healed from that adventure and ready to move ahead.


As I mentioned, late last week, this coming week I have another ‘Journey to L.A.’ on Tuesday. I was hoping to write and put a few articles into the hopper, for publication while I am gone and recovering. However, I have been unable to accomplish that goal as of yet. I will make every effort, today and tomorrow, to put together some articles. If all else fails, I will make several “Press This’articles to fill in the week. Well, now that we are all caught up, I think that it is time to get the to heart of this article.


So, without further adieu I give you ‘A Week in Review’!



Hey! I'm napping here!

Hey! I’m napping here!

  • Sunday Funnies – July 26th – Mohawk Rat – Redux “Welcome back My Dear Shoevians to a Redux of a recent ‘Sunday Funnies’ titled ‘Mohawk Rat!’. In this video we can see Gryphon combing the fur on his head, after a recent bath. It looks like he is styling his fur into a Mohawk haircut. This will be the very first ‘Sunday Funnies’ to appear at my all new blog location. Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend. Have a great Sunday!” This is my, by far, most favorite video (so far) by my newest little furry friend, Gryphon. ‘Mohawk Rat!’ Is something that all my little furry fellows have done, after taking a bath, but Gryphon really get into it! Every time I run this article, I see a real spike in traffic. This shows me that Gryphon is going to be a highlight to this blog, and a star all his won. ENJOY!


  • The Mars Report – July 27th, 2015 – “Our first image appears at the top of the article. This is an artist’s representation of NASA’s Mars Odyssey spacecraft. This June the 23rd the Odyssey spacecraft made its 60,000th orbit over the Martian surface. Its orbiting began on October 23rd, 2001 and on December 15th, 2010 it became the longest orbiting spacecraft over Mars. My, notorious, last image of this edition was taken by Odyssey. An image will take your breath away.” My Dear Shoevians THIS was the very first article published at the new blog location, that was written and published, my original way. This is my most favorite article series, right up there with ‘Lost in Space’. My articles on space, and space exploration, have a special place in my heart. I hope that everyone takes a look at this edition, I put a lot of love into this work. ENJOY!
JFK Signing the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963

JFK Signing the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963


  •  Iran – War or Peace – Part One – Historic Relevance – “Welcome back My Dear Shoevians to The Other Shoe. Today (July 28th, 2013) with this article I will engage and inform you, My Dear Shoevians, in a way and a theater of discussion which we are unaccustomed. I, generally, refrain from writing and publishing articles about domestic and/or foreign policy. In specific a discussion on American foreign policy and/or international treaties and their content. However, the current ‘P5+1 Iranian Nuclear Deal’ is of such international and historic significance I would be completely socially remiss if I did not share my insights and opinion. Therefore, My Dear Shoevians, I beg your indulgence (this time) while I work to dispel harmful rhetoric, enhance broader understanding and engage the men and women of America and the international community. Thank you for your understanding and support.” This article was written after listening to the ‘talking heads’ of the Right/Far-Right trash-talk our President and this agreement for many days. What I found most surprising, and enlightening, was that many (if not most) had not taken the time to READ the agreement PRIOR to starting the trash-talk. Debate, without knowledge, is not debate… it is a sophomoric exercise in Orwellian rhetoric. I will engage anyone on the FACTS and MERITS of this, or any, agreement. However, to engage in a public dressing down of; this President, the Secretary of State, and ALL the LEADERS of the P5+1 (Germany, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, America and France) WITHOUT having read a single word! Well, I have a name for that ‘Ignorant Hyperbolic Rhetoric’. In this article I draw a historic parallel between President Reagan and the SALT agreements, with the U.S.S.R. (our NUCLEAR nemesis at the time) and how his actions were categorized and the same rhetoric being used against President Obama now over this agreement.
P5+1 Talks With Iran in Geneva, Switzerland

P5+1 Talks With Iran in Geneva, Switzerland

  • Iran Deal – Part Two – The Agreement – “Welcome back My Dear Shoevians to The Other Shoe. As promised, today I am sharing with all of you the very TEXT of the ‘Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action’ aka the ‘P5+1 Iran Nuclear Agreement’. Today’s article has taken several days to complete. I do this out of a love of PEACE and the best possible future for our nation and its inhabitants. I do this for PEACE. … Now, without further adieu, I give you… … …” The single most important effort taken for PEACE in the first part of the Twenty-First Century. One-hundred-Fifty-nine pages of Treaty read –DONE! Treaty then researched and broken into digestible sections, DONE!  Written: THIRTY pages of; explanation, narrative, background, and breakdown of a very complex and exacting treaty, DONE! In this, 30 page, article I have attempted to address each and every concern that has surfaced since the announcement of this agreement. I have taken the hyper partisan hyperbolic rhetoric and put aside my ‘feelings’ and treated their (Uninformed = they haveNOT R E A D the agreement) talking points with dignity and honor. Then, I went about proving that their fears are, just that, FEAR. ENJOY!


An artist’s illustration shows the pulsar just after having collided with the disk.

An artist’s illustration shows the pulsar just after having collided with the disk.

  • Chandra :: Photo Album :: PSR B1259-63 :: July 22, 2015 – “Welcome back My Dear Shoevians to The Other Shoe. While doing a little late night, or early morning, searching through NASA/JPL web site I stumbled upon THIS incredible image. Taken by the Chandra X-Ray observatory in space, this image shows a “Chuck of debris” being jettisoned from a “double-star system” at incredibly high speeds. Now, when they say “Chuck of debris” this is actually a sizable amount of debris, as it is One Hundred times the size of our solar system!” While wandering around the web, one day, I stumbled upon the most incredible image I have ever seen. An Artist impression of a galactic occurrence of biblical proportions, so I just had to share! The images are from the ‘Chandra X-Ray Space Telescope’ they are of a pulsar shooting a galaxy-sized cloud of space debristhrough the orbit of a star! This is the very first time mankind has ever bore witness to a space occurrence of this magnitude. I would be completely remiss if I didn’t share it with YOU, MY Dear Shoevians. ENJOY!


With that, My Dear Shoevians, I bring this edition of ‘A Week in Review’ to a close, and this week’s publication to a close, as well. I do hope that everyone has enjoyed this week’s information and adventures. I will be back, next week, to share more and more of the world around us.




Thank you!


Danny Hanning Writer, Editor, Research Staff and Publisher at The Other Shoe

Danny Hanning Writer, Editor, Research Staff and Publisher at The Other Shoe

© 2010 – 2015 Hanning Web Wurx and The Other Shoe



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