A Week in Review – May 10th, 2015

NASA Research Suggests Mars Once Had More Water Than Earth’s Arctic Ocean

NASA Research Suggests Mars Once Had More Water Than Earth’s Arctic Ocean



Welcome back My Dear Shoevians to The Other Shoe. I have to openly admit, this week was fraught with pain and problems! Mid-week I was struck with some terrific pain, all through my neck and into my arms and head. I tried sleeping it away, I tried soaking it away and all to no avail. Finally, I just settled in for a long hard ride and decided to do as little as I could around the house… … … and to let the blogs… sit. THAT was a very difficult decision, My Dear Shoevians.


After a seven month absence I was seeing traffic numbers, for a week’s time, up to One Hundred Nineteen!!! That translates to a yearly traffic of well over SIX THOUSAND!!!!! That is some serious traffic numbers to take to a publisher… with a truly original and touching novel in hand. It wasn’t easy but I took Tuesday and Wednesday off. I re-published my Hubble’s 25th Anniversary’ on Wednesday, then it happened.


This happens every six to eight months, at my location at blog dot com, the whole bloody web site just crashes! So, I wait and wait and wait. GONE for three days! I did not ‘see’ my primary blog location for three days, until today! So, here I am trying my hardest to play catch-up with the missed publication of the ‘Traffic Reports’ band now this ‘A Week in Review’. Now, I am tired and hurting all over again. But this will pass. I have to manage to finish this weekly review, and then publish ‘Sunday Funnies’ before it is no longer Sunday!


So, without further adieu, I give you ‘A Week in Review – May 10th, 2015’!


Gryphon Sharing Danny's Soda!

Gryphon Sharing Danny’s Soda!

  • Sunday Funnies – Gryphon’s Premiere! – “Welcome back My Dear Shoevians to The Other Shoe. Today is a extra special edition of ‘Sunday Funnies’! Today I would like to ask you, My Dear Shoevians, to join me in Welcoming Gryphon D. Hannning (click on the hyperlink to go to Gryphon’s Facebook Page!) to this storied article series. As most of you are aware… … … Alexander R. Hanning passed away, several weeks ago, after a long battle with failing health. I made him as comfortable as possible, prepared all his favorite foods, and held him 24/7 for his comfort. He was loved deeply, and will be even more deeply missed. Last edition of ‘Sunday Funnies’ was a homage to Alexander.” This, My Dear Shoevians, was a very difficult article for me to write and publish. You see, it was an end, of sorts. An end to the era of Alexander R. Hanning as the star of ‘Sunday Funnies’ and the beginning of an all new era of Gryphon D. Hannning as the new star. I never do well with endings… of anything, but especially of the furry little ones I come to care for and love. There will never be a day… a time when I stop thinking of Alexander. He had that big an impact on my life, my work, my soul. It was Alexander that was at my side when I was diagnosed with cancer. It was Alexander that was at my side when I came home after chemotherapy. It was Alexander that stayed by my side when I got sick, and was there no matter what happened. However, this article was the premiere for another furry friend, Gryphon D. Hannning. This is Gryphon’s premiere video and premiere edition of ‘Sunday Funnies’. I hope that everyone stopped by to enjoy his premiere and his antics. Enjoy!


Rock Spire in 'Spirit of St. Louis Crater' on Mars (False Color))

Rock Spire in ‘Spirit of St. Louis Crater’ on Mars (False Color))

  • The Mars Report – May 4th, 2015 – “Welcome back My Dear Shoevians to The Other Shoe. Today marks the beginning of my third week back at; researching, writing, editing and publishing here at The Other Shoe. That is an important milestone for me, as just a few months ago (about mid-way through my chemotherapy treatments) I wondered if I would ever return to writing and publishing again. Well, not at all, what I mean is I doubted that I would ever again publish on a regular schedule again. Now, here I am two weeks past and over a dozen articles under my belt since my ‘The Rebirth and Re-Launch of The Other Shoe’ article of April 13th, 2015.” It was this Gargantuan edition of ‘The Mars Report’ that I think put me over the edge and into a world of hurt. The singles largest edition, with the most images, the most conetnet and the most science ever! If you haven’t looked at this edition, you should! Enjoy!


Hubble's Sharpest View of the Orion Nebula

Hubble’s Sharpest View of the Orion Nebula

  • Lost in Space – Hubble’s 25th – Redux – “So good, worth republishing today! I’m taking a day of R&R, here’s a wonderful celebration of Hubble’s 25th anniversary. Enjoy! Welcome back My Dear Shoevians to The Other Shoe. Today is Wednesday April 22nd, 2015 and when I started the research for this article I quickly became aware that today is the 25th Anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope! What a glorious day to pay tribute to this wonder of the modern age, by sharing some of the most recent images captured by Hubble.” With the pain in my neck reaching new levels of blinding pain, I decided to give myself a day to rest and recover. Little did I know that the primary blog location would take this opportunity to go AWOL! Nevertheless, this edition is/was worth republishing, so I did! ENJOY!


Number Two Blog International Map One Month

Number Two Blog International Map One Month

  • Traffic Reports – May 7th, 2015 “Now that I have the news out of the way, let me get to the meat of this article. As many of you, My Dear Shoevians, know about every six months I publish a ‘Traffic Report’. Now, I do this for many reasons, not the least of which is that I enjoy sharing the limited success of my writing. Yes, I work hard at; research, writing, editing and publishing at The Other Shoe. When I see the traffic counter on the Blog Dot com location stay over one hundred for a week or more… YES I am very very proud! That has occurred over the past two weeks.” This was a very enlightening edition of ‘Traffic Reports’. Whereas I did see the corresponding decline in readership during my chemotherapy, if you don’t publish new content, readers go elsewhere, that is a given. However, there is ‘Good News’ in this report, too! Good news in the discovery of even more expanded international readership! THAT is very ‘Good News’ indeed! If you need a reason to read this article, learning that My Dear Shoevians live in; England, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands and evern RUSSIA should do the trick, eh? Read and be informed!


That, My Dear Shoevians, brings us to the end of this article and the end of the week’s publishing. I hope that everyone takes some time, out of your Sunday, to go back and read and view some of the wonderful work and images I shared this past week. Again, I apologize for the absence, made even longer by the down time at the primary blog location. I am back, and I have a “Sunday Funnies’ yet to publish, today.


I regret to inform you that this week is my ‘Quarterly Visit To L.A.’ and my primary care physician, Dr. Laurence Gorlick. This journey into L.A., and back, takes a great deal out of me. It is a journey that takes, Allen and I, more than twelve hours of transit van rides to get into Rancho Palos Verde, and back here to Orange County. I will do my best to keep up my writing schedule, I just cannot make any promises I might not keep.


Thank you!




Author/Editor Danny Hanning in Rolling Hills Estates February 2015

Author/Editor Danny Hanning in Rolling Hills Estates February 2015

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