The Battle Rages On…

Danny Hanning @ Chemotherapy

Danny Hanning @ Chemotherapy


Welcome back My Dear Shoevians to The Other Shoe. First, I would like to wish everyone a “Happy New Year!” I don’t know about you, My Dear Shoevians, but I really needed a ‘new’ year. 2014 had become filled with; pain, suffering, sadness, darkness, confusion, and an overwhelming sense of depression. 2014 brought cancer from something that plague my; father’s father, my father, and my brothers. To something tactical and very real to me. Good riddance to 2014!


Next, I would like to share two ‘new’ events in my life and the life of this blog. First, it is my unfortunate task to inform all of you, My Dear Shoevians, that my chemotherapy was not as “effective” at battling my cancer as my oncologist had hoped. The gains were minimal, and the effects of the treatment on my body, too severe. Therefore, within the next month of so, I will be moving from chemotherapy to radiation therapy. Anyone that has followed a family member through his or her fight with cancer knows what this treatment entails.


This move concerns me, as does the bodily harm of the chemotherapy. I am concerned about the radiation burns that will appear on my face. Yes, the area they will ‘nuke’ will be my lower right jaw and neck. For a time, I will have a large discolored area. I know it will pass, just like my hair “will grow back”. Knowing and seeing are two very different things. However, I will soldier onward in hopes that the combination of these two different treatment types will give me a great chance of not having to wage this war again, soon.



(Danny’s Chemotherapy December 29th 2014)


Second, I have not been able to keep up the articles at this blog like I had previously, and like I have wanted. This concerns me greatly, and I am at a loss as to find… assistance. However, with the coming of the ‘New Year’ I will redouble my efforts to make more regular postings. Much is happening with NASA’s Mars Exploration project, and I would very much like to keep all of you abreast. I assure you, My Dear Shoevians, that I will make every effort to keep you abreast of these historic events.


Since I last posted, I have undergone another chemotherapy treatment. Below is a short video I made during that treatment. You know, My Dear Shoevians, I had ‘good intentions’ when this battle started. Intentions to make this blog a journal of my journey through my cancer treatment. Boy did I underestimate the toll these treatments would demand! Now understand that this chemotherapy is not happening to someone in ‘good health’. Not to someone that jogs frequently, or goes to the gym on a regular basis. My body and health were already compromised by my ongoing health issues.


For me, this was more like kitting a guy when he is already down… with a baseball bat. I am not ‘complaining’ I am just giving everyone some perspective. Some understanding of just why I have been unable to keep the commitments I have made to you, My Dear Shoevians. Now I am going to give you a little insight into just what you might also be reading, here at The Other Shoe, in the upcoming editions.


March tenth 2010 I wrote and published my first article for this blog. I started this blog, as I have told you My Dear Shoevians, to be a small counterweight to the overwhelming deluge of negative and harmful media and dialogue coming from the far extremes of the conservative movement. Truthfully, I have been remiss in this original goal. I stepped back from political writing and publications in an effort to halt the alienation of some of my readers. Some of my readers, in the South and in Texas, had become deeply disturbed by my writings. Then, they tied their support for me… for my many ‘causes’ to a kind of control over what I wrote and published.


I should never have allowed this to happen. What is done, is done, and cannot be undone. However, at the risk of never gain receiving help of assistance… never again knowing the kindness of these ‘others’… and standing alone against a sea of troubles. I will begin a series of articles, here at The Other Shoe, that shines a light on the path ahead. We are not the first modern society to place its feet on a path without; reason, knowledge, or logic. That is what I call it when a very vocal group of zealots want to replace the science of evolution with the illogical and unscientific ramblings of ‘Creationism’.


That, My Dear Shoevians, is just the tip of the iceberg that has frozen reason in political dialogue and discourse in America. Over the next few weeks I will work to open eyes… to share perspective… to draw political parallels… to bring reason back to American political dialogue. Yes… that is a huge goal… but I am a gay man that made it thought the 80’s death march of HIV/AiDS. We buried thousands of our loved ones… before anyone paid attention. I made it thought that… I made it though a fracking typewriter dropping on my head… I made it through loosing my MOBILITY!


If you, My Dear Shoevians, think I will shy away from this battle? Then the upcoming weeks and months will change your mind!


Happy New Year!




Thank you!


Arival at the Oncologist's Office

Arival at the Oncologist’s Office


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