Notes from Behind the Keyboard – December 22nd, 2014

Alex at Xmas Hiding

Alex at Xmas Hiding


Welcome back My Dear Shoevians to The Other Shoe. Today is December 22nd, 2014 and there are just three days left for any ‘Christmas Shopping’. Later today I plan on writing and publishing a ‘A Week in Review’ for last week. I managed to write and publish more than five articles. Including a Gargantuan edition of ‘The Mars Report’.


My traffic is up, my comments are positive. I keep writing and publishing, because that is what a writer does. He/She writes. I love to write. I love to share the stories and articles that I write. So much so that, for the past FIVE YEARS, I have done all this for FREE and never charged a single penny. Instead? Instead I have worked on the basis… of… trust. I write and publish and trust that when I am at wit’s end or without the means needed to; get a mobility device, move, for fight cancer that you, My Dear Shoevians, are there and help.


This, actually, worked for the first several years. I am still hoping for assistance with ‘Christmas’. However, as of the first part of next year… there just might be a change. A change necessitated by changing trends… in charity. Whereas I understand the adage ‘Times, they are a changing’… I am really caught off guard by the lack of generosity… compassion… empathy… charity.


This blog serves many functions to many people all over this great earth. I, merely, ask.. as exchange for the stories… articles.. incredible images from space and Mars… a modicum of support. This has not been forthcoming. Therefore, as of (as soon as I can get it organized) ‘ads’ here at The Other Shoe. I will do my best to keep them to a minimum. I will do my best to keep them at the end of articles… and/or to the ‘Side-Bar’ of the blog.


I have not worked out all the kinks… and I must tell you, My Dearest Shoevians, that this is not the course of action I prefer. Having said… I will ask, yet again, for any/all the support that all of you, My Dearest Shoevians, for your kind support for my ‘Christmas’ and my Battle with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. You can give at PayPal – my name is Daniel Hanning and my PayPal email is With that information anybody anywhere in the world can show their support.


That is all that I ask of you, My Dearest Shoevians. I will post later this week and tell you of any/all of you, My Dearest Shoevians, that reached out and helped. This is for a Christmas for my family. I simply am without the means to show the people I love the kindness and seasonal care that they genuinely deserve. Being unable to work, with NOTHING selling on eBay… I am a man with greatly limited means!


For everyone that has every helped me in any way? THANK YOU! Your kindness and support are instrumental to my survival! To all of you, My Dearest Shoevians, I wish you a very ‘Merry Christmas’!




Thank you!



Danny Does Chemo - Day One #1

Danny Does Chemo – Day One #1


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