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Danny Rolling Hills Estates - November 2014

Danny Rolling Hills Estates – November 2014


                                   Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. It has been three weeks since my last publication. Just like the old saying goes; my mind and heart are willing, but the flesh is weak. Today, well it has been a little over two weeks since my last chemo, I am feeling able to write and publish. My next chemo is a week from Wednesday, December 17th. That will be my last chemo, this year.


My Dear Readers it has been my intention to get back into the swing of publishing on a regular basis. The (harsh) reality is? I will be unable to meet my previous publication schedule while I am in chemo. Once this round of chemo is complete, I am hopeful that I will be able to return to a regular full schedule of publications. That is barring any unforeseen complications post chemo. I have no intention of abandoning this blog, or my writing, anytime soon.


The Martian rover, Curiosity, is still working making new discoveries. Therefore, ‘The Mars Report’ will return and continue. I still enjoy discovering and researching News from Around the World” assuring the continuation of the article series of the same name. I still enjoy PC & console gaming, assuring the continuation of ‘MMORPG’s and YOU!’. Timmy and Archer still live in my heart, and often (still) play in my mind. YES! I hard really hoped to have their first story complete… this year. However, I have continued adding plot lines, character development, and tie-ins for future publications.


I can tell you one (SPOILER ALERT!) fact about; Timmy, Archer and Smithville. They (all) will be the setting for a second story… this time set at Christmas! Yes, so you My Dear Readers can see just why I really wanted to finish my first story… so I could start sharing excerpts of the upcoming second book… just in time for Christmas! Not going to tell you, My Dear Readers, anymore than that… don’t want to spoil the end of my current story.


This week I hope to write and publish a current edition of ‘The Mars Report’. I have, already, researched Curiosity’s recent endeavors and discoveries and there is a good deal to share and report. As well, I think that (if I am up to it) there will be another edition of ‘News from Around the World’ released later in the week. I have just one appointment, this week, then chemo starts next week.


For EVERYONE that keeps dropping by…. EVERYONE that kept visiting and reading? THANK YOU! It is very encouraging to see traffic reports that show… many of you, My Dear Readers, just keep coming and reading and sharing and enjoying The Other Shoe. It is my heartfelt desire to make your visits… worthwhile. To reward all of you, My Dear Readers, for your support and patronage.


In closing, I will do my very best to write and publish as much as I am able. Do my very best to publish as often and as regularly as my health and flesh allow. I do miss writing… publishing and seeing the comments and ‘Like’(s) and Shares from all of you, My Dearest Readers. Most of all… I just want to get back to doing that which I can… to continue to contribute… in the only way I have left to me.




Thank you!


Danny in Rolling Hills Estates - Rancho Palos Verdes - PV Medical Group Noember 2014

Danny in Rolling Hills Estates – Rancho Palos Verdes – PV Medical Group Noember 2014


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