Birthday Wishes and Cancer Experimental Treatments…

Danny Does Chemo - Day One #1

Danny Does Chemo – Day One #1


Welcome back My Dearest Readers to The Other Shoe. In just three days I will celebrate my 57th birthday on this planet, named Earth. Today is Monday November 17th, 2014 and it will be a day that I remember for, well, the rest of my life. For today is the day that I made a decision that will affect the outcome of the rest of my life. Today I have made the decision to do two things; First – I am applying to every Lymphoma and Cancer financial aid web site I can find Second – I am looking for Experimental Treatments for NHL (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) that pay for participants.


I tried just as hard as I could to raise money… for my family… for the and I came up wanting… terribly. Yes, I do see a birthday without a single card… a single ‘Well Wisher’… or a single present as, well, a failure. What or Who was it that decided I simply MUST go through;


  1. 1. Degenerative Disc Disease
  2. 2. Spinal Stenosis
  3. 3. Left Foot Drop
  4. 4. Ruptured Cervical Disc at C7-T1
  5. 5. Night seats
  6. 6. Focal Motor Weakness
  7. 7. Back and Cervical Back Pain
  8. 8. Muscle Weakness
  9. 9. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

10. Limited Mobility- Wheelchair/Power Chair Bound


And who can forget, Chemotherapy! To go through all these… to suffer pain with each and every waking… and to fight against indomitable odds.. My Dear Readers and to do this ALL while living hand-to-mouth each and every day of every week or every month or every year. Poor. Who made this my fate? Why was I chosen to fight these battles…. Empty handed?


Therefore, My Dear Readers, I am applying for any and all ‘Financial Aid’ that I can qualify. Then I am going to apply for research… opportunities. Somewhere there are experimental treatments for NHL taking place. They need people with NHL for them to run experimental treatments.


My Dear Readers, I cannot (in good conscience) force my family to live teetering on the edge of poverty any longer. If giving my life to experimental treatments, and make some coin doing it, then that is what I am going to do. I cannot live this way any longer.


I will make it my effort to keep writing… and I will try to publish, here, too. I hope to be able to publish twice to several times a week, when I it is possible. I have chemotherapy scheduled for next week. However, if I find a paying experimental treatment? I will STOP chemotherapy, and start the experimental treatment THAT PAYS!


Seems my body is all I have to give. Then I will give it up for those I love. For those that I love to have a better life! So, that when a Christmas comes along… They can have a ‘Nice Christmas’. Yeah, and YES it is a ‘Nice Christmas’ to HAVE presents under the tree. It has always amazed me how ‘some people’ will prattle on about how ‘Christmas isn’t about presents under the tree… it is about _____” Yet, they say these words with a tree with LOTS of presents for their families and loved ones.


It is SO easy to say “Christmas isn’t about presents” when you have presents under the tree, right? ROFLMFAO My deserves to have a ‘Nice Christmas’ and if I have to let people use my body… to get what I want? Well, it’s not like it is the first time, or anything. Right James?


So, My Dear Readers, I have come to this decision and I wanted to tell everyone without having recriminations flying. Where else better than to blog it!


OK, for Upcoming Stories here at The Other Shoe I hope to publish a little one about my most recent trip to L.A. to see my primary care doctor, Dr. Gorlick. I have the images. I have the videos. I have good deal of the story written. So, at some point, in the near to distant future, I will publish ‘Trip to L.A. –November 2014 Edition’ right here at The Other Shoe.


Well, I have a lot of work ahead of me today… tomorrow.. and on until I find that one experimental Treatment that needs ‘Paid Participants’ then I am golden. As well, I am going to apply for financial assistance through the many foundations and funds that I can find. I seriously doubt that I will have any money in hand before Christmas. However, my success will assure that, at least for my family, this will be that LAST Christmas without cheer.




Thank you!


Danny in Rolling Hills Estates - Rancho Palos Verdes - PV Medical Group Noember 2014

Danny in Rolling Hills Estates – Rancho Palos Verdes – PV Medical Group Noember 2014


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