A Week in Review – September 27th 2014

Danny PET OCM 9-3-14 5


Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. If its Saturday? Then it is time for ‘A Week in Review’! That’s right My Dear and Devout Readers, the weekend has come the workweek in done. For many of you, My Dear Readers, the work week is just too busy to take time to read for pleasure. That is why I have created and now published for three years this article series. Each and every Saturday I post a review of all the articles published during the previous week.


I link to the article, a short excerpt from the article itself and, finally, I write a little something about the article I have linked. Bingo! How all of you, My Dear Readers, can catch-up on a whole week’s writing and publication in one place. Now, for this week, I (working, as always, completely ALONE) have managed to write and publish a record TEN ARTICLES! My Dear Readers, I simply am without the ability, to put into words, the overwhelming pride I feel. Pride that, in spite of pain and roaring depression, I have pushed myself as hard as I can to write and publish. Publish a record amount of good works to help further my cancer treatment funding campaign. I just feel, in my heart and soul, that if I can write and publish more and more “Good works’ that maybe… just MAYBE you, My Dearest Readers, will see my efforts… appreciate my work and reward my efforts by pledging your support to my battle against cancer!


As well, each and every article is an opportunity to drawn in more ‘new readers’, new followers and new faces that just might see donating to my Indiegogo campaign as an investment. An earned investment in a talented man who, obviously, works diligently to bring; entertainment, information, laughs and suspense to these pages and your lives. I work hard band I work long hours as a way to pay honor to the support and donations already received, and as an offering to anyone that will give in the near future. ‘Near Future’ is right there are only FIVE DAYS LEFT! I am running out of time fast! Time to convince the people I love to reach out and challenge the nay Sayers by donating to a fund to help me BATTLE CANER!


So, with each word written, each paragraph finished and every article published I am contributing and investing in our relationship… our friendship! I just hope that I convince enough of you, My Dearest Readers, to garner sufficient funds to win this battle with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma!


Well, it is 11:00PM on Friday night, so if I am going to get any sleep tonight, I simply must get moving on this weekly review! So, without further adieu I give you ‘A Week in Review’ here at ‘The Other Shoe’!


  • My Two Cents – September 22nd, 2014 : “In closing, again, I never wanted to run a campaign this year. My Dear Readers I wanted 2014 to be a year where I wrote, published, and entertained without asking anything, one red cent, from you or anyone else. But as they say ‘the best laid plans of mice and men…’. I come to you, in these closing hours of my campaign, to ask, to implore, to convince, to beseech you My Dearest Readers, to reach out and help lift me so that I might stand in battle and win this war on my cancer.” It as Monday, just five short days ago, and I was already feeling the heat of failure. At this point I had raised just $150, and the shortness of support smarted! I knew not where support would come, I knew not if I would ever garner the support necessary for me to wage a successful battle with my Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer! I had been… told/whispered/hinted at that ‘somebody’ was working to undermine my best efforts. That ‘someone’ was under the (MISTAKEN) impression that if I was deprived of support that (somehow) I would ‘sprout a new spine, new nerve roots, a new leg and be FREE of CANCER’ and “be forced to return to work”. I can only imagine that this person’ was totally bereft of medical knowledge, had not been around these past ten years, failed to understand the medical reality that damaged nerve fiber NEVER HEALS! That is why paraplegics NEVER get up out of their wheelchairs and power chairs and DANCE! (Except, of course, in ‘Tent Revivals’) The only way one might imagine that depriving a human being of much needed support to BATTLE CANER, is if their minds were so clouded by anger and hatred that reason had long ago left them. I was so deeply HURT, by the telling, that I had to explain to the person who told me this, that I was not “upset at them… I am upset by the actions which you tell me about”. My Dear Readers, please do tell me just WHAT KIND of person would run around sewing seeds of distrust based in falsehoods and deceit? What kind of a human being, a Christian, would seek to undermine the efforts of a disabled person to gather funds need to (now) BATTLE CANCER!?! My Oncologist, upon meeting me and hearing the story of my head injury… my further disability… my loss of mobility and NOW my CANER! He marveled at my enthusiasm, my ‘Good Attitude’ and my perseverance in the face of YET ANOTHER personal medical BATTLE! He openly admitted that he did not think he could manage to go through what I have, “and keep the same positive and enthusiastic attitude”! However, I have read that some ‘kinds’ of people ONLY have or keep sick/disabled people as ‘friends’ just so they can ‘Watch them loose their battles with disability or disease”! There are some really sick people out there… really!
  • A ‘Shout-Out’ to ‘The Solitary-One’ : “Sherri Mikeska aka‘The-Solitary-One’ I would like to “Thank YOU!” for; your donation, your time, your kindness, your generosity… AND for picking the “Multi-SOCIAL-Media ‘Shout-Out’!” as it was the ‘Perk’ that I created all by myself! I have been waiting for someone to pick this ‘Perk’ so I could do this… procedure. I really hope that you Sherri Mikeska ‘The-Solitary-One’ sees ALL of these ‘Shout-Outs’! Now, I did see the ‘RL’ name of the person that made the donation. Well, the first name. However, since I DID NOT receive; an email, an Indiegogo PM, or any correspondence giving me permission to use the contributors Real Life name? I DID NOT reveal even the first name that I have record.” The very FIRST of its kind, but hopefully not the last! This is part of the (personal brainchild of ME) ‘Multi-Social-Media SHOUT-OUT!” as a ‘PERK’ for ANY donation of $40 or more! There are STILL 13 (Thirteen) of these ‘Social Media Wonders’ left! You get mention in/on; BOTH Blogs, THREE Facebook Accounts (Mine, The Other Shoe and Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund), TWO Twitter Accounts AND One YouTube VIDEO just FOR YOU! This is a GREAT Perk and one that I was SURE would be a HIT! With FIVE DAYS LEFT I am SURE that there are STILL a few people out here that would REALLY enjoy a ‘Multi-Social-Media’ SHOUT-OUT! Drop $40 of MORE at the campaign, PICK the PERK and WAIT for the WAVE of MEDIA Recognition! (The Net will NEVER be the SAME!) AGAIN ““Thank YOU!” to Sherri Mikeska!!!
  • The Mars Report – September 22nd, 2014: “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today I bring you, yet another, edition of ‘The Mars report’. There are a great many events transpiring, here on Earth in regards to Mars, and in the Martian orbit. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) is about to have some company in the Martian orbit. The MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) spacecraft achieved Martian orbit roughly twenty hours ago, late Sunday night. The most tremendous thing about MAVEN is that this spacecraft will help mankind discover just what happened to the, once thick, atmosphere of Mars.” Determined to keep up the ‘regular’ publishing schedule, regardless of the; pain, confusion, depression and everything else. I put my nose to the grindstone, my mind into ‘Creative’ mode, took an extra pain medication and plunged, head first, into he awe and wonder that IS Curiosity’s adventure on the Martian Surface! This week was no different. I managed to find more than a half-dozen images to share, some really great narrative, and even shared some science! I am always happy to share the science and images that come from the rovers on the Martian Surface. My Dear Readers, I have been focused like a laser beam, devoted to my work, and hopeful that my HARD WORK and DILLIGENCE would be rewarded with YOUR DONATIONS! I hope, and pray, that I am right!
  • Multi-Social-Media Shout-Out! For Jason Kleppinger! : “So, Jason Kleppinger HERE IS YOUR ‘Multi-Social-Media Shout-Out!’ As well, I wold like to express my heartfelt THANKS for your kind contribution(S) to my cancer treatment funding campaign. Shortly, I will be broadcasting your name via; YouTube, Facebook, BOTH Blogs and my Twitter account(s)! By the time I am done… hundreds of people around the WORLD will KNOW of your kindness and GENEROSITY Jason Kleppinger!” And BAM right on the heals of the FIRST one comes the SECOND ‘Multi-Social-Media’ SHOUT-OUT! I am SO happy that these ‘Perks’ became so popular! I am only HOPING and PRAYING that many more will want to partake in this GREAT Social PERK. You get KNOWN on the internet FAST! Again, “THANK YOU JASON for your DONATIONS, your KINDNESS and you SUPPRT!” Thanks!
  • Lost in Space – Tour of Our Solar System ‘Review’: “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Welcome to a review edition of ‘Lost In Space’. Last week we completed the series ‘Tour of Our Solar System’ with the publication of Jupiter. Today I am going to share a look back over all of the editions of ‘Lost in Space’ that made up the series ‘Tour of Our Solar System’. From looking at the ‘Likes’ and the traffic reports it is easy to see that this sub-series within ‘Lost in Space’ was a huge success.” As PRMISED (in Last week’s edition) and ON SCHEDULE I wrote and published this ‘Review’ of ALL the edidtions of ‘Lost in Space’ that made up the ‘Tour of Our Solar System’! I am so very happy that, at this point in the week, I am STILL staying on schedule, publishing FINE WORK, and not ‘skimping’ of taking shortcuts! Regardless of my pain (both physical and EMOTIONAL) so SOUJURN forward. I just Keep Moving Forward. Placing FATIH in you, My Dearest Readers, my family, and my very good old friends from Houston and Pearland! I just know that if I can manage to KEEP writing and publishing that my hard work and efforts WILL be REWARDED!
  • Notes From Behind the Keyboard – September 25th, 2014: “THAT, My Dear Readers, brings us to the end of this article, for today. I hope that I have opened some eyes, and shared some insight. It is always my intent to share, and inform. Never to judge or inflame. My words are just that, MY words. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less. I look forward to seeing you here, later today, and again tomorrow. On FRIDAY there WILL be an episode of ‘The Horror in Smithville’!” And into every life a little rain must fall. Yes, it is Wednesday and (when I wrote this article) my doubt had found its way into my heart and mind following my pain. Funny how pain is almost always accompanied by doubt. That being in pain, makes a person more susceptible to doubt. Even myself, I have found that there is doubt, along with some fear… and some genuine… confusion. I FEAR that I will be too short of funds, have to forgo chemotherapy… and fear that my cancer will overcome me… and take me from you, My Dear Readers. I am also confounded by the deafening silence coming from people I have known since I was a pre-teen and a teenager. One would think, since you are STILL in contact with them, they DO know of your malady… well, a friendship that spans FOUR DECADES? Should be a friendship that bears fruit in a time of need. Support, when one stands to face cancer and death, alone.
  • News From Around the World – September 25th 2014 : “Well now, My Dear Readers, that brings us to the end of this revival of ‘News From around the World’ here at The Other Shoe. As most of you are aware, I am running a running campaign at Indiegogo to help me with the mounting costs of battling my cancer. Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund at Indiegogo is now in its FINAL WEEK! That’s right only seven more days for me to raise as much money as I can! I hate to be so brutally honest, but I am a ‘man on a mission’. A mission to raise money to help me with; transportation costs, pharmacy costs, treatment costs, and home care costs.” This article series has been absent for nearly TWO months. However, I brought this one out of mothballs JUST FOR YOU My Dearest Readers! I am working so hard, spending hour upon hour everyday behind the keyboard and on the net. Doing everything I CAN to curry favor and EARN/WIN YOUR SUPPORT! I JUST KNOW that IF I can manage to FINISH OUT THIS WEEK… PUBLISHING ALL THE REGUALR ARTICLES PLUS MORE!!! That I WILL see MANY ‘Good’ DONATIONS!! CORRECT!
  • The Horror in Smithville – Part – 14 – B – 3 : “Betty Sue and Truman are leaning up against the door, when they hear Barry form inside the inner office. They hear him screaming! They had smelled cigarette smoke, again, a few moments earlier. Then it got really quite. Now… Barry was screaming AGAIN! This time is was so loud that it forced Truman and Betty Sue away from the door to the inner office. They heard Barry’s screaming twice, then they could have sworn they heard… Barry begging for his life! Truman got right up against the door, again, and put his ear hard up against the door. He could barely make out Barry saying “PLEASE just STOP right NOW!”” AS PROMISED!!! This week, we return to Barry Gartuske, Truman Dunahoo, and Betty Sue. We have Deputy Darryl on his way to “apprehend the MURDERER”… (Is Timmy DEAD?) AND we have the REAPPREAENCE of ‘The Tall Man’ in all his gory… or is that ‘glory’… Anyway, it is a GREAT episode and REAL ‘MUST READ’ for any of My Dear Readers that enjoy suspense novels or horror! And who DOESN’T at THIS time of year, right? I am HOPING BEYOND HOPE that I WILL have this story FINISHED just in time for HALLOWEEN!!! Now, My Dear Readers, I just CANNOT think of a BETTER motivator… to get me TO finish this horror novel IN TIME for HALLOWEEN than to have a GREAT Ending to my CAMPAIGN! The more money I garner? The BETTER the CHANCES are for me to FINISH! Simple!
  • INTERNATIONAL Traffic August – September 2014 : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Now, My Dear Readers, I have always wrote and published for the largest possible audience. Seems to me that the greatest accomplishment for a writer, of any kind, is to have their work read by the largest possible audience. Sure, Domestic audiences are great, it is gratifying to have the people you grew up with read and like your work. Although, the greatest test of a writer’s chops (it would seem to me… as logical) would be so demonstrate that one’s work has international appeal. If you, My Dear readers, have been a long-time reader of this blog, what I am about to publish will be rather familiar.” Well, My Dearest readers, I was looking over the traffic reports for the past month. Nothing out of the ordinary… except there is a LOT MORE traffic at the secondary location that EVERY before (that is over at Word Press). Then, I noticed something ELSE. I was looking at the SOURCE of this great influx of traffic. Low and behold, I find the source… and it knocks my socks off! The ‘source’ of the great increase in traffic? INTERNATIONAL READERS! That’s right, over the past several months, the better part of this year, my Internationla readership has been on a gradual increase! For the purposes of this article I have limited the graphics to the increase in just the last thirty days. But, just at the ‘secondary’ location? There are more than THIRTY nations where I have readers! Still the majority of my traffic is in the ‘GoodOl’USA!’ but now I have ‘regular’ readers in; England, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and India just to name a handful! In the article (linked above) you can see all the nations listed with the number of readers by the name of the country. I am just FALBERGASTED! The NUMBERS are just MINDNUMBING! Over all, between the TWO locations? In just ONE DAY I now have OVER ONE HUNDRED SEPARATE VISITORS! Even BETTER it shows that TWICE A WEEK I have 100+ days! This is better than ever before! Between the increasing international traffic and the several 100+ visitor days my blog(s) have gained a popularity… my WORK my WRITING has gained a level of popularity that I had not even noticed, and am just HUMBLED by!


So, My Dear Readers, that brings us to the end of this weeks’ edition of ‘A Week in Review’ here at ‘The Other Shoe’. If you have read this entire article, then I think that you, My Dear Readers, now understand why I have managed to keep in a ‘Good Mood’ regardless of the dismal sate of my campaign. I can take heart in the fact that my writing and my work is gaining an international audience! That, overall, my traffic is on the up-swing, and that more and more people, every day, are learning just what a joy it can be to read something written by Danny Hanning!


YES! I really do need for donations to increase… either in frequency or size… or BOTH! I simply will not be able to afford to restart my treatments and care with the $280 I have raised. However, I will Make A PROMISE right here, right now’! That if (somehow) I manage to break $1,000.00 before the end of the campaign that I “will restart and STAY WITH my chemotherapy/radiation therapy. PERIOD! I do NOT want to shorten my life by refusing these treatments, However, I will NOT allow myself to be without enough money to pay the rent just so I can afford; transportation, food, a caregiver, and medications. PERIOD!


So, there it is My Dear Readers, a FULL and complete week of writing and publishing. JUST AS I PROMSIED! Now, I have done MY PART. It is TIME for you, My Dear Readers, to do your PART! I have sojourned on through pain, doubt and fear these past four weeks. I have done so without ‘seeing’ the financial… or friendship support that I need to battle and beat cancer. Regardless, I have managed to write and publish TEN ‘Good’ articles for your reading pleasure. Now, won’t you PLEASE click on the link below… and make my life BETTER and SAFER by pledging YOUR support?




Thank YOU!

Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo


The Other Shoe eBay Store
PLEASE Shop at The Other Shoe eBay Store!

PLEASE SHOP at The Other Shoe eBay Store!



Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo


Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014
Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014


Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014
Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014



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