The Hardest Decision of My Life


Danny PET OCM 9-3-14

Danny PET OCM 9-3-14


Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. I come here, today, with a heavy heart and a troubled mind. Over the past four weeks I have, to the best of my ability, tried to relay information about my diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer. Even before any doctor gave my the diagnosis, I posted on Facebook, my impression that I might have cancer. That was in April of this year, the tumor was removed August 1st and the diagnosis was August 8th. However, I was fully aware back in April of my complete and total lack of the proper resources (enough food, enough clear filtered fluids, enough money to replace the time Allen would have to take off from work to help me) to battle my cancer AND keep a roof over my (our) head(s).


Now, six months from the first mention, I am more than half-way through my Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds I need to battle this cancer and keep a roof over my head. In the twenty days I have run the campaign I have raised all of $50. Honestly, My Dear Readers, I may have exercised poor judgment, but I have already paid out more than that for promotion and Facebook advertisements for the campaign. I honestly thought that more people ‘seeing’ the campaign… well, “Cast a wider net to catch more fish”.


With less than three weeks left, to the campaign, I have made a difficult and hard decision. I will no longer write articles about; my cancer, my adventure with cancer, my visits to doctors, my chemotherapy, or anything to do with my treatment or condition. I have seen my traffic decline, and with more than 210 ‘Shares’ on Facebook I have garnered only the support of two people. I fear that I risk loosing more of you, My Dear Readers, if I continue to write about my disease and my battle with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.


This was a very difficult decision to make, and I have given it a great deal of thought and consideration. My greatest fear is that; in pursuit of garnering more/further support for my personal battle with cancer I will loose more of you, My Dear Readers. I do not want to alienate my readership in the, obviously, vain attempt to raise money to help me battle my cancer. Therefore, as my health… and my reaction(s) to chemotherapy allow(s) I will continue to write and publish the regular articles here at The Other Shoe. For the duration of the campaign, I will continue to put a banner ad for the campaign at the end of the article. However, I will not mention the campaign. I will not write articles about; treatments, appointments, ‘staging’, or if the condition worsens.


For those that might have… wanted to follow my progress? I would like to express my deep and heartfelt APOLOGY! However, I strongly feel that more readers were ‘put-off’ by the articles than people wanting the updates. I am not, nor will I, abandon the campaign, abandon my treatment for cancer… with one exception. IF my needs for treatment ($$$$) exceeds my MEANS… I will discontinue treatment. It is not just my life that depends on the monies that come into this household. Allen and Alexander BOTH depend on the roof the monies that come into this household provides.


Therefore, if/when I ‘see’ that the continuation of treatment outstrips the disposable income then I will be forced to discontinue treatment for my cancer. You see, My Dear Readers, that was the problem from the very beginning. Even, back in April, I realized that we did not have the resources enough to; pay rent, put food on my table, pay needed utilities, and engage in a lengthy and expensive battle with cancer. You see, the cancer only effects one member of the household. The lack of enough money to pay rent and the bills effects all household members.


I started the Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo[1] for that basic reason. YES! I DID set a very high goal! I thought, to myself, ‘Why not TRY to raise enough money to; get a means of transportation for my family… that would carry my power chair and free the household from the embarrassment of public transportation, TRY to raise ENOUGH to get Allen OUT of Southern California.. and JUST MAYBE get him to a place where he CAN know the joy of a ‘White Christmas’… and maybe even I could enjoy one or two of those… again.


YES, My Dear Readers, I did set a high goal on the off chance that generosity might prevail and I might leave behind a imprisoning station of life. That just maybe I could garner enough support to show Allen and Alex a ‘Better Life’ in a safer place with Four Seasons!


I might well have damned the potential of the campaign, and curtailed my chances at beating cancer. I took a huge risk… it could still pay off.


My Dear Readers, this will be (I will try very hard) to make this the very last time I talk about the campaign, my Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, my chemotherapy, my appointments, and everything to do with my cancer. I will continue to; make videos, take pictures, and document my battle with Cancer. I will keep these media to myself, Allen and Alexander.


In conclusion, My Dear Readers, to those that might have been made uncomfortable these past four weeks? Made uncomfortable by my; asking for assistance, writing about cancer, writing about treatments, writing about the financially crushing effect of this diagnosis? I would like to express my deep and heartfelt APOLOGIES! I really mean that, My Dear Readers. It was never my intention to chase anyone away. And I fear that I might have done just that, which is why I am putting it to an end.


Again, regrettably I am unable to stop the campaign at Indiegogo. Once it is started one must continue the campaign until the time is ended. I will place the small box at the end of every article. I would very much LIKE to REACH MY GOAL! However, I will do my very best not to make anyone uncomfortable with asking directly for your concern or financial support. To the two stalwart contributors; Jason Kleppinger and abv718 “I THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR KIND AND GENEROUS DONATIONS!”


With that, I look forward to writing and publishing the regular articles that I know many of you, My Dear Readers, greatly enjoy.


Thank you… for everything.




Thank YOU!


Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo

Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014

Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014



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