A Week in Review – August 30th 2014

Danny @ The Tinder Box 1987

Danny @ The Tinder Box 1987


Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. There is an old expression around the halls of the blog; “If it’s Saturday, it’s time for ‘A Week in Review’!” It’s Saturday, and this is ‘A week in Review’! Now I know that a lot of you, My Dear Readers, are just too darn busy to drop by and read, during the work week. That is the very reason I created, and continue, this article series here at The Other Shoe. I value all of you, My Dear Readers, and if me taking three to four hours every Saturday to; write, compile, edit and publish this article brings any of you, My Dear Readers, closer to my work? Then I have managed to accomplish something.


Truthfully, this week has been cocked full of me trying to accomplish something. From the nine (now TEN) articles I have published since my last ‘Sunday Funnies’ to my gargantuan efforts to help fund my battle against cancer with Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo. To meeting with my new oncologist (Dr. Mario Curti), I have been hip-deep in work and swimming against the tide. Seems like I do a lot of that, swimming against the tide. For, you see, in just the last seven days I have written and published over one hundred pages of content for your, My Dear Readers, reading pleasure. Honestly, I just wish that I had garnered a single dollar for each page I have written… in my cancer treatment campaign.


Well, I will touch on that at the end of this article. Now, without further adieu I give to YOU ‘A Week in Review’!


  • Sunday Funnies – August 24th, 2014 : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Well, it it is Sunday then it is time for ‘Sunday Funnies’! I am very happy to announce that Alexander R Hanning (clicking his name here will take you to HIS Facebook page!) is BACK! That’s right after a month-long hiatus, for personal reasons, Alex is back to making videos with his Daddy Daniel!” Alex is just SO CUTE when he is building and creating. He takes after his Daddy Daniel, in that regard. He is one industrious rat-boy and his home is his palace. Be sure to drop by, tomorrow, for ANOTHER edition of ‘Sunday Funnies’ and watch as Alexander R Hanning just keeps working and just keeps building and nesting. We’ll see you then!
  • The Mars Report – August 25th 2014 : “Beneath this paragraph is the first image of this week’s edition of ‘The Mars Report’. Each week I will endeavor to share the current location of our intrepid sojourner, Curiosity. In the image, below, you will find that Curiosity is now in the depths of the ‘Hidden Valley’ of Mars. A side-note, I find it quite encouraging that NASA/JPL (with the help of EU’s Martian orbiter) have already mapped the entire Martian surface.” It has been some time since I was able to share an all new edition of ‘The Mars Report’. Curiosity had not been transmitting images that NASA/JPL saw fit to edit, improve and publish. That trend changed, this week. Curiosity has arrived at ‘Hidden Valley’ and this edition of this series is all about what happens with Curiosity in ‘Hidden Valley’! Read and enjoy!
  • Lost in Space – Solar System Tour – Uranus : “Last week I featured the planet Neptune in that edition of ‘Lost in Space’ the ‘Solar Systme Tour’. Today, we move one more planet forward (toward the Earth and Sun) and visit the planet Uranus! Now, for some of my more casual readers? It may appear (at first glance) that I am writing about the same planet. “Why?” You may ask. Because both Neptune and Uranus are both ‘large blue orbs’ at the outer rim of our solar system. At first glance they may appear to look the same, yet they are not.” Two weeks, in a row, we have featured a large blue orb, in out “Tour of the Solar System’. These two large blue orbs hang in the night sky, like two marbles that a giant has lost in the sky. Neptune and Uranus are the two huge blue marbles in our night sky, and I have hosted them here in this edition of ‘Lost in Space’. This article series is just under a year old, yet it is one of the favorite of many of you, My Dear Readers. Each and every week I work to write, share and publish images and science meant to trigger you imaginations and fuel your desire for more. More space exploration, more images from other worlds, more that help lift us from this earthy and put us among the starts. Where man truly belongs!
  • Just Published at Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo : “Dear Family, Friends, Followers of The Other Shoe and Contributors, I just spent nearly two hours with a wonderfully hopeful and positive Oncologist. Here are the bullet points[1]:” This article was an update from the day I spent with my oncologist. I was hoping to make it crystal clear that I have a genuine need for the monies I have asked… and am working the campaign Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo to garner. I am not running this campaign, spending ten or more hours each and every day… focused on this campaign. Putting aside my own comfort happiness, and my health just to try and ‘crook’ money from people without a genuine need! I have heard… that there are some… that are talking… spreading ill will, lies, deceit, and engaging in gravely disingenuous dialogue about me, my cancer, and this campaign. Let me be perfectly crystal clear; It takes ONE SICK PUPPY to spread LIES about a man WITH CANCER! I hope that everyone closes his or her ears to this disingenuous and sickly motivated poison. As well, I really DO hope that nobody has decide3d NOT to donate… merely because of the sick and disingenuous poison some have chosen to spread. Word!
  • Notes From Behind the Keyboard – August 27th 2014 : “I would very much like to write that “Help has arrived! I will be able to afford the care I need… I WILL BEAT THIS CANCER!” You have no idea just how much I would like to write those words here, and mean them. Maybe. Maybe it will happen. I just cannot see it, from this dark place. I hope that everyone is well and happy. Come back tomorrow for more… I will be venturing back to more familiar works and articles.” My Dear Readers, for all too long… more than once, this week, I have found myself… in a very dark place. I dislike having to admit this depression, in such a public way and forum, but it is true and I am not proud of exposing my fears and anxiety. I stand at the very edge… The edge of a life taken BY cancer… and at the OTHER edge of a life eradicated of cancer. Unfortunately? I cannot work… I have little to nothing of mine to sell… (yet I have many personal items up for sale today on eBay). If I had it to reach in and give, and receive the money I need in return? I would bare my soul and give it away, in exchange for the means to BEAT this cancer! Yes, it is a very dark place, where I find myself. A place without hope surrounded by fear and doubt.
  • Coming SOON to The Other Shoe! : “My decision is this; I am going to continue to write, publish and create all the wonderful regular articles that you, My Dear Readers have come to expect and enjoy. However, let me tell you, My Dear Readers, as shortly as just a few hours ago… I was quite willing to withhold; ‘The Horror in Smithville’, ‘My Two Cents’, ‘Notes from Behind the Keyboard’, ‘A Week in Review’ and ‘Sunday Funnies’ unless or until I started receiving contributions that left this ten dollar sum in the dust!” Deciding to not just focus on the lack of; support, donations, help, assistance, kindness, generosity… I closed my heart to the pain and deep feelings of abandonment, and threw myself headlong into my work. With determination in my heart, prayers on my lips, and the beauty of my words flowing from my soul I set about doing what I know how… WRITE!
  • News From Around the World – August 28th, 2014 : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today I am going to share an article series that has been strangely absent from this blog. ‘News From Around the World’ made its first appearance, earlier this year, then vanished recently. Fact of the matter is, between my battle with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, my (thwarted) attempt to raise the support I need to fight my cancer, and my ongoing battle with pain? I just paired down the number of articles I publish within a given week, and ‘News From Around the World’ found itself on the chopping block. It has been some time since I wrote and published an edition of this article series. However, I had yet to finish my edits on the upcoming episode of ‘The Horror in Smithville’ so, I put my head into the game and delivered an all new edition of ‘News From Around the World’! It felt good to be putting news stories back into print, here at The Other Shoe. Having not brought an article of this type, to the pages of this blog, for some time I was hesitant and even concerned that I might not be able to ‘hit my mark’. Without even trying, and without hesitation, I put my foot forward and, in deed, DID hit my mark! Here is the proff for you to read and enjoy!
  • Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund – HOW to HELP! : “Well, My Dear Readers, that is about it! I cannot think of any other ways one could help my campaign to fight this cancer that has invaded my body. There might be other suggestions in the VIDEO BELOW. I don’t really remember… the video… making the video… or WHAT is IN the video. So, WATCH and tell ME!” In this article I am working just as hard as I can to try and re-engage you, My Dear Readers, into my campaign. Repeatedly I have shared that my need is genuine. I have provided proof of my disease, my doctor visits and done everything that I can imagine to validate my disease. Further, I work to try and share the details of my situation, and my current living circumstances. I have nothing to hide! I do this in the spirit of honesty and integrity. Placing my faith in you, MY Dear Readers, that when you are able that you will donate and lift me out from this desolation, despair, depression, and pain. I just keep moving forward!
  • The Horror in Smithville – Part 14 – B : “Mr. Dunahoo stood, silently, and watched as Tom Marref pealed out of the Middle School parking lot. Mr. Dunahoo knew that inside that truck, now leaving huge clouds of white/gray smoke in the parking lot; laid the unconscious and beaten body of a wonderfully talented student by the name of Timmy Marref. Truman, Mr. Dunahoo, wondered if any of the people gathered here at the back of the school (both students and teachers alike) even noticed how the billowing clouds of smoke coming from the rear tires of Mr. Marref’s truck? How those poofy white clouds resembled the wings of an angel. How, standing there watching a boy… a terribly beaten boy, being carried away by his father and his best friend, in their truck, actually looked like the truck was being lifted on the wings of an angel to take the poor boy to the hospital.” This is the second ‘story line’ in Part 14. Hence the ‘B’ designation. However, My Dear Readers, this is NOT all there is to ‘B’! This is merely ‘B’ -1! I have completed writing Part 14 – B -2, and tonight I will start, and finish Part -14 – B – 3! Three Parts, ONE chapter! It is that long and involved. Yet, IT IS WORTH IT! In this… third part (SPIOLER ALERT!!!) You will see the reappearance of… … … … ‘The TALL Man’! That’s right… not going to tell you; where, when, why of HOW! That is up to you to read! My Dear Readers, I simply must tell you! I LOVE WRITING THIS STORY! It is taking me so many places that are; familiar, fun, thrilling, joyous and entertaining. I just can’t stay away from writing this story! So, tonight… after I finish; writing TWO newsletters, publishing TWO newsletters and publishing THIS review? I will return to the World of Timmy and Archer! HOPE to see YOU there!


That’s it! That’s all! NINE articles in just SIX days! Well OVER One Hundered PAGES of content written for your enjoyment and entertainment! My Dear Readers, first and foremost I am here to entertain and enlighten! However, I simply must face the realities of my real world life! If I am unable to fight this cancer? It will take me away from you, My Dear Readers.


This Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma has the power to silence my voice and take me from your side. It can, and (without your help and donations) it will! I am not afraid of death. One cannot spend a lifetime; around death, writing about death, and working around death without growing a thick skin. I do not fear what this cancer can and will take from me. What I do fear is what it will take from; Allen and Alexander… and YOU, My Dear Readers.


You see, I have so much more to give. So much more to write. So many more tales to tell, and so many more people to share. I simply cannot do this ALONE! I am without the (financial) means to battle and BEAT this bodily invader. That is why I have solicited your HELP! For, without your help… I will surely perish.


Yet, with your help? I will surely flower! It is just as simple as that. Please. Take the time to look at the campaign. Read my ‘Mission Statement’ and learn WHERE this money will be spent. Drugs, Food, Housing, Transposition… SIMPLE LIFE NESSCEITIES!






Thank YOU!



Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo

Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014

Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014



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