Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund – HOW to HELP!




Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today is the twelfth day of Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo[1]. Rather than just sit here and focus on the crushing depression brought about by the fact that only one person (in my entire life; Family, Friends, Followers here at @ The Other Shoe both blogs, and the 50 flyers I have handed out) has donated only ten dollars.


Anywho, rather than just sit here and dwell on; rejection, confusion, disappointment, and depression I have (instead) decided to ‘do something else’! That is I am going to write this article on ‘How to Help’ my campaign without actually making a contribution. Which, FYI is the best way to actually help me engage in, and win, my battle with Cancer. Just thought I might mention that again, just in case anyone wasn’t, like, clear about that fact before. J


Below is a video. In the video is/are explanations of how one could help my campaign and/or help me engage in a battle against my cancer. That is the whole reason for; all these videos, most of the articles, why I have been publishing every single day (in spite of the tremendous pain I am suffering under, and the fatigue, loss of appetite, and headaches). You see, My Dear Readers, there are means with which to battle and defeat my Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. However, like most things in life? It is not free! I have to pay for things, like, transportation, time for a caregiver to get me to and from; appointments, scans, tests, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgeries and all the rest, medications NOT covered by my ‘Part D Prescription Drug Plan’, ‘Co-Payments’, and replacing LOST income from Allen taking me when he can. This stuff adds up quickly!


I haven’t even started the tests for Staging and, already, I am out over $100. Spent on; ads for the campaign, medications not covered, and missed work by Allen to get me to my Oncologist, the first surgery, and two more appointments in just the next five days! It adds up QUICKLY! Therefore, I started the Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo[2] to (Hopefully) replace lost income and help with future costs. Yes, I am severely hurt and depressed by the poor showing, so far, at the campaign. However, here are some ways to Help without donating money!


  1. 1. Provide items I can offer as ‘PERKs’ to those that WILL contribute. These can be anything from; bumper stickers with a neat Logo for the campaign, T-Shirts with a neat logo for the campaign, Note Pads with a neat logo for the campaign, and/or any other stationary or gift-type items that I can offer those that will contribute as a reward for their contributions! Simple and EASY!
  2. 2. Be sure to ‘SHARE’ and ‘LIKE’; the Campaign – with Family, Friends, Co-workers, Church goers, associates and acquaintances. EVERY time I put up an article as published at @ The Other Shoe? ‘SHARE’ and ‘LIKE” that article. You see when your; family, friends, co-workers, church goers, and associates ‘see’ that you ‘LIKE’ my campaign and that you ‘SHARE’ it on your Timeline and Status THAT = REOCGNITION. It TELLS all those people that = DANNY is NOT Al Queda! Danny is NOT a ‘terrorist’ and he will NOT being using the money to declare war on the United States! THAT HELPS!
  3. 3. TALK to people ABOUT the campaign! IF you know someone that is, say, a PRINTER or LITHOGRPAHER they would be GREAT people to TALK TO about the; bumper stickers, T-Shirts, Note Pads, and other stuff and MAYBE get some DONATED items that you can send to ME and I will GIVE OUT as ‘PERKS’! SIMPLE! Talk to; your Pastor/Reverend or other religious leader. EXPLAIN that you would LIKE to HELP Danny FIGHT HIS CANCER, but that you do NOT want to DOANTE. Maybe HE can SHARE ways to HELP!
  4. 4. I have published a copy of the The Other Shoe NEWSLETTER on BOTH blogs. Click on the NEWSLETTER, DOWNLOAD the IMAGE and PRINT copies that YOU can SHARE! This is a GREAT way to ‘Get the Word out’ that COSTS LITTLE TO NOTHING! (Nothing if you do it at work)
  5. 5. USE your FACEBOOK ‘Friends’ as a MAILING LIST to SHARE my CAMPAIGN! Drop them a LINE… MAYBE they KNEW me in HIGH SCHOOL. (example) “Hey, did you KNOW that Dan Hanning has CANCER? YES HE DOES! Now, he is VERY POOR and the COSTS of him FIGHTING his CANCER are PROHIBITIVE! Would YOU like to HELP DANNY BATTLE (and BEAT) HIS CANCER? HERE IS THE Indiegogo Campaign URL! Here it is (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/danny-s-cancer-treatment-fund/x/753895 )
  6. 6. Find OTHER Items, TRINKETS that YOU might KNOW about that I/WE Could OFFER to those that WILL contribute. Again, PERKS! These PERKS are a GREAT incentive to help people make the RIGHT decision and DONATE! I have OFFERED; a FREE MONTH of the NEWSLETTER for my Blogs. Also, I have OFFERED a 1% STAKE and TWO of my INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES! You DONATE (right NOW) $5,000.00 OR MORE (if you LIKE) and I will SIGN OVER 1% of ALL (post tax) PROFITS from these TWO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES! Now, if they get tuned INTO MOVIES? If they get turned into “MADE FOR TV Mini-Series”? YOU will GET 1% of ALL of the POST TAX profits from BOTH IP(S)!!!
  7. 7. And, LAST but not LEAST? YOU could just DONATE! I KNOW… it would be SO MUCH EASIER to just let Dan BATTLE his CANCER ‘Tooth & Nail’ and WATCH to SEE just WHO wins. LOT more ENTERTAING! However, I PROMISED Allen and Alexander that I WOULD TRY TO BEAT THIS CANCER! Bummer, huh?


Well, My Dear Readers, that is about it! I cannot think of any other ways one could help my campaign to fight this cancer that has invaded my body. There might be other suggestions in the VIDEO BELOW. I don’t really remember… the video… making the video… or WHAT is IN the video. So, WATCH and tell ME!


I am so very tired. I am in so much pain. MY head is spinning and I JUST KEEP WRITING. I feel like… if I stop. Then I die! That, kind of, sucks! My Dear Readers, I really need your help. Your assistance. Your kindness. Your DONATIONS! Until this cancer came along, Allen and I were ‘making it’. It was tough… but we were making it hand-to-mouth paycheck-to-paycheck. NOW with this cancer… well, I am just boned. I do not have the financial resources to PAY FOR; Transportation, EXTRA time OFF for Allen to HELP ME TO-Treatments, Scans, Surgeries, Appointments, and NOT being HOME ALONE while I am PUKING MY GUTS OUT! I know… “I am being greedy, right?” I AM SORRRY!



I do not mean to be greedy. I just want to live! And I NEED your HELP! CAN you PLEASE? WILL you PLEASE? PLEASE?




Thank YOU!



Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo

Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014

Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014



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