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Danny OF Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo


Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. This article is to tease you, My Dear Readers, with hints and excerpts of ‘Articles to Come’ in the next few days. I have managed to find my way out of the depression, anxiety, and feelings of abandonment and (yes, even) betrayal that clouded my mind since Tuesday evening. I have found my way out, and away, from those dark feelings and the dark and depressing place where they hide and grow. On my way out I came to a decision and had a bit of an epiphany.


My decision is this; I am going to continue to write, publish and create all the wonderful regular articles that you, My Dear Readers have come to expect and enjoy. However, let me tell you, My Dear Readers, as shortly as just a few hours ago… I was quite willing to withhold; ‘The Horror in Smithville’, ‘My Two Cents’, ‘Notes from Behind the Keyboard’, ‘A Week in Review’ and ‘Sunday Funnies’ unless or until I started receiving contributions that left this ten dollar sum in the dust!


My Dear Readers, I was but moments away from writing and publishing an article that explained that until I received several more donations (that were equal to or greater than $150.00) I was going to withhold ALL regularly scheduled publications. That I would write; articles about my campaign to raise the funds I need to battle my cancer, articles about cancer, articles promoting the Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo, and/or articles about how to help this campaign if you (currently) do not have the financial means to make a donation. THAT WAS ALL I WOULD WRITE AND PUBLISH… until I received several large contributions.


In other words, My Dear Readers, I was quite willing to hold my creative writings HOSTAGE until such time that my campaign received a good round of donations. That, My Dear Readers, is just how Bad I was feeling, and that was just how badly my emotions had been hurt. My Dear Readers, I still feel that hurt, inside. However, after a short nap… and a little something to eat… (I realized that I had not eaten since last night… it was 7PM). I found my way clear to not ‘Hold My Blog’s Work Hostage’!


Therefore, and conversely, I have decided to publish (over the next several days); ‘The Horror in Smithville’ – Part 14C, ‘My Two Cents’, ‘A Week in Review’ and ‘Sunday Funnies’ just as scheduled and without hesitation or manipulation. I do this, My Dear Readers, out of faith that if I continue to writer and publish… that you will (when you are able… when you have the money… when you have found it in your heart to forgive me of past transgressions and put Life AHEAD of differences… and DONATE so that I might WIN this BATTLE with my CANCER). Now, mind you, My Dear Readers, I have none of the articles I have just listed… ready!


Tonight I will be spending most of the night awake and writing. Writing so that I will have another chapter of ‘The Horror in Smithville’ ready for publication tomorrow! Well, I do have the ‘pages’ written, I just need to; edit, check spelling grammar, plot lines, through lines, ect…. I do not have any of the other articles listed in any ‘way, shape or form’ prepared. That is why, My Dear Readers, I will be staying up all night tonight to get ahead. So, My Dear Readers, while you are all comfy in your beds tonight) I will be diligently working to provide for you the articles and material that you have come to expect. All I ask, from you,My Dear Readers? Is that you PLEASE; reconsider, consider, reevaluate, give deliberate thought and an Open Mind and HEART to the idea of making a Donation to:


Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo[1]


So, My Dear Readers, I have reached deep inside myself and rearranged my feelings of; neglect, abandonment, fear/loathing, contempt, confusion, fear, and HURT. I have done my best to put these dark and hurt feelings aside, so that I might be able to continue my work. Continue to write, to entertain, and to share my gift and my work with you, My Dear Readers. All that I ask, in return, is that YOU, MY DEAREST READERS, please consider/reconsider/deliberate/redeliberate/rethink’think-again about making a donation to help me battle this insidious and heinous CANCER!


Below you will see an ‘All NEW!” video, that I filmed today… and have uploaded for your viewing pleasure. It is NOT an angry or hurtful video. It IS an ‘ALL NEW’ PLEA for your kindness and support. Please understand that without your, My Dearest Readers, help I simply cannot afford this battle. I simply cannot afford; the costs of transportation, Allen loosing time to get me to chemotherapy-the two surgeries-the TWO scans-and WEEKLY doctor appointments for the next MONTH!


I need Allen to help me got to and from all these; appointments, surgeries, scans, and chemotherapies. I simply cannot get to them alone. Therefore, Allen will miss work at @ one or BOTH jobs and that equals greatly diminished checks. Greatly diminished paychecks equal not enough money to pay the RENT! This is what I tried to outline in the campaign; videos, missions statement, and all the articles I have written about this campaign and my battle with this cancer. Not only do I need more money to pay for all the things listed about? I also need money to replace lost income from Allen helping ME get to and from all these appointments, surgeries, and scans.


I just wanted you, My Dear Readers, to know that I will ‘work my ass off’ to keep writing and publishing! Tonight, while all of you (My Dear Readers) sleep? I will be awake working diligently on all the articles I have to finish for this week! I do it out of LOVE, but My Dear Readers? I do it out of FAITH! Faith that if I continue to provide that material… the horror story, the weekly review, and the ‘Sunday Funnies’ that you, My Dear Readers, will donate and HELP!


Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund  NEWEST Pitch Video Asking for YOUR HELP!




Thank YOU!


Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo

Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014

Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014




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