A Week in Review – August 23rd, 2014

Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014

Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014


Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. My Dear Readers this week has been a fabulously entertaining and busy week for The Other Shoe! With the publication of this weekly review I will have written and published TEN articles in one week! It is, currently, Saturday night at 8:20 PM PDT. Then articles and Ten dollar$ in donations at Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund[1] @ Indiegogo equals = $1 for each article written and published. Just a bit of very depressing Danny-trivia.


Although I feel deep-seated depression over; my cancer, my increased pain, my lack of sleep, my lack of appetite, and how my limited financial resources condemn me to a short(end) lifespan. I would be a fool to not be proud at my; publication of ten articles in one week, the creation/design of an all new newsletter (for The Other Shoe), the design/creation of a business card for same, and the launch of Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund[2] all in seven days. I would be hard pressed to think of another person I know that could accomplish all those tasks, in the same period of time, and make them all so unique and beautiful. I was looking over Part 14-A of ‘The Horror in Smithville’ and I was struck my the depth of the character I created, and just how he is to fit in with the story and characters. You will just have to wait, but trust me… Principal Marsch’s quirks are going to… play wonderfully… soon.


I am ever so tired. I have not allowed myself much sleep, this week. Even if I had allowed it, I doubt that I could have slept. I am beside myself with financial worries. Allen and I have just barely able to make ends meet… so far. However, with the addition of thirty dollars, or more, a week in transportation costs, more medications, and the loss of income by Allen having to take time off to get me to; PET scan, appointments, chemotherapy/radiation therapy. I just do not see how we will be able to continue to make ends meet.


I am doing my best, honestly, to keep the faith. Trust that the people who care about me, that value me… my friendship… my works… my contributions… will come to my aid. I have to… or I will loose the will to… live.


‘A Week in Review’ is a wonderful way for you, My Dear Readers, to catch up on all the wonderful stories and articles I have written and published over the week. Here, on the weekend, when you have some free time. Now, you can come here, to this article, and read, view and link to all the wonderful work I have provided. A very busy person, can, in a matter of hours read all the great works I have published. Therefore, now that I have set the mood and prepared you for the review. It is, without further adieu, I give you

‘A Week in Review’ for August 23rd, 2014.


  • IT’S ALIVE!!!! – “IT’S ALIVE!!! Rather…. It IS LIVE! Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe and a very special article! This article is to announce that my @Indiegogo campaign Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund[1] IS NOW LIVE! With the (soon) addition of my most recently shot ‘Pitch Video’ (and this one is GREAT! I am very funny… and quite entertaining… if I say so myself…) this puppy is up and ready for your contributions!” What a wonderful way to start the week! As well, by starting the campaign on THIS DAY it ends on October 1st, 2014! Talk about impeccable timing! I had no idea, when I pressed publish on this article, that this act was to catapult me into the single most prolific week in more than a year! Little did I know that this article would be #1 of TEN! With the publication of this article I set in motion the effort to garner the support I NEED to FIGHT MY CANCER!
  • The Mars Report – August 18th 2014 – “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today is Monday August 18th, 2014. It has been just eleven days since my world was turned upside down and I was told that I have Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer. I am still working my way through, like, the stages of ‘grief’ (?). I think that I am to the anger part. Anyway, regardless of my personal/health situation I am going to… “Keep Moving Forward” by writing and publishing as many of my regular articles as I can manage. That being the case, today is Monday and that means a trip to Mars!” I had really began to miss the publication of this article series. ‘The Mars Report’ IS one of my most favorite article series in all of The Other Shoe. Mars is mankind’s next target for manned exploration, and as such, we are destined to spend a lot of time exploring. Exploring, mapping and gaining a familiarity necessary for a safe and productive manned mission. Each and every week I get to share with you, and you get to enjoy, all the new; discoveries, images, and scientific experiments Curiosity and Opportunity have managed. I just love this article aeries, and I hope that you do to!
  • My Two Cents – “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today I start on another new journey. As always, this will be a journey of adventure. An shared adventure between you, My Dear Readers, and me. ‘My Two Cents’ is an all new article series, that starts today with the publication of this article. Each week, that my health allows, I will come to you, My Dear Readers, and share ‘My Two Cents’ on; issues of the day, personal observations, current trends, foreign affairs, world news, and even (sometimes) political and geo-political issues.” This is the premier edition of an ‘all new’ article series. I have been searching for a way to publish an editorial article series without it being… too opinionated. The name ‘My Two Cents’ has helped me to establish an article series that does share my opinions without appearing as I am talking down to anyone. That was my primary goal, and I feel very confident I have met said goal. I look forward to many more weeks, to come, of this wonderfully entertaining article series. I hope that I write it so that you, My Dear Readers, do too!
  • BREAKING NEWS – Gov. Perry BOOKED in Travis County – “JUST IN – Austin, Texas: Republican Governor Rick Perry has just surrendered to authorities at the Travis County criminal justice center. Indicted for ‘Abuse of Power’ as Governor of the State of Texas, (R) Rick Perry was lead away, just moments ago, to booking at the criminal justice center in Austin, Texas. While dividing, along party lines, many in the Great State of Texas the reality of this situation is far fro ‘politically motivated’.” I published this article for one reason and one reason only! I saw that I could BEAT the major networks and media outlets, getting this news out, and I DID! I was not exervcising any political design or desire. I just wanted to be first in publishing ‘Breaking News’ for once!
  • Lost in Space – Solar System Tour – NEPTUNE – “However, I have to be honest about my limitations with my current diagnosis. As well, with the launch of Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund at Indiegogo there have not been enough days in the week. Further, right now I am suffering with crushing depression because of the failure of my attempt to raise the money I need for (successfully) fight my cancer. With nearly 100 people ‘Sharing’ my campaign and only $10 raised I am beside myself with feelings of failure. I can only hope that this trend changes and… somehow… people understand that without their help I simply cannot fight this cancer within me.” This was the first time in several weeks, more like a month or more, that I was able to write and publish both ‘The Mars Report’ and ‘Lost in Space’ BOTH in the same week! Finally, there were enough new images from Mars and I had the will and good health to put together the next location in my ‘Toru of the Solar System’. I am not sure if I will be able to replicate this, next week, but I will try. I am quite proud of this edition and all the information and images of Neptune! This was an edition of ‘Lost in Space’ that brings me great pride.
  • The Other Shoe – NEWSLETTER! – “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. I am working doubly hard for your attention and support! I have, just now, finished the Very First EDITION of ‘The Other Shoe – NEWSLETTER!’ That’s right, I have just spent the past two days working to take last week’s work and put it into a newsletter for The Other Shoe. I am going to use this newsletter to; put in mailings, hand out in local malls and shopping centers, hand out to residents and any other place I might find to spread the word of my work. Allen has even offered to put some in bags, as he is working as a cashier, at a local department store. I just told him “BE CAREFUL!” I would hate for him to get into trouble at his job.” Right now Allen is at his job with this newsletter! I really hope he does not get in trouble handing it out. I have really wanted to put together this newsletter for the past… two years. It was just luck, and well placed stars that allowed me to finally put this together and get it published. I just LOVE designing and writing newsletters! I started back in middle school, in Pearland, and honed my skill in the mid to late 90’s at a complex I managed. Plazawoods apartments needed a weekly newsletter and the owner was willing to promise to pay me for my efforts. Even though he failed to ever PAY me for my efforts? For TWO YEARS I took great pride and had a LOT of FUN brining a weekly newsletter to my residents. Now, I can design, write and publish one for my blog! JOY!
  • The Horror in Smithville – Part 14-A – “Now, My Dear Readers, we are about to start with Part (Chapter or Episode) Fourteen! However, there is a trick with this chapter. A trick that has caused the delay in the publication of the next twenty to thirty pages of ‘The Horror in Smithville’. Part (or Chapter or Episode) Fourteen comes in FIVE PARTS! That’s right, one chapter in five parts. They will be designated 14; A, B, C, D, and E. Today we will start with Part 14A. Now, My Dear Readers, all of the five… sections of Part 14 ALL happen at the same time! That is correct! The next five weekly episodes of ‘The Horror in Smithville’ happen (in the story world) SIMULTANEOUSLY!” This was/is the MUCH anticipated return to the Main story line of this wonderful horror story. As well, this particular chapter/episode has been a particular challenge to me, as a writer and as a publisher. If you read the excerpt above then you understand that I am (with the publication of this chapter) launching FIVE different timelines all at once! In time all FIVE will collide with each other… and what a wonderful episode that will be. ‘Oh, what tangled webs we weave!”
  • The Other Shoe – BOTH Blogs – Traffic 2014 – “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today is Friday so a big ‘TGiF’ to everyone out there reading this blog! Just yesterday I was rummaging around my blog, looking at this and that, trying to glean some information about What you, My Dear Readers, are reading and what I can add or replicate to improve my traffic. Well, the best place to start for that kind of information is… Traffic Reports!” I have not published one of these ‘Traffic Report’ articles in many many months. However, I was just looking over the traffic reports for the Word Press location and I was struck by my international penetration! My Dear Readers, I had not realized just how many of you were from nations all over this globe! That you ARE; French, English, German, Indian, and Australian, just to name a few! I was so surprised and PROUD that my work is read around the world, I just HAD to share it with all my readers here in America… and Texas! I NEVER thought that my WORDS would reach round the world. Now I KNOW that they HAVE!
  • Notes From Behind the Keyboard – August 23rd, 2014 – “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. With the publication of this article I exceed my greatest expectations for; writing, editing, and publication for a single week. In this week I have; written/edited/published eight articles for The Other Shoe, designed and published an ‘All NEW’ Newsletter for The Other Shoe, and designed and published All NEW business cards for The Other Shoe & Danny’s Cancer Treatment Find @ Indiegogo[1], Launched a funding campaign to raise the monies I need to battle my Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer and spent 10-14 hours everyday online promoting the campaign and The Other Shoe. Right now, Allen is at work (at Kohl’s in Huntington Beach) as a cashier and he is handing out copies of the ‘ALL NEW’ newsletter & Business Card to any/all concerned customers.” What good is a newsletter handout without a business card attached? Not Very Good, that is what! That is why I spent most of last night and all of this morning designing and printing brand NEW business cards for The Other Shoe! They have information on; The Other Shoe, Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund[3] at Indiegogo and ME! I really had a blast designing the business cards. Then when I put them together with the all-new newsletter? THEY MATCHED! I have no idea just how I managed to do it, but once I had the business cards stapled to the newsletter it was obvious to myself and Allen that the colors MATCHED! I was so very PROUD to send them out, today. That was what I wanted, too. I wanted to distribute a package of information on my funding campaign for treatment of my cancer. As well, I wanted to put something out into the community I currently reside about my blog and my work. Mission ACCOMPLISHED!


That concludes my review of the ten articles that I have written and published this week. With this article included, I have written and published ELEVEN articles! That is something to me proud of, if I say so myself! My Dear Readers, that is just my work on this blog!


Along with the ELEVEN articles? O have; designed, written mission statement, shoot/edited/improved THREE videos for the campaign, designed and wrote an all new newsletter, and designed and printed business cards! I have not been this busy since my Power Chair Campaign! I am proud… although… My Dear Readers?


It does make me extremely depressed to think of all the work I have accomplished… just for ten dollars. L I will keep writing, and publishing and begging for YOUR help! I simply cannot stop! To stop fighting? Would to be signal that I am ready to die, without a fight. I do not want this canacer to beat me so early in this battle. However, without money I am fighting a tank with fingernail clippers.


My Dear Readers, this brings us to the end of this Week in Review! I hope that you have enjoyed this review, and I also hope that you have enjoyed this weeks’ work. I look forward to the coming week, and the coming articles and stories. Finally…






Thank YOU!



Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo

Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014

Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014



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