My Two Cents

My Two Cents

My Two Cents


Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today I start on another new journey. As always, this will be a journey of adventure. An shared adventure between you, My Dear Readers, and me. ‘My Two Cents’ is an all new article series, that starts today with the publication of this article. Each week, that my health allows, I will come to you, My Dear Readers, and share ‘My Two Cents’ on; issues of the day, personal observations, current trends, foreign affairs, world news, and even (sometimes) political and geo-political issues.


This, My Dear Readers, will be my soapbox. However, it is with huge trepidation that I set out on this venture. We live in turbulent times. Times where families are torn asunder over exaggerated political beliefs. Not since the Civil War and, more recently, the Civil Rights movement has this nation be as divided as today. This is more than just ‘unfortunate’. This… this is a crime against the very core beliefs on which this great nation was born.


America is at her best, it’s greatest when we stand united. America is at her worst when we become divided. Divided, and divorced, from those core beliefs that brought us to the shores of this great land. We have become so divided, at this point in our history, that (for some) the negative and hurtful words and feelings used for division do not seem foreign. They are foreign and they are not the words and feelings of the majority of the nation.


Yet with great exuberance, and with much fanfare, (by, again, some) these divisions are cemented and reinforced. While walls are built and others are reinforced great divides appear and grow in this great nation of ours. In addition, with this division America becomes weaker, and its citizens suffer.


This is not the first time, in my short life, that I have witnessed great division in our nation. To some, small, extent division is a natural result of our form of government; a Republic. Yet one can easily see when our nation’s divide is a natural one, and when unnatural divide is forced upon on people. Unfortunately, for the ‘some’, the divide today is not a natural divide. The lines being drawn today are not of substance, and do not arise out of a great need or desire of or by the people. No, rather the lines today are created ‘Out of whole cloth’ by individuals seeking; personal, financial and social gain. They lack the morality and upright nature of our divisions past. They lack in substance and social import.


Those they seek to sew these lines of division puff themselves up with words rooted in hyperbolic rhetoric, for they lack the vernacular of genuine discord. I, myself, have known this to be true for some time… many years to be exact. I have worked, diligently, to warn and caution those I love and respect from getting caught up in these dishonest and disingenuous divisions. I have done so at my own personal loss! Lost, to me, are; friendships, family, kinships that have spanned time and distance and… too, I have lost the kindhearted support and caring that… today… I find myself in great need.


There is hope. For, if one chooses to look (just like in ‘The Wizard of Oz’) behind the curtains that enshrine and hide one can see breaks in the wall of deception. Once members of the ‘machine of division’ have been tossed aside from their core. At one time these individuals were the loudest voices of their masters and helped cause great division. Now, without the financial support of their masters, they stand alone and tell us of the falseness of their past proclamations.


They, now speaking freely and without constraint, tell tales of just who and how we Americans have been divided. Against one another, against even ourselves and our loved ones. The ‘True Believers’ of their past sermons are cautioned against listening to those separated from the flock. They are told tall tales of how, ‘now infected’, these past preachers of the faith are ‘enemies of all that is good and great’. They… are not. They are just fallen humans and Americans. No different that you or I. What they have, that we lack, are very wealthy and powerful enemies.


For if it is ‘The Truth’ that they speak now? What was it that I was listening to when they were a ‘part of the flock’, before? Aye, there’s the rub! For if you are to be free of this division? You must believe you were deceived! For most Americans? That is a ‘bridge too far’! For all too many Americans the thought that… at one time, they were deceived and lead astray for the gain of others? Is too much to ask, too much to bear and too much to be believed.


So, they continue harboring (False) ill will against ‘others’ and suffering… in silence. There will be more ‘fallen leaders’ in the weeks, months and years to come. It is inevitable and it is good. For, in the end, even ‘Dorothy’ saw ‘truth’ and (with her own eyes) beheld the ‘Man Behind the Machine’.


Nevertheless, for now, my greatest concern is for the soul of our great nation. For the soul and the lives of many of our citizens. As a result of these great lines of division? Many of our; childhood friends, pillars of the community, teachers, and those who choose to entertain are falling by the wayside. Taken from our side by; disease and illness born from separation these (one time friends) suffer and die without ‘Good Reason’. Refused the kind touch of generosity they wither and die.


Lost forever to time and disease these, one-time voices from out past, are not silenced by their disease but rather by negligence. For even the hardiest of man cannot live in the darkness of our contempt. For all of God’s creatures require the love and kindness of others! Without which, disease and weakness takes them from our side… forever.




Thank YOU!


Danny’s Cancer Treatment Fund @ Indiegogo

Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014

Danny in Rolling Hills Estates August 12, 2014


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