Notes From Behind the Keyboard August 7th 2014


Danny Hanning of The Other Shoe - May 6th, 2014

Danny Hanning of The Other Shoe – May 6th, 2014


                         Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Let me start by saying “Thank You!” for the… people that have reached out and showed me support in this painful and difficult time. Status: I am still waiting for someone… anyone to call me and tell me the results of the biopsy that was taken on last Friday. I know that the results are in, they were available to my doctors as of yesterday afternoon. I called my surgeon, Dr. Nguyen, yesterday morning and asked that he call me back regarding; are there stitches in my face, can I shave, and what are the results of the biopsy?


Late, yesterday afternoon, I received a call from Dr. Reddy’s office, Dr. Reddy was my infectious disease specialist. Past tense, because, I waited all day yesterday for anyone from her offices to call and relay the biopsy results to no avail. As well, I called several times to Dr. Reddy’s offices and was just told that; she is leaving for three weeks sometime today, that she “will try to call” today, prior to leaving on vacation to relay the results of the biopsy. I have been refused the results faxed to me, and that interrupts/negates my rights to full and easy access to all my medical records as guaranteed under my Medicare.


Now, it could be nothing. The biopsy could show no sign of cancer. Wouldn’t you like to know that within a week of a “growth” removal from your face? I know that I would, and do! Therefore, I have decided that just as soon as I have the results, I am looking for a new set of doctors here in Orange County. Why should I pay for medical professionals that do not act in a professional manner to their clients? This is the same doctor that had me waiting, in her office waiting room, for NINETY MINUTES prior to my last appointment. This is a pattern of behavior that I find unprofessional and unacceptable by any medical professional in my employ.


So I continue to wait, on pins and needles, for the employ of basic medical professionalism and the comfort of knowledge of the state of my medical health. I have yet to rule out reporting this lack of professionalism to Medicare, the A.M.A. and the Governing Board here in California. It is my strong belief that with wealth we afford medical professionals comes responsibility! That, when shirked, these professionals should be held accountable by all their clients and the medical community.


I built this belief by growing up the son of an X-Ray technician/Radiologist as a father, a Registered Nurse as a mother, and the ten years I spent as a Licensed State Certified Pharmacy Technician here in California. I never had a single complaint against me in all the years I worked at: Long Beach Memorial Hospital-Miller’s Children’s Hospital, La Brea Hospital – Cancer Treatment Center of America, Abbott Laboratories – Santa Fe Springs Compounding Facility. Therefore, I do expect a commensurate level of professionalism from my medical professionals. Further, IF there is a positive indication of cancer?


This doctor is robbing me time! Time is essential in dealing with cancer treatment and survival. There have, already, been several indicators (in my medical condition) that can be pointers to a cancer. I just think that it is unprofessional to make patients wait, unnecessarily.


I am still in a great deal of pain, and thanks to the incompetence of other medical professionals? I have been denied adequate pain medication coverage since my surgery. Memorial Medical employees wrongly input my previous pain medication in spite of the fact I verbally, on several occasions, informed them of my current pain medications. Result? I sit here in pain that I should not be experiencing, all due to the lack of professionalism and medical prowess of; my Memorial Doctors, the Memorial Staff, Intake Professionals. That, will likely, also go into my report to the agencies listed above.


A I am my wit’s end, and I have little patience for incompetence to begin with, My Dear Readers. So, I sit in pain and wait for someone to act in a professional manner and address my medical needs and concerns in a timely manner.


I am just not… in the mood to write, and create. I apologize to all of you, My Dear Readers. I, genuinely, wish that all medical professionals acted in a professional manner and treated all their patients equally and in a professional manner befitting their exorbitant pay.


Thank you, My Dear Readers for the flowers sent, for the cards… thank you.


P.S. It is now about 1:00PM PDT. I am at home, alone… I have just ‘tricked’ an office worker at my surgeon’s office to fax over my Biopsy Report. Here is the salient part: “Follicular Lymphoma, Grade 3B’. That = ‘Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma’, Stage 3. On Facebook in late July August I posted that I thought “it is ‘Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma’ that I suffered from. Today, according to these results, I must have missed my calling as a physcian. Caveat: I have yet to HEAR ANYTHING from ANY of my doctors. I have read the biopsy report myself. But I wanted to inform all of you, MY Dear Readers, just as soon as I knew anything. Thanks…







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