A Week in Review – 500th Articles A Week’s Celebration!

                Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. For the past two days I have been completely waylaid by pain and fevers. All day Saturday and Sunday I was completely unable to; get out of bed, raise my hands or arms, eat or pretty much anything. Today, I am feeling less pain, but I am still without the strength to do anything. However, I see that my blog traffic is down to TEN PEOPLE! My heart weeps, seriously. I am fairly upset that my pride and joy has fallen this far… and there is little I can actually do to change this.


So I decided to write an edition of ‘A Week in Review’ to cover the week of celebratory articles for the publication of my FIVE HUNDREDTH ARTICLE! Yeah, I am very proud to have reached this milestone in publication. I do not know of many other people that have written and published over five hundred articles… much les in just four short years. IT was my pride that pushed me to write so very much last week. I am pretty certain that the push to publish is the reason for my woes.


Honestly? IF I thought I could take a week… rest? I would! I really need some time off. However, each and every time I take even two days off… my blog’s traffic tumbles and suffers. My little personal hell. Anyways, here is a review of the week of review articles!


  • FIVE HUNDRED ARTICLES a Review & Celebration! #1 Redux : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. It is my sincere hope that everyone had a very safe and fun July 4th weekend! This is the very heart of our ‘American Summer’ season, and one of the favorites for American children all over our great nation. I remember sitting atop the Herman Professional Building, right across the street from the Herman Zoo and Herman Park watching the 4th fireworks while sitting in an air-conditioned office. Sitting and eating orange slices with my face (nearly) plastered to the doctor’s office window. What a great way to start a summer vacation!” This was the second time I published this article. NEITHER time did I realize that I misspelled the word ‘Review’ in both! One would think that somebody that reads my blog… and cares would have told me I made this mistake. Yeah… I am REALLY depressed… and it is only getting worse. Here is the first of the five articles I wrote to (try to) celebrate the publication of my 500th article here at The Other Shoe. This review is of the wondrous article series ‘Lost In Space’! For the past year this article series has shared incredible images from the Hubble Space Telescope (and other sources) that have literally taken the breath away form hundreds of readers. Quickly ‘Lost In Space’ has driven large amounts of traffic to this blog. Wonder and spectacle are the hallmarks of this series. I hope to continue publishing this wonderful series of articles… just as soon as I am feeling better.
  • FIVE HUNDRED Articles – #2 – The Mars Report : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today is a continuation of the celebration of the publication (lots o’ations… there) of my Five Hundredth Article here at The Other Shoe. Yesterday we celebrated this auspicious occasion with a review of ‘Lost In Space’! With less than one year in publication, this article series enjoys a large following and handsome traffic numbers. I greatly increased its readership and traffic numbers, two weeks ago, by starting the ‘Tour of Our Solar System’ mini-series.” This is the second article of this celebratory series of articles, showcasing the terribly popular article series ‘The Mars Report’! My Dear Readers, “The Mars Report’ is the single most popular science based article series ever, for this blog. Over the past two years this single article series has driven thousands of readers to this blog. Combining cutting edge science with incredible and breathtaking images from Mars, this article series is one of the linchpins of my blog(s) and written works. Each week I publish this article it beings me tremendous pride and joy to thousands of readers.
  • FIVE HUNDRED Articles – Part Three – MMORPGs And YOU! : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Here we are, My Dear Readers, well into our ‘Celebration and Review’ in honor of the publication of my Five Hundredth Article here at The Other Shoe. I really feel that I am hitting my stride, with this series. Especially since, yesterday, I spent most of the day; with my head in one imaging tube or another, getting off or on various and sundry mass transit and getting any number of steel needles plunged into the veins in both arms. There is a very good reason I avoid; doctors, hospitals and all medical facilities. Seems once they have me in their grasp… they just do not want to let me go!” Now, My Dear Readers, we come to the crux of my writing and my love! I just love playing GAMES! Right now MMORPGs are my favorite genre of game to play. I am very fortunate that I still have a working ‘Gaming PC’, as this affords me the opportunity to play these wonderful games. Just recently I was given a present… the newest MMORPG – ‘Elder Scrolls Online’! I have been playing the game and this week I am going to make w few In-Game Videos to share right here with you! I am putting together the videos and some ingame screenshots so that I can share with you, My Dear Readers, the wonder that is this new game. This (the THIRD) review article is all about the wonderful article series ‘MMORPGs and YOU!’.
  • FIVE HUNDRED ARTICLES – Part Four – Politics and Editorial(s) : “Nothing highlights this more than two occasions when words I wrote found voice on a nationally viewed political news show. Most Americans will live out their entire lives without once their words reaching beyond the limits of their personal world. A handful, even a smaller group than previously mentioned, will have the honor and privilege to hear words they wrote spoken on a national broadcast television show. On July 31st, 2011 I (Daniel Hanning) joined that small and vocal group of Americans.” TWICE, in my short life, I have had the great honor to hear MY WORDS SPOKEN on national television. This article is a celebration and review of the articles I wrote to celebrate the occasion of my words on national television. Just check out this article and it will tell you all about my moments of pride.
  • FIVE HUNDRED ARTICLES – Part FIVE – The Horror in Smithville : “Now, My Dear Readers, I have always wanted to pen horror. Since a boy, reading horror stories late at night under the covers of my bed, desperate to not have my mother find out just what I was reading. I have yearned to write and publish a work of the horror genre. Today, I can cross that off my ‘Bucket List’! Not only have I wrote and published a work of horror… if I may say so myself… I have delved deep into the dark and murky waters of horror itself.” Horror! In all the years I have written, I have always wanted to write horror. Long have I longed for the challenge that is writing in the genre of horror. Now… I have! This article series is the most recent addition to my blog. The most recent and the most talked about, by far! In the coming weeks, and months, Timmy and Archer will take us on a journey to other worlds, other places, and bear witness to great suffering and horror. We last left, our intrepid heroes, Timmy lay unconscious in Archer’s lap. We left the story with Timmy’s father driving (rather recklessly, I might add) the trio (Timmy, Archer and Timmy’s Dad) to the Smithville County Hospital. Timmy had been (what appears as) severely beaten by the ‘school bully’ (I have often wondered… WHY? In our modern society… with school shootings and incredible scholastic standards putting tremendous pressure son children… WHY is it that we still allow ‘School Bulllies’? Certainly we can eradicate them via incarcerartion of violent offenders in ALL grades… RIGHT? Why don’t we DO that and be RID of them? ). This week… if I am feeling up to it… I will publish the next installment of this wonderful horror serial. I, really have about twenty pages already written… It is just a matter of proofing the pages, uploading and publishing. I am hoping that I feel ‘up’ to that task, later this week.


That, My Dear Readers, brings us to the end of this week’s review… and brings us to the end of the ‘FIVE HUNDREDTH Article a Celebration and Review’. Over the past week I have worked, very had, to present an overview of the past five hundred articles, and four years, here at ‘The Other Shoe’. I have worked, every single week… through much pain and suffering, to bring the very best I have to offer. I do not have ‘a staff’… writers… assistants… publishers… an editor. Each and every week what you see is what I have managed to write, edit and publish… solo!


Many weeks, like last week, I work through great waves of pain. My Dear Readers, I am not just so sure that I can continue. I just love writing… and I just love ‘seeing’ the traffic numbers… the ‘Visit Counter’ (on the blog) goes from 10… to 20… to 30… to 50! Yes, when it (and it does) hit FIFTY! I am so very deeply moved! Moved that fifty people, every week, are dropping by and READING MY WORK!


So, I am sure you understand how… when, this week, I see the counter at ten. I am deeply depressed and heart broken. To expend so much effort… to endure so much pain and see my traffic fall? It just breaks my heart. I know that the blog’s web master… the server are having “problems”. I see that I cannot, or have real problems publishing… Still… it hurts.


I am going to get some rest, later today. Rest and consider… if I am to continue… I want to go on and write and publish… another Five Hundred articles. I want to write for another four to five years. AM I a ‘terrible person’ for wanting… longing for… needing… recognition? That is all I have ever asked… that is all I have ever desired.


I hope that everyone has enjoyed this ‘Look Back’ at the past Five Hundred Articles here at ‘The Other Shoe’.




Thank YOU!


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Danny Hanning of The Other Shoe - May 6th, 2014

Danny Hanning of The Other Shoe – May 6th, 2014


About Daniel Hanning
I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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