The Deep Web – A Review of The First Three Issues


Access is FORBIDDEN The Deep Web

Access is FORBIDDEN The Deep Web


          Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today, Friday, I have decided to take the time to review the first three issues of ‘The Deep Web’ prior to continuing with this series. From what I am seeing in my traffic reports, a good many of my current readers are ‘new’ readers. New to The Other Shoe. Having said, I think it prudent that I review the very first three issues so that these ‘new’ readers can catch-up on this series.


First, as I wrote and published in the first issue of this series I take no responsibility for your adventures on/in The Deep Web. FYI there are millions of Americans that have very safe and entertaining adventures in/on The Deep Web every single year. Conversely, every year there are many Americans that loose money, their identity, and even access to their bank accounts after just one visit to The Deep Web.


As with many aspects of adult life, fore warned is fore armed, and the better you prepare yourself and your computer before you connect to The Deep Web? The better the chance you have of not becoming a statistic, and/or victim. I really want all of you, My Dear Readers, to enjoy reading about this other web, I want you to explore if that is your desire. I just… really want everyone to be safe. As well, I accept no responsibility for any knarlly… yuda, yuda, yuda. (I have a good friend that is always cautioning me to write disclaimers… You know who you are J)


Now, just as soon as I have published this review of the first three articles in this series, I am going to write and publish the remaining issues. I have, yet, to share even more information and I want to relay to you some of my experiences in this other web. (Other web… at the Other shoe… how neat!)


Now, without further adieu I bring you ‘The Deep Web’ the Review!


  • Introduction to The Deep Web – Part One : “Welcome back My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. For many months now I have fought an internal battle, with myself. A battle that was not easily lost, nor won. A battle that, unfortunately, I (in some small way) will now hand over to you, My Dear Readers. The battle was/is one of conscience, in that I had to choose a course of action. The ‘high road’ would have left you, My Dear Readers, without knowledge and insight (from me at least) regarding a growing danger. Conversely, the ‘low road’ is the one where I explain to you, My Dear Readers, about this growing danger. In so doing, though, I expose you directly to this danger… and place in your hands the very crisis of conscience I have fought now for many months.” This was the very first article in the series. As such I did my best to introduce you, My Dear Readers, to the LARGER part of the web. You see everyone knows about the World Wide Web (www.), yet it is estimated that less than 20% of Americans (at the time this article was first released) even know of the existence of ‘The Deep Web’. That statistic is changing, and rapidly. I have read that nearly 200,000 new Americans are connecting to this other web each and every month. This is good, and this is bad. Good because this other web is more than 100 times LARGER than the WWW. Bad because venturing into this other web is far more dangerous, and requires much more diligence and understanding of; computers, networking, secure socket layers, computer security, and network security. This is not easy work, and not all Americans are suited for absorbing this knowledge. Those that do venture into this other web without proper preparation and precautions? Run a huge and real risk of having financial information stolen and/or their computer damaged. My writing this series was my attempt to prepare you, My Dear Readers, just in case you were tempted to venture into this other world.
  • The Deep Web – Part Two : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Welcome back to my ongoing series about ‘The Deep Web’, Part Two. First, a little review of some of the material we have already covered.What is Tor? – Tor is an anonymizing browser meant to take advantage of an anonymizing network. This is meant to protect you, the end user, from piracy and hackers by routing your connection to the ‘Deep Web’ through bridges and concealing your IP address.” In this issue, My Dear Readers, I introduce you to the browser best used when venturing or adventuring into The Deep Web. I show you where you can go to download Tor. I explain how to run Tor, how to configure Tor, and how to connect using ‘Bridge Relays’. Further I explain to you all, My Dear Readers, the ‘Rules of the Road’ when venturing into this other web. I give you a lot of the ‘new’ nomenclature for this other web, and some very good words of warning. You see, My Dear Readers, the single best thing I can hope to accomplish is to instill in you, My Dear Readers, the genuine level of… concern… awareness… security awareness…. Paranoia to survive a healthy adventure into the other web.
  • The Deep Web – Part Three : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe and ‘Part Three’ of ‘The Deep Web’. My ongoing series about the other web, the darker side of the World Wide Web. Today I am going to talk to you, My Dear Readers about two new topics. First, I want to explain and discuss ‘Bridges’ to “The Deep Web’. Second, I want to explain and inform you, My Dear Readers, about creating a ‘virtual Machine’ on your computer as a means of protecting yourself and your computer.” In this issue I had two major objectives. First, I wanted to share with you, My Dear Readers, a scary tale of an old friend who ventures into this other web: A) Unprepared & B) WHILE ARE WORK! Talk about adding insult to injury. If he had been properly prepared, prior to connecting to the other web. Doing so at work would not have resulted in his termination of employment and he would have kept; his apartment, his wife, his car, and his ability to work in his chosen field. [I know this… because I was the one that caught him… and I was the one that ended up firing him… at my boss’s demand] I told a tale of how a young man with a bright future in IT lost that future, due in large part to hubris, because he connected to this other web at work on an unprotected computer placing the private personal information of hundreds of paying clients into the wrong hands. Second, I explained what bridge relays are, how to get a listing of them, and how to connect to this other web via a bridge relay. If your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has rules prohibiting you connecting to this other web, you can use bridge relays to bypass their software/hardware keeping you from connecting. Further, using private bridge relays can protect you for the prying eyes of; hackers, ‘Black Hats’, and all other kind of ‘Bad guys’ that lurk around this other web 24/7/365. As I have stated, repeatedly, My Dear Readers… IF you are going to adventure into this other web I want to do everything I can to help protect you from the (literally) millions of sharks swimming the waters of The Deep Web just waiting for ‘Newand unsuspectingsurfers. My Dear Readers, there is no reason that you should not be able to use and take advantage of, all that this other web has to offer. Just read my articles carefully, take all precautions and follow all directions and you should be safe.


Well now, My Dear Readers, which brings us to the very end of this review of the ‘The Deep Web’ @ The Other Shoe. I really hope that you have enjoyed this review, and that once you have read all three of the articles, you come back to read all the rest. Honestly, I never thought that I would ever be writing an article about this other web. Just five years ago, I wouldn’t even have mentioned (on line) that I knew about this other web. For fear that I might be investigated for; having terrorist ties, involved in identity theft, or suspect of trafficking in stolen or illegal goods.


Until recently that was pretty much the only reasons one would go to this other web, with any regularity. My Dear Readers, I can tell you truthfully that I have never been involved with any of the activities I just listed, above. Heck, I haven’t had so much as a speeding ticket in more than three decades! My best friend, of 27 years, calls me ‘The Last Boy Scout’… and with good reason.


Getting back on point, it is my desire to continue this article series next Friday. Next Friday you should see the fourth issue in this series, all about ‘Virtual Machines’. I will explain just what is a virtual machine, and how to set one up on your computer. I will have links to any needed software and I hope to have a step by step guide. AS well, I will explain just how a virtual machine will protect you as you venture or adventure in/on this other web. Finally, depending on the version of Windows, I will explain if it is really necessary for you to run a virtual machine for your protection. I look forward to bringing this information to you, one week from Friday.


It has been my pleasure, as always, to share this information and my time with you, My Dear Readers. Until you visit here, again…




Thank YOU!



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Danny Hanning of The Other Shoe - May 6th, 2014

Danny Hanning of The Other Shoe – May 6th, 2014

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