Daniel’s Personal & Medical Update – April 16th, 2014


Daneil Hanning of The Other Shoe 2001

Daneil Hanning of The Other Shoe 2001


          Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. I return to you, today, after a difficult and troubling day. Yesterday I went to see an Infectious Disease specialist at Memorial Hospital/Orange Coast. It was my pleasure to meet this doctor, for the first time, yesterday. Little did I imagine that, in just the space of a few hours, I would be seen by not only her but also several other doctors.


As I have mentioned, I have a lump on the right side of my face at the jaw line. It has been evaluated by an Otolaryngologist, just two weeks ago. It was his opinion that it was an “enlarged lymph node” and gave me a order to have a C.T. (computed tomography) scan of my jaw and neck. I had procrastinated setting up this imaging, due to scheduling conflicts with my caregiver. Now, back to yesterday.


I meet with the Infectious disease specialist, I explained my reoccurring fevers, fatigue, and elevated white counts in blood tests. Within moments an Oncologist was in the room, examining the growth. Now, I have a bit of a decision to make… Because; the oncologist feels that this growth is not a enlarged lymph node but a “growth”. The oncologist wants this “growth” removed as soon as possible and examined.


Yes, in just a matter of a day my enlarged lymph node has graduated to a growth in need of “immediate removal”. They wanted me to see a surgeon, yesterday, too. I was a bit overwhelmed, so I asked to be given some time to consider all the new information. I am awaiting a phone call today, with the results of the blood tests. They took four vials of blood from me. To run several blood tests; a CBC (Complete Blood Count), WBS included, an ‘E Sed Rate (Electronic Sedimentary rate), another HIV (I just had one in October that came back negative), a BUN/Creatin level, and a couple of other tests I did not recognize.


Once these tests results are available, I will make them known to you, My Dear Readers. I just have to say, I feel a bit like a ping pong ball. Bouncing from one diagnosis to the other, within weeks of each other. I really was not prepared for surgery when I left yesterday. I mean, I am agreeable to having this thing removed. Yes, I want to know what the growth is…


Its just I was mentally and emotionally prepared for a visit to diagnose my infectious disease. I have frequent fevers, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, headaches, growing burning sensation in my neck… along with all the pains, and physical shortcomings from my degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis. I just wasn’t emotionally prepared to see an oncologist. That was just, kind of, dropped on me.


So, I apologize for not writing, yesterday. It was a long and trying day. When I got home I was just very tired and somewhat introspect. I am feeling a bit better, today. Resolved to discover what this… “growth” is and hopeful that out of all the blood tests done, yesterday, a better understanding of my health will appear. Earlier, today, I published this week’s edition of ‘Lost in Space’. I do hope that everyone takes some time to look at the incredible images I have shared.


As well, I have an absolutely wonderful video for this week’s ‘Sunday Funnies’! Alexander is back and he is really entertaining in this week’s episode. Be sure to drop by on Sunday to check that out. I have already started working on Thursday’s ‘The Horror in Smithville’, and I must admit I am very much satisfied with how this story is progressing. Do you remember? When we last left Timmy and Archer, Timmy had fallen asleep, again and found himself standing in a graveyard!


There is so much more coming, this week, to The Other Shoe. Rest assured that no matter the test results… no matter the surgeries… I will do everything in my power to keep presenting great and entertaining articles and stories for all of you My Dear Readers!




Thank YOU!


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The Other Shoe eBay Store



The Other Shoe's Daniel Hanning

The Other Shoe’s Daniel Hanning 2/2014

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