A Week in Review – April 12th, 2014

                       Welcome back MY Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Well, I am usually here, spot on time, Saturday afternoon. I must express my apologies for my being tardy. As I will discuss, later today, in my ‘Update and Medical Status’ my pain has overcome my strength to fight. My in ability to use my hands, overcame my desire to express. I refuse to lie, or hide, my condition. Nor will I hide the ravages it reaps.


Right now, I can hardly move my hands and the pain in my neck is quite severe. However, I have been absent and I simply must return. Today I will do my best to provide you with this weekend’s ‘A Week in Review’ and publish it as soon as possible today, Sunday. There will not be a ‘Sunday Funnies’ coming later today. I will do my best to provide you with a ‘Coming This Week’ preview article. However, just sitting here and writing what I have so far, has caused my neck to snap and pop, uncontrollably. What I wouldn’t give for a Ghost Writer! J


This week I did manage to publish seven articles, including this weekly review. Next week, I have at least two appointments; a visit with an infectious Disease specialist and I am hoping to squeeze in the much needed C T Scan with contrast. Regardless, I will do my best to produce the normal number of articles and content. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Now, without further adieu I bring you ‘A Week in Review’:


  • The TRUTH about Danny… : “Dear Friends, Family and Followers at The Other Shoe and here at Facebook,
    As many of you all know, my life (outside my writing at my blog) has taken a turn for the worse. My cervical spine is in a continual state of decline, pain and relentless popping grinding and decay. I do my BEST (honest, I try VERY hard) to keep a ‘Good Attitude’ and NOT to let… ‘Dark Thoughts’ past.”
    Very dark, indeed. As one can easily guess my depression has been getting the best of me. I do my best to keep this monster at bay… some days I am better at it than others. I dislike laying my woes at the feet of others, it was not how I was rised. Yet, frankness with people that rely on me for entertaining content… well, I feel compelled. Compelled to advise you all of my ability to provide said content, regularly. So far, so good. However, if my health should fail… you will notice that I do not publish… produce. I am hoping that tonight, I can rest… relax and recharge my batteries, so to speak. I need to… in order to produce this coming week, and get to the appointments that I need.
  • Coming This Week, to The Other Shoe – April 6th, 2014 : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. As well, welcome to this the third edition of what is now a regular here, ‘Coming This Week’. It is in this series I preview the articles to come in the following week. Now, My Dear Readers, I am just coming off one of the single most prolific week’s in recent memory, here at The Other Shoe. With the publication of nine articles, in just seven days, last week. I have my sincere doubts of my ability to produce nine articles this week, too.” Not ambitious or anything, was I? I managed to produce just about everything I had promised, except for one article. I was unable to bring you this week’s edition of ‘The Deep Web’. Mostly because I just could not move my hands, either of them, for two days. I am on a better, stronger, pain medication. For the most part it has been an overwhelming success. However, as it is with all things there are days when even this new drug fails me. Starting late Thursday night, this failure plagued me, I found myself in terrible and unrelenting pain. This went on until earlier this morning, when I managed to find some relief. I am still finding the use of my hands… difficult, at best. I hope to be back writing everyday… soon. Thank you.
  • The Mars Report – April 7th, 2014 : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. I hope that everyone is having a Good Monday, a great start for a wonderful week. I am most pleased to announce that I have a rather nice batch of images, from Mars, to share with you today. Now, I will be the first to admit, they are not as stellar (did you get that?) as my offerings last week. Our intrepid adventurer the rover, Curiosity, has made progress and has arrived at the next waypoint, the Kimberly.” A very ambitious start to a very difficult week. The article, itself, was/is wonderful. Curiosity is making splendid progress and the images coming back are spectacular. It is this series, and ‘Lost in Space’ that are the pride and joy of this blog, The Other Shoe. In these articles… I feel… I pluck the starts from the sky, and bring them just to you! My love for the stars, and the world of space flight, is no mystery to any of you, My Dear Readers. Finding this images, researching their origin and bringing it all to you is how I share this love of space and stars, with you.
  • New from Around the World – April 8th, 2014 : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. It is time, again, my friends to take a spin around the world and see what news there is to share. Today I will touch on several and varied subjects that reach from our own personal lives to the far reaches of the globe. My Dear Readers that is the goal of this weekly article series. To expose you, My Dear Readers, to matters close to home and around the world. A better informed; family, friend(s), co-workers make for better and stronger relationships that will last generations.” With an all new logo, this article series is quickly becoming a regular here at The Other Shoe. This week I talked a bit about a Medical Travesty that I know MILLIONS of Americans were used. A lie built, in part, through limited medical knowledge and sold as a treatment for; obesity, irregularity, and even Autism. Unfortunately it is a LIE, and nothing more. I hope that EVERY American gains this knowledge, and SOON!
  • Lost In Space – April 9th, 2104 : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. My Dear Readers, it is not often that I take time to revel in my achievements, bathe in the glory of success. That changes, for today, now! Last week saw the second edition of this article series ‘Lost in Space – April 2nd, 2014’. By today, Sunday, this second edition has garnered more ‘Likes’ than the first. It is this success that I celebrate and enjoy. In the past two weeks I have painted this blog with stellar images from distances many can hardly conceive. Scrolling over my creation, I feel a sense of great joy and overwhelming pride.” Yes, it is with great pride that I present this series to you, My Dear Readers. It takes me several hours, just to find and download… then upload just the images I use each week. Then I spend another couple of hours writing up the information I have researched, and present it to you. Two of this type of series, in one blog, is more work that I knew when I started. It IS worth it, if it brings all of us closer… brings more traffic here… and brings happiness to all those who view. ENJOY!
  • The Horror in Smithville – Part Five : “At first, he thought that it was just a shadow in the room. The curtain, with the help of the breeze, causing a shadow to form… somehow. That or perhaps the curtain flew up and blocked his view. Then it formed in his vision. Like black smoke condensing and taking form, right before his eyes. It was tall! I mean really really TALL. This was the kind of tall where the person actually has to stoop over in order for him to walk in a door, or pass through a doorway. The blackness formed more clearly and Timmy saw that the figure had a black hat, on his head.” Yes, My Dear Readers, this week we all met ‘The Tall Man’. If you have yet to read this week’s installment, I will say no more… Except GO READ THIS! This installment is exciting and thrilling… and even a little scary, too. I (we) are building a great base for this story, and for many adventures in the future, too. I hope you enjoyed this week’s installment, I am already working on next week’s, too.


With that, My Dear Readers I bring you full circle, back to the beginning of yet another week. I promise to do my best to deliver, to bring another week’s enjoyment and thrills, right here to you.


I would stay a bit longer, but my hands say no! Please remember to ‘Like’ and to ‘Share’ that this the way we grow. Again, I apologize for the absence, and the brevity of this article. My left hand is in torture, and my neck sounds like a cement mixer. With that, I will take my leave…



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I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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