A Week in Review – April 5th, 2014


Daneil Hanning of The Other Shoe 2001

Daneil Hanning of The Other Shoe 2001



 Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Well, here we are to Saturday again, already. So, if it is Saturday then I it is time for ‘A Week in Review’ here at The Other Shoe. This is a rather special review as this week was host to some new articles here, and more than one pivotal article in our favorite series. A rather impressive accomplishment if you consider just how sick I have been for the past several weeks. My apologies for the tardiness of this piece. The night, behind us, was long and eventful… for me, and as such, my hands and body took their time… getting ready.                 


Regardless of my personal woes, the work must continue unabated. Amazingly, in spite of fevers and other physical woes and frights, Nine articles were published in just this last week. I must say, for just one person; researching, documenting, writing, editing, and publishing every one of those nine articles brings me great pride. As well, I do not know if anyone but me looks at it… but, there is a traffic counter, over in the right hand bar. This week we saw this traffic counter enter unknown territory .


For it was this week that this traffic counter entered and remained in the fifties for all week. It was much to my surprise that the counter, at one point, reaching the all time high of fifty-nine! AS I wrote this article, Saturday afternoon, it was flirting with 51-53. Just how could a man, a writer, not feel great pride in seeing this sight? One thought comes right to mind… “Thank YOU!”


Yes, for it is you, My Dear Readers, that drive that counter and are the source of my pride. Each visit, each page turned, each article read you bring pride to my heart and soul. It is with every word, of mine, that you read you bestow upon me a great honor. Like a renaissance minstrel, I come here every day and spin webs of words for you to untangle. Without fail, every day, and every week, you return to me and toil in my webs. You do me a great honor, one that I will not soon forget… if ever.


Now, before I bring tears to my eyes (hah! Too late) let me share with you the fruit of this week’s labors. My Dear Readers, my health is failing… I have written an article… explaining my current state… my maladies and shortcomings. I hesitate to publish this work, for it was written in darkness. Darkness in my mind, in my heart and in my soul. There is one… of those maladies I mentioned.


Back to point, my health is failing. As I knew it would, as I had been so often warned, and as I have feared. Last night, was a terrible trip fraught with personal battles… that I barely escaped. Even nightfall… night, no longer gives me rest or respite… anymore. I say this not for… pity or any other selfish reason. I say this, more, as a warning. This blog is my life-blood. In it I have poured all that is myself. Men, all of us, seek immortality from birth.


Many men seek it through exploits; in sport, in business, in commerce and even in battle. Many more men seek it in progeny, the furtherance of self through birth of new life. That goal, has repeatedly escaped me, and not from a lack of trying… or ability. Seems the women I chose to bed, had no desire to raise young. Anywho, this blog and all my writings are my progeny … my immortality. They will live on past me, in my wake they will still thrill and challenge, enrage and entertain. Just as I have done, in life.


Honestly, I hope to live many more years and put a great many of you in the ground. Hope… is not a thing that changes destiny or fate, regardless of what children’s stories portend. I am bound by the cards I have drawn and the fate and destiny that they hold, for me. Be I here for another day, or another decade I promise you, My Dear Readers, that for so long as there is breath in my lungs, strength in my body and thoughts in my mind… I will come here and share.


No man can promise more, no person could expect any more.


Having said, we continue on to today’s faire here at The Other Shoe. As mentioned, above, this week was (for me) a glorious week. I shared often, I shared soulfully, and from this week’s numbers you, My Dear Readers, drank deep at the chalice of my words. I hope that, in drinking, they brought you pleasure as much as I in bringing them to you.


So, without further adieu… I bring you ‘A Week in Review!


  • Sunday Funnies – March 30th, 2014 : “After many weeks of trying, I have finally managed to get some footage of Mr. Alexander’s unique personal habit. You see, Alexander is unique. Not just in this habit, but in a great many ways, every single day. He talks… constantly. He is kind and loving, true and forgiving. For today, we focus on one of his unique, and entertaining, personal habits.” This week’s videos were a major coupe. Many week’s, I have spent, in the single endeavor of capturing this, for you. Alexander is very dear to me, you see. He is very unique, in a great many ways. What you witnessed here this day, in the videos that I shared, was a very personal habit, he enjoys. Yes, it is cute and entertaining. But, please understand, too, that it is a quite personal thing… to Alexander, too. Enjoy!
  • Coming This Week – March 30/31st, 2014 : “Welcome back My Dear Reader to The Other Shoe. Well now, I would usually write and publish this article on Monday. Yet, something just caught my eye, and I just had to share it with you, My Dear Readers. If you are reading this article on Sunday March 30th, 2014 (or have visited and read articles between Friday March 28th and Sunday March 30th), you are taking part in the single largest influx of visitors my blogs have ever seen. Yes, I have two locations for The Other Shoe. The primary blog located at blog.com and secondary located at wordpress.com. I saw secondary only because it was the second location of my blog launched. Remember, I do everything at both blog locations. Writing, editing, publishing, promotions… everything.” Short, sweet and to the point, what more could one ask for. This single article, the one featured above, set in motion one of the single busiest weeks this blog has ever seen. It was with great pride, and great effort, each story was wrought. Each word and each image, into each went great thought. If you have not yet ventured, through this week’s stories and tales, an adventure you have lost.
  • The Mars Report – March 31st, 2014 : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today I have a very informative edition of ‘The Mars Report’ for all of you, My Dear Readers. The image you see above is an artist’s concept of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. This orbiter has many missions and two of them are in support to the rover Curiosity. First, this orbiter takes high-resolution images of the Martian surface. These images are then used to plot Curiosity’s navigation and course. Second, the orbiter relays information and images from the rover to earth.” In this week’s edition, of ‘The Mars Report’, we ventured where no human has ever before. With each passing day, we get closer, to the mountain named Sharp. Along the way it will make discoveries, and share them I will. One need look no further, than this article to be sure, to get their fill. Of all things Martian, and a few extraterrestrial thrills.
  • News from Around the World : “Just as the Founding Fathers designed. Yes, the Senate is the Elder body of our Congress, in that it is the senior and most reasoned body. The Founding Fathers knew (foresaw) that destructive populist movements might well gain a majority in the lower house of Congress. As a boy, and young man, I read “The Federalist Papers’ and ‘Articles of Confederation’. It was in these documents that our nation’s democracy were brought to fruition. They outlined how the lower house of a Congress was ‘The People’s House’ and, as such, could easily fall prey to populist ideals that ran contrary to the continued health of our democracy and our Republic.” A little ‘American’ news, mixed with stories from afar. This is what I wanted.. This week saw the unveiling of this ‘new’ article series, ‘News from Around the World’. It is my hopes that it catches on, with all of you, My Dear Readers. It is my hope that I can share meaningful news from afar. ENJOY!
  • Lost in Space – April 2nd, 2014 : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. A very special welcome, indeed, to this the second edition of ‘Lost in Space’! I am quite proud to announce that last week’s, premier, edition of this article helped spearhead the single largest increase in visitor traffic (at both locations) for my blog(s). It would seem, that I am not the only person that enjoys looking at beautiful images from outer space. Kudos to all of you, My Dear Readers, which visited between Wednesday and Sunday of last week as your visits helped. You helped propel my work to ever-growing levels of popularity. That’s a ‘Good Thing’!” Nowhere else, have I seen a larger collection, every single week, of images strung, from the heavens they come, together from afar. I bring to you, My Dear Readers, each and every week. Celestial visions, a sight to behold, I bring to these pages for young and for old. Mankind’s future rests in these stars. When I was younger… we worked among the stars.
  • Personal-Medical Update – April 3rd 2014 : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. First, I would like to thank everyone for their kind words of support during my difficult day yesterday. Yesterday I had an appointment with the doctor to evaluate a lump on my face, at my jaw line. Thankfully this lump is not any kind of tumor. For that news I am extremely grateful. However, I was told that it is a swollen lymph node.” It sucks to be sick, on top of my pain. Bad news just keeps coming, my way. Keep you posted, I will as I know. Just sucks being this weak and… stricken… at such a young age.
  • The Horror in Smithville – Part Four: “Archer was cold. Like, really cold to the bones. He reached out to feel for the sleeping bag, or a blanket. Sometimes, when it got really cold during the night, Timmy would put a nice wool blanket on top of his sleeping bag. That always chased the cold away, and he would half-wake-up ­and pull it around him. Nothing. He felt around and around… then two things occurred to Archer. First, his hands and feet seemed to move in slow motion. The next, he wasn’t breathing!” This one is easy; I wish that they were so. Quite simply; if you haven’t read this, then DO!
  • The Deep Web – Part Three : “Remember, venturing into this darker and hacker-filled part of the web is a venture fraught with danger and exposure. Exposure to people and organizations that would just a soon as take your identity and all your money, as give you the time of day. If you recall these darker recesses of the web are populated by (either); Black Hats [hackers with deception and theft only in mind] and White Hats [hackers that have made a conscious choice to use their computer skills to protect or improve the life of their friends and clients]. Most of the time, My Dear Readers, you will not know which you are dealing with… until it is too late.” Quite simply put… this is a ‘Must Read’ for anyone with the courage, the WWW to leave. I told you in the beginning, yet here I will remind you again. In the ENTIRE World Wide Web, of which this blog is part, what you are seeing… what you know of… is only such a very small part. ‘The Deep Web’ is thousands of times larger than that which you know. Like a Pirate’s Adventure this other web will you show. You venture at your own peril, if this series you do not first read. I pity those that go there, unprepared. Like lambs to the slaughter, but they will see.


By gum, that brings us to the close, of this article… this week… this adventure, we close. My time, well spent, if it brought you some joy. If it made you; think, or scrim, laugh, or cry, want to live or want to try.


It is with a sadness, I bring it to an end. Hopeful that next week, we can start it all over again. Till then, I will bid you adieu. Take care, look both ways, be kind to another… as you would have them be kind to… you.


As always… I am so deeply honored by each of your visits. Come back often, and visit.


Thank YOU!


The Other Shoe eBay Store

The Other Shoe eBay Store



The Other Shoe's Daniel Hanning

The Other Shoe’s Daniel Hanning 2/2014

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I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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