A Week in Review – March 22nd, 2014


Daneil Hanning of The Other Shoe 2001

Daneil Hanning of The Other Shoe 2001


            Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today is a very special occasion for today we mark the Four Year Anniversary here at The Other Shoe. It was on March 22nd, 2010 that I wrote and published my very first article here at The Other Shoe. Therefore, this week’s ‘A Week in Review’ is a ‘look back’ at the articles that ‘looked back’ all this week. Pretty much a review of retrospect of the first Four hundred articles I published here at The Other Shoe.  


Those of you, My Dear Readers, that have a sharp eye will have noticed just how I wrote that sentence; “the first Four hundred articles. Yes, it is (clearly) my intention that these are just the first four hundred articles I will write and published for The Other Shoe. If you have been here, for at least the last two years, you will be quite familiar with this saying of mine; “so long as there is breath in my lungs, and I own a computer, I will be writing articles for The Other Shoe…”. Nothing has changed, so much, as to alter that solemn pledge to you, My Dear Readers.


I have never been bereft of ideas for articles, nor do I anticipate that day anytime soon. Yes, my health is failing me My Dear Readers. However, I anticipated this eventuality and prepared for just this set of circumstances. Over the past year I have; purchased, upgraded, trained and trained and trained a speech-to-text program in preparation for the time when (it comes) I have lost most of my use of my hands. I may not be able to; feed myself, dress myself, or engage in the most fundamental personal hygiene… but I have so prepared that come the day I am without the abilities listed above? I will still be ready and able to write and publish articles for The Other Shoe.


This blog, you all (My Dear Readers), my followers via Facebook, my friends all around the world, my family and all those that will come to know me once I am published mean the world to me. It is my goal, my desire and my promise that if I am breathing and still capable of cogent thought? I will still write for you!


Having said, let is get back on topic. This is a review of the articles I was capable of publishing this the week of my four hundredth article published and the four year anniversary of The Other Shoe. It is my hope that upon the Fifth year anniversary that I will have; bumper stickers, note pads and even T-shirts produced to celebrate. Honestly, I have envisioned doing just that for this anniversary. Circumstances conspired so that I was completely without the financial ability to engage in the frivolity and so mark this anniversary. I really hope that I can make it work, next year.


Including this article, I have published nine articles this week. That is quite an accomplishment, when you consider my declining health and all of the work I put into preparing for Allen’s legal hearing on Friday. (FYI if you did not read earlier? Allen and I nailed the hearing in Friday. Between my intense preparation and the complete lack of preparation by the opposing side, we nailed it! Winning the hearing and removing a $15,000.00 potential judgment against Allen! That was a heavy lift for me… considering my current health and physical limitations). I am quite pleased that Allen and I worked together flawlessly and reversed a lower court’s decision that would have left Allen owning $15,000.00. We do not have the means to pay such a judgment, so this would have followed Allen for years if not decades.


Well, now that you all are updated on the events of my RL (real life)? Without further adieu I bring you ‘A Week in Review’ for this the week of my (our) Fourth Year and Four Hundredth article. ENJOY!


  • Sunday Funnies – March 16th, 2014 : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. If it is Sunday, then it is time for ‘Sunday Funnies! Yesterday I published A Week in Review – March 15th, 2014 thus bringing my total number of articles published to six. With this publication I have (in spite of continuing fevers and some kind of sludge in my lungs) managed to publish seven articles in seven days. I started a new series about ‘The Deep Web’, continued my foray into the horror genre with the publication of Part Two of ‘The Horror in Smithville’, and published a short homage to Pope Francis on the anniversary of his inauguration one year ago this week.” It is not every week that I manage to capture Alexander on video, doing something cure or funny. Alexander does ‘do’ something nearly every day that is; cute, funny or memorable. Just over the past three weeks, Alexander has developed a new little habit. ‘Fancy Rats’ really like to be clean. It is for this reason that I bathe my rats each and every week. If I miss a week… if Alexander is left dirty for longer than a week he gets upset, then depressed. He will get sullen, eat less, mope around and even not eat. Now, Alexander has ‘picked up’ a new cleaning habit. When his little front paws get dirty, end up getting gravy on them or ice cream or something sticky like honey… get this! He cleans his hands! That’s right; he takes his little front paws and rubs them against my comforter, or a paper towel or a towel! He just grabs the comforter (or hand towel) in his little front paws and then rubs them together! He will rub his hands down on the comforter or paper towel until they are clean! I have never seen one of my rats do this before. This is a very new ‘learned behavior’ by Alexander! I am working to get it on video, and as soon as I do? I will post it on You Tube and it WILL appear on ‘Sunday Funnies’… he washes his hands! Incredible…
  • FREE MONEY! (Bet THAT got your Attention): “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. I had finished with writing for today, and for this week, honest! When it suddenly occurred to me that I was totally remiss in sharing, with you My Dear Readers, some ‘Good News’! See as tomorrow will be Monday, and likely many of you will not revisit my site until later in the week, if not until the weekend. I did not want to put everyone a whole week behind in getting money you deserve.”Since I served as the Senior Editor for Computing technology and the internet (I had three writer under me), I developed the habit of checking out sources for the newest information on computing technology. This week I found out about a Class Action lawsuit involving DRAM. In this article I pass along this information so that you, My Dear Readers, can take advantage of this information and join the lawsuit. Just today I discovered similar information about a class action lawsuit involving Pentium 4 computers sold between 2000 and 2002. Later today I will publish this information for your use, too. ENJOY!
  • ·        Celebrating Four Years and Four Hundred Articles! : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Yes! You read the title of this article correct. This article, the one that you are reading right now, is my 399th article published here at The Other Shoe.For My Dear Readers at Word Press that total is 301! Further, as of this Saturday we mark the four-year anniversary of The Other Shoe here at Blog.com. Four years, and four hundred articles with both milestones met within days of each other. Some might think that I had it all planned out this way, I wish I possessed such abilities. This is merely a fortuitous event, happenstance not deliberate.” With this article I start the celebration of the publication of my Four Hundredth article and my Four YEARS publishing right here at The Other Shoe. Honestly, it is the exception not the rule for a blogger to publish for four years and over four hundred articles. I have checked at both my locations and the forums clearly state my accomplishment is unique. As well, I am unique in that my publish articles over an array of subjects with which I am educated or familiar. My Dear Readers, it is you who benefit from the unique nature of this blog, and my education. I have every intent to publish four MORE years, and four after that and so on and so on. I hope that you, My Dear Readers, keep coming back year after year. My greatest wish at this time) is for me to expand my readership! I would like to reach out to more and more people, from all over the world! This is not done out of hubris or vanity, this is done out of a deep desire to inform and entertain the largest number of people possible. I want it, because I care… deeply.
  • ·        400th Article Here at The Other Shoe! : “I welcome this milestone in my publishing/writing career at this time. I have just taken a dive into the horror genre, here at The Other Shoe, with the publication of ‘The Horror in Smithville’. My Dear Readers, you are most likely unawares that I am writing this horror story ‘on-the-fly’. Yes, I have written the essential sentence. From this sentence I build out, like a flower. I have my plot sentence, names of characters, list of locations, plot points, and all of the essential bones and organs. However, unlike anything I have ever written, or published at either The Other Shoe? This horror story is read by you, My Dear Readers, as I write it. You are seeing this story the same day that I am writing.” This is the 400th article published (by me) here at The Other Shoe, and Part One of the series of review articles. It is neither pride nor hubris that you hear in my voice, My Dear Readers. I am humbled. Humbled by your; ‘Likes’, ‘Shares’, comments and attendance. When I was a teenager and (later) as a young man, hundreds then thousands of people attended plays I performed. I was one of many, in the cast. However, the majority of these plays I was fortunate enough to be cast as the lead. At the end of every single performance the audience would come to their feet and I was engulfed with wave after wave of applause. Again, then as now it was not pride or hubris that I felt when a crowd of a thousand or more would engage in a standing ovation. I was humbled by their adoration. I may have been the lead, but I was but a single part of the experience that brought these fine people to their feet. Without all of the other players, I would have just been a man standing alone on a stage… nothing more. Without you, My Dear Readers, I am nothing more than a man with a gift with words.
  • ·        400th Article at The Other Shoe – Part Two : “You see, inequality is not just about serving the least among us. It ripples throughout our economy, our scientific infrastructure, and hampers potential. This is the point that most Americans fail to understand, yet I do not blame my fellow Americans. There is an old saying in information technology; ‘Garbage in, garbage out.”
  • ·        Meaning; that if all you input is ‘garbage’; rhetoric, hyperbole, bigotry, prejudice, dividing tactics, and falsehoods created out of whole cloth meant merely to serve momentary political and/or social gains? The resulting output of that given society is ‘garbage’; garbage technology, a poorly educated work force, a society bent on creating division where none exists, and an under performing scientific community and industrial infrastructure. It is as simple and 2 + 2 = 4.” With this article I review several of my publications with a common theme, inequality. However, I am not just talking about financial inequality. This inequality, that is harming our nation and our population, is not limited to merely financial means. It is the inequality of opportunity, the inequality in; education, health care, childcare, vision and more and more aspects of day-to-day life every day. In this article I begin to try to explain… show you, My Dear Readers, how inequality hampers our economy. The inequality America currently experiences ripples out and infects all aspects of modern life. The fact that American students now rate in 25th in math, 35th in science and 50th in language skills is a direct result of this inequality. The concentration of wealth, in America, to the hands of 1% of the population results greatly diminished capabilities of the vast majority of our population. Capabilities to educate, research and develop new ideas and new technology. Did you know that the person that invented “Post-Its’ was not a scientist, just another secretary with an idea and the means to bring her idea to fruition. My Dear Readers, when we strangle the majority of Americans for the gain of the few, we strangle our society, our technology, our economy and our ingenuity. We are on an unsustainable path, for our nation and our people. I will be writing more on this topic… and will continue to work as hard as I can to refine my talking points and improve my ability to communicate these grave concerns. Thank you.
  • ·        400th Article at The Other Shoe – Part Three : “The last edition of this series focused on articles dealing with financial inequality that I have published here at The Other Shoe. Today, I am going to focus on the other type of series I published. PC Gaming is one of the few joys remaining in my life. Aside, of course, for the joy I experience writing and publishing my work. Gaming has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. PC Gaming combined two of my great loves; computers and gaming.” Now, My Dear Readers, I am not going to ‘end inequality’ or ‘change the political dynamic in America’ by writing about MMORPGs. However, I enjoy Pc Gaming and Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games in particular. I enjoy playing them (when I can afford to do so) and I enjoy writing about these game, too. As well, publishing articles about MMORPGs drives traffic. Each, and every, time I publish an article about; World of Warcraft, Rift, Star Trek Online or any of the other famous MMORPGs I see a spike in traffic to my blog. Therefore, I have many good reasons to write and publish about these games, and I think that you, My Dear Readers, enjoy these articles, too. Next week I will be writing and publishing a ‘Sneak Peak’ at a upcoming MMORPG by ‘Zenimax’ and ‘Betheda’, ‘The Elder Scrolls’ ONLINE! They are taking the very popular and financially successful game series ‘The Elder Scrolls’ and turning it into an Online persistent world, and MMORPG. ENJOY!
  • ·        The ‘Putin-Love’ Syndrome of the Far Right : “That even, unwitting, detrimental remarks made to make some Republican ‘look better’ via schadenfreude directed at our sitting President. All too often, intelligent citizens of our foreign allies are taken aback by the overt and (even) sophomoric taunts and insults. They do not understand how any Americans could actually take sides against our sitting President by favoring (what Putin is predominately seen as) a violator of human rights, invader of sovereign nations, and someone seeking to bring back the U.S.S.R. in the 21st century. We Americans must exercise greater caution. WE must put aside the sophomoric tactics, shutdown the hyper-partisanship and act/speak/think with putting our nation’s best interests first.” My Dear Readers, it is not often that I ‘take the gloves off’ and jump into a subject feet first (so to speak). However, damage to America’s international affairs and flattery to an ambitious to Russian President. The damage done has left President Putin with the inflated ego resulting in an attack by Russian troops. You see it has become apparent that grossly irresponsible actions, and rhetoric designed to insult President Obama, has created an atmosphere conducive to Russian expansionism. In 1917 Senator Vandenberg (Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) made an assertion that definded foreign relations for two generations. “Partisan politics stops at the water’s edge.” Meaning that engaging in partisan politics, when it comes to foreign relations and incidents like what is happening in the Ukraine, can do grievous harm. Harm to America’s image around the world. Harm to the ability of our Secretary of Sate and President to engage international leaders in a meaningful way. Harm to OFFICE of President of the United States that can give (say the leader of Russia) motivation to engage in ‘land grabbing’. While the anchors and reporters for fox news have showered President Putin with (unearned) compliments .In the same breath they insult OUR President (and by extension the Office of President) all for a few laughs and momentary political and social gain. They do genuine and long lasting harm to America’s ability to command respect on the world stage. Where this ilk engage in sophomoric taunts and insults they do not realize that there actions have serious results. It is not that President Obama is seen as weak by President Putin, that is not the case. The reality is that many leaders see the vast division (created by this ilk) in Americans and in one party, and they seek to take advantage of this discord and a dysfunctional House of Representatives. This is evident in history, and even in 1917 people understood the importance of not attacking a sitting President past “the water’s edge”! WHY is it that this ilk, the anchors, the reporters, the hosts seek personal gain from damaging America’s standing in the world community? I can explain why! When NOBODY, in their party, held them to task for placing the Republican party AHEAD of the COUNTRY they set today’s circumstance in place. When NO Republican; leader, contributor, Speaker, Chairperson or ‘talking head’ reprimanded the terrible injustice of putting party ahead of country they empowered these individuals to do further and more heinous damage. Damage, now, to our international standing by glamorizing President Putin for “wrestling bears and tigers…” while demeaning President Obama (with sophomoric taunts like) he wears ‘Mom-Pants’ (whatever the heck that is).I do not believe that these anchors and hosts do this on purpose. Meaning, I honestly do not believe that they understand the far-reaching effects and damage their sophomoric taunts and schoolyard insults do. It is my belief that they are not willingly placing roadblocks to peace. That they do not understand that, by insulting President Obama (and by extension the OFFICE of PRESIDENT), their actions can have damning international effects .They do not posses the critical thinking skills necessary to extrapolate cause – effect. However, IF they acted as MATURE news people, they would not have empowered Putin. That  IF they had just HEEDED the words of Vanderbuilt and “Stopped Partisan politics at the water’s edge” President Putin would NOT be able to take advantage of the situation and environment their sophomoric taunts and insults have created.  They are just in ‘over-their-heads’ and evidently there is nobody above them that cares enough about our nation to rein this idiocy in. I saw that history WILL JUDGE this party, these anchors and hosts, and that network very harshly and lay squarely in their lap the blame for all the deaths. That is what differed in this article than any I have written before. ENJOY!
  • ·        FOUR YEARS here at The Other Shoe! : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today is a very special occasion for today we mark the Four Year Anniversary here at The Other Shoe. It was on March 22nd, 2010 that I wrote and published my very first article here at The Other Shoe. It wasn’t a very long article, barely two paragraphs. However, many great things came from such small beginnings.” It is from small beginnings that I hope to build. Build a business of writing and publishing. A business that expands and flourishes and gives the means for Allen and myself to live comfortably. That is my desire, and that is my goal. Each and every day I work to write, and publish. Every month I try new things. I try; new subjects new stories, new genre, new writing mechanisms and new means. Along the way I hope to entertain… and sometimes to enlighten and/or educate. I want to do this standing beside you,


 My Dear Readers. I do not ‘see’ myself…, like, ‘above’ ANYONE. I want to share to improve, write to entertain, and publish to together move forward and upward! Today, we come to the end of the first FOUR years. I do so deeply hope that you have enjoyed our journey, so far. I do so deeply hope that you decide to move forward and upward with me. To continue the journey we set out on four years ago, today. I have SO much more to share. So much more to write, to publish and to hopefully one day get published!


I understand that I have a long journey ahead, still. I understand that I have a great deal to learn about; writing, grammar, plot development, novelization and publication. However, I also understand that I am not doing this alone. I am not alone, so long as you, My Dear Readers, are there reading my work. I promise to never judge you, never insult you, never demean you, never make you (too) uncomfortable… without there being a good ‘plot related’ reason for what I do.


I know and understand that, in some of my political and international writings… I differ from some of my readers in the south. You simply must see, and understand that I am not insulting I am adamant about my position and that I have history and perspective at my side. There is no ‘right or wrong’, there is only ‘Wrong headed’ and ‘Conviction of my beliefs’. Although, if some choose to ‘wear your emotions on your shirt sleeves’… I fear that you might lead yourself to believe you have been wronged… when nothing of the kind has happened.


This is the real world, there are sharp edges and even sharper contrasts. Try to not take things personally and this World Wide Web will be a lot more enjoyable and a lot less scary. I have been seasoned by nearly two decades of writing, debating and publishing on the web. I first started in 1989, and became deeply involved in web publication and debate in 1995. This leaves me a little like Clint Eastwood in ‘Dirty Harry’.


I am seasoned by rough trade, but my heart is in the right place and I end up fighting for right… not might. Keep that in mind, and the fact that I am a man with deeply held beliefs, the conviction of those beliefs and the courage that comes with that conviction. Do that, and we will get along famously. I look forward to four hundred more articles. I look forward to FOUR MORE YEARS! (Sounds like I just got elected for something, eh?)


As always I am deeply honored that you come here and read my work.


Thank YOU!


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The Other Shoe's Daniel Hanning

The Other Shoe’s Daniel Hanning 2/2014


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I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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