400th Article Here at The Other Shoe!


Daniel Hanning of The Other Shoe

Daniel Hanning of The Other Shoe


Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today March 19th, 2014 I am happy to announce that this article is my 400th article here @ The Other Shoe (@ Blog.com). Now, I have reached the 400 mark for my primary blog (location) @ blog.com. I will be posting this article at both my blog locations. This article will mark my 302rd article at Word Press. Once I reach 350 at the secondary location (at Word Press) I will be marking, and celebrating, that publishing milestone, too. My Dear Readers, I have been pretty darn sick for the past six weeks.


I feel better for a week, or so, then my fever skyrockets again and I feel poorly. This cycle has plagued me now for the past six to eight weeks. This week I have to take time out to help Allen with a legal matter. I will be gone all day Friday, and there is a great deal of preparation that I have to undertake throughout this week, starting later today. Monday I foresaw these upcoming anniversaries, yet my health kept me bedridden. Today, I awoke to no fever and a strong desire to write and publish. Though I have not published them all, today, since I woke up at 5AM I have written and finished three articles.


So involved in these anniversaries I have been completely remiss in reporting the actual FIRST DEATH in the conflict in the Ukraine. On Sunday, for the very first time since 1945, one European country has annexed land in another country. Crimea has been annexed into Russia. This is a violation of United Nations sanctions, at least ONE NATO treaty and brought about the ire of the new leadership of the Ukraine. President Obama has spoken out against the move by Russia, and vowed further action by the United States and the United Nations for the Ukraine.


So busy, I have been, working to prepare as much content for these anniversaries, that this development has taken a backseat to my celebration. If I manage to carve out enough time, later this week, I really hope to write further about this grave development and harmful action to the peace of the European Union. Now, back to the advent of THIS my 400th Article @ The Other Shoe!


I welcome this milestone in my publishing/writing career at this time. I have just taken a dive into the horror genre, here at The Other Shoe, with the publication of ‘The Horror in Smithville’. My Dear Readers, you are most likely unawares that I am writing this horror story ‘on-the-fly’. Yes, I have written the essential sentence. From this sentence I build out, like a flower. I have my plot sentence, names of characters, list of locations, plot points, and all of the essential bones and organs. However, unlike anything I have ever written, or published at either The Other Shoe? This horror story is read by you, My Dear Readers, as I write it. You are seeing this story the same day that I am writing.


This is a major experiment for a writer’s point of view, and… so far? It is a resounding success! I have received over FIFTY ‘Likes’ for Part One, and a growing number for Part Two. My Dear Readers, you are registering your delight with this new experiment and my first venture into the horror genre. Thank YOU!

When I write, I write from the heart. I read a substantial amount of resource material prior to even naming an article. I do my level best to find out both sides of the issue I plan on writing. If you look at the bottom of any of the political works I publish? You will see a listing of all the resource articles and materials I have used to bring my opinion to fruition.


I do my best to use materials from, what other people may consider, both ‘Liberal’ and ‘Conservative’ sources. That we do not always agree? Is a good sign of a healthy dialogue. How boring would it be, to only keep company with people that say the same thing as I do. That we ‘see’ every news worthy event the ‘same’? To go through life in complete conformity and in lock-step unison would be to deprive myself and you, My Dear Readers, of the spice in life.


Now on with this wonderful celebration of FOUR hundred articles published right here at The Other Shoe. My very first article was quite simple in its title and its content. Here is the very first article published by me here at The Other Shoe.


  • Welcome to The Other Shoe : “My name is      Daniel and today is the first day of this blog. Over the coming; days,      weeks, months (and hopefully) years I hope to share my view on current      political and social events and news. I will be the first to admit that I      a dyed-in-the-wool ‘Liberal’ American. I started voting in Pearland Texas      in 1975 by pulling the straight Democratic ticket lever in the mechanical      voting machines that were used in South East Texas at the time. I am not      adamantly against Republicans or (reasonable) Conservative ideals, I just      think that they generally work for the few, not the many.” You      see? From the very beginning I have been; honest, forthright, and genuine      in everything I write and publish. I did not lie about how I voted      in my first election. Nor did I try to confuse My Dear Readers by      capitalizing off of my eventual political growth into a ‘Reagan-Democrat’.      I kept, and keep, my work as simple and as genuinely honest as I can. This      is how it all began, back in March 22nd, 2010. now we      are nearly four years later, and 350 articles since this very first one.     


Next, My Dear Readers, is my seventh article. In this article I prove that I am not some lackey for the Democrat party and also show that not everything the Republican Party tells its base, is true. This article is a prime example of the integrity and honesty in writing that I work everyday to achieve.


  • The Truth about the      ‘Individual Mandate’ : “Having said, I must be honest, I never agreed      with the Individual Mandate. Even when it was first proposed in 1993. For      those of you that were not paying attention in 1993, or just tuned into      politics since the last election,we can thank Senator Orin Hatch and      Senator Chuck Grassley for the first introduction of the ‘Individual      Mandate’ that has ruffled so many feathers with the Republican party, and      Tea Partiers. That’s right, two Republican Senators first introduced the      wonderful Individual Mandate in 1993 and hear you have been told that this      is some ‘Left Wing Conspiracy’ to ‘take over’ health care and destroy individual      rights.” See, right there I am enlightening and explaining to my      Republican readers that they are being mislead. Mislead by the ‘Talking      Heads’ into believing that the ‘Individual Mandate’ is a Democrat idea,      when the FACTS bear out that it was (originally in 1993) created by the      Heritage Society and offered up by TWO Republican Senators and the      Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich! I was working to dispel      falsehoods, and if you read further… I do even MORE. I tell you, My      Dear Readers, that I do not agree with Democrats in including the      ‘Individual Mandate’ and that I ”hope they throw it out”. It was only my      seventh article and already I was setting a tone of honesty and      honor in publication that is (today) rarely seen.


I am very proud of those original articles. Early on I was setting a tone and raising the bar of journalistic integrity. I refused to merely kowtow to Democrats and lambaste Republicans. I had a deep desire to treat, My Dear Readers, with honesty and integrity from the onset. I knew then, as I know now, that I could have a larger readership… and even make money, if I would just go for the extreme of one side of the political debate or the other. I could plainly see how quickly Fox News was growing and just how much MORE Rush was making each and every time he renegotiated his contract.


My Dear Readers this brings us to the end of Part One of my 400th article here at The Other Shoe. Now, for a moment of embarrassing honesty by your truly. As I explained I ‘saw’ this culmination of 400 articles and FOUR YEARS coming as far back as February. I has so wanted to… offer… something for you, My Dear Readers, to mark this pivotal anniversary. I had contacted a printer, regarding printing; bumper stickers, pens, note pads, or T-Shirts with a logo and noting the Four Year 400 Article milestone for myself and this wonderful blog.


My Dear Readers, I would like to extend my deep and heartfelt apology! I sincerely apologize that I was completely unable to scrape together enough funds for the purchase of any of these items for me to share with you, My Dear Readers. I have produced a logo, picked out font and wording and even a rudimentary design for a T-Shirt, bumper sticker, or pen for use as a celebratory gift for this anniversary. I deeply felt that I wanted to share, with at least a handful of you, My Dear Readers. I know that I have regulars. A very few of you I know who you are. A couple of you… have even reached out and helped put food on my table! I wanted to return your kindness and mark/share this anniversary with you. I apologize that I was unable to make this happen. Once rent was paid, and my cell phone bill… I only had enough money for one week’s food.


So, I wanted to offer some neat little nick-nack to mail to a few of you… to mark this Four year, 400 article milestone here at The Other Shoe. Please accept my apology. I hope that you understand… and that the knowledge that I genuinely wanted to share in this anniversary and mark (that was the whole idea behind the pen idea… to ‘mark’ the occasion… hehehe) this shared anniversary.


I look forward to the continuation of this series, and I look forward to you input and support.


As always I am deeply honored that you come here and read my work.


Thank YOU!


The Other Shoe eBay Store

The Other Shoe eBay Store



The Other Shoe's Daniel Hanning

The Other Shoe’s Daniel Hanning 2/2014

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