Trouble in the Ukraine – Part Four


Crimea Close-Up

Crimea Close-Up


                Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. As promised here is the most recent information on the Ukraine. In an obvious reaction to President Obama’s public statements that


        “President Putin is on the wrong side of history”[1]


along with growing pressure from the international community and the majority of the G20 leaders, President Putin has blinked. The world is still awash in mixed messages, and in that regard President Putin is creating other (more personal) concerns… that I will address towards the end of this article. However, Tuesdya’s military actions is clear.


        “The supreme commander of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, gave the order for the troops and units, taking part in the military exercises, to return to their bases,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was quoted as saying…”[2]


Prior to Tuesday’s order, there were close to 150,000 Russian troops, military vehicles and support services along the border of the Ukraine. These troops were, supposedly, part of military maneuvers that curiously coincided with Russia’s Upper House of Parliament voting to give President Putin the authority to use troops and military hardware as he desired without outlining where of why first. Even as President Putin is ordering the troops to leave the border areas, he was still engaged in false bravado in front of the press.


This dichotomy, between President Putin’s words and his actions, are causing growing concerns regarding his sanity. It is obvious that President Putin is concerned about the shrinking landmass of the Russian state, and with it the loss of stature in the international community. In 2008, when the country Georgia moved to separate from the Russian nation, President Putin engaged with military troops, too. This is a troubling pattern of behavior, on the part of the Russian President.


Regardless of President Obama’s (many and vocal) detractors, it is obvious that the words and actions of our current President (and his working international leaders) has made huge inroads. Inroads towards dissipating this crisis in the Ukraine, and forcing President Putin’s hand towards removing troops from the Ukrainian border areas. As well, even though President Putin is still barking in his comments to the press, he has walked back earlier comments saying the new government of the Ukraine was ;


        ““an anti-constitutional coup and a military seizure of power” in Kiev had led to a situation inside Ukraine that was chaotic and out of control…”


        “We see the revelry of neo-Nazis, nationalists and anti-Semites that is currently going on in different parts of Ukraine,” Putin said.”[3]


The dialogue has toned down considerably since the earlier remarks. Even the voice of the far right, Fox ‘News’, is reporting that these comments are proven false and that President Putin’s actions are not in the best interests of Russia and the Russian people.


We are far from having the results most Americans, and most of the international community, want to see. Yet, the dynamics have changed, as has the direction of the inertia in this conflict. I sincerely hope that in the coming weeks, I will be able to report that Russia has removed all troops and that the people of the Ukraine are moving towards membership in the European Union.


 As I have promised, I will continue to work towards bring you, My Dear Readers, timely and truthful updates to the situation in the Ukraine.


As always I am deeply honored that you come here and read my work.


Thank YOU!


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