Trouble in the Ukraine – Part Five


Map of the Ukraine

Map of the Ukraine


                    Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today, in Paris, leaders from the European Union, the United States, Russia and the Ukraine meet to tamp down mounting tensions and rhetoric. The European Union has prepared an aid package worth $15 billion dollars, to help replace funds looted from the Ukrainian treasury, shortly before the corrupt leaders were ousted.


        “the EU froze the assets of 18 people held responsible for misappropriating state funds in Ukraine, echoing similar action in Switzerland and Austria. The list, which likely targeted officials in the ousted government or businessmen related to them, were withheld until Thursday to prevent anyone from withdrawing the funds at the last minute.”[1]


You see, My Dear Readers, which is not something I have heard reported much in the mainstream media, and not at all on Fox. The Ukrainian people revolted against their government because of deep corruption that included, but was not limited to, the theft of funds from the Ukrainian treasury by elected officials. These funds were taken by elected officials and, in certain instances, given to prominent businessmen within the Ukraine. The corruption and theft was, evidently, rampant prior to the start of the protests.


I cannot help but think that if this happened here in America… if elected officials were found to be defrauding the United States Treasury (not just the run of the mill pork) that, we too, as Americans would rise up against said elected officials and any businessmen that were involved. Contrary to the hyperbolic rhetoric proffered as fact was President Putin, the revolutionaries were not “Neo-Nazis” or anti-Semites”. Rather these stalwart Ukrainians were working together to take back their government from corrupt elected officials and businessmen.


As well, today saw the United States working to bring $1 billion dollars of aid to the new Ukrainian government. President Putin has backed away from his initial position and sent orders to troops, in the border areas of the Ukraine, to return to their bases. While Russian President Putin still seeks to make hay over change in government in the Ukraine, calmer heads will prevail.


        “”This is my first trip to such an important venue where the Ukrainian future, maybe the future of the region, will be decided,” Andriy Deshchytsia, Ukraine’s foreign minister, said of the meetings in Paris. “We want to keep neighborly relations with the Russian people. We want to settle this peacefully.”[2]  


America’s Secretary of State, John Kerry, is attending the talks in Paris, today.  Today NATO (the North American Treaty Organization) engaged Russia directly.


        “NATO was taking up the issue directly with Russia in an extraordinary meeting in Brussels of the military alliance, originally created as a counterbalance to the Soviet Union.”[3]


Whereas I have no doubt that certain elements of American media, and their counterparts in the American government, will seek to continue to spin the problems in the Ukraine into fodder… red meat for the base, the truth of the matter is that calmer heads will prevail. President Putin will, likely, still feed his press with red meat and grouse and grumble at the loss of the Ukraine to the European Union. At this time, the die seems cast.


The Iron Curtain is lifting from the Ukraine, and the international community gets a new democratic member. The people of the Ukraine will gain self-governance, and work to replace funds stolen from their treasury. Barring any unseen powder-keg in this situation I expect that all elements involved will work towards a peaceful resolution of this conflict. This is a victory for reasoned debate and further evidence that mankind does posses the ability to peaceably resolve our conflicts.


I will bring any change or escalation of this conflict to you, My Dear Readers, just as soon as possible. Now, I hope to get back to writing about; American politics, The Mars Report, and my introductory horror article.


As always I am deeply honored that you come here and read my work.


Thank YOU!


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