A Week in Review – February 15th, 2014


Daniel Hanning of The Other Shoe

Daniel Hanning of The Other Shoe


            Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. With the coming of the weekend, and Saturday, comes ‘A Week in Review’ at The Other Shoe. For everyone that is just too darn busy to get around and read my blog, during the week. Every single weekend I publish this article, to help you get caught up. You will find here, all in one place, links and excerpts from all my published work over the past seven days.


This, the second full week of the month of February, has found me quite busy. I have, working through pain in my neck and arms as well as the pain and light headedness that accompanies the lack of food, managed to publish another seven articles in seven days. If I am not very much mistaken this makes the forth week, in a row, that I have managed to publish seven or more articles in seven days.


If my pain were used as a measure, then yes this is the forth week in a row at this pace. Think of it, in just under a month I have published another twenty-eight articles here at The Other Shoe. A sustained pace, like that, through out a year could nearly double my measure of articles in just one year! However, it is not the number of articles that should be the measure of a good author. No, rather, it should be the quality of those works. If ‘Like’s be the measure of the quality of my works, then I am not only prolific I am proficient, too.


In just one week I have; written a scientific work about an insanely persistent ridge of high pressure, concluded a week long celebration of my 350th publication, revisited an article about a collection I own, delved into the impermanent nature of Republican politics, and shared images from our sister planet Mars. I topped off that litany of varying works with a very personal piece, sharing more of my childhood via a memory of a Valentine’s Day of great importance. I do not often share memories, or occurrences, from my past. In that regard I am quite tight-lipped and hold my cards close to my chest.


It is not out of shame, nor do I have anything to hide. I am just not the kind of guy that goes around sharing family remembrances or tales from my childhood. Ask anyone that I grew up with, or went to high school. I am quite gregarious and love telling a good tale, I am just quite guarded when it comes to family. Recently, when I was writing and publishing ‘The Story of Daniel’ I found out, much to my surprise, that I had never really talked about my father with any of my friends. I am certainly not ashamed of my father. Quite the contrary, my father is a great source of pride for me. He was a man from humble beginnings, short on education early in life. That made good in his adult years and accomplished more than most men of his time. Like his son, Danny, he was an autodidact, and could teach himself with out the aid of others, just be reading and researching material on a subject.


That is how I learned; HTML, DOS, computer repair, software coding, and computer hardware repair and upgrades just to name a few. I am very proud that I share this ability with my father. However, it was not my father that I wrote about this week here at The Other Shoe. No, it was his father that took the stage in one article published this week.


That makes for a very nice segway into the meat of the matter. So, now without further adieu I bring you ‘A Week in Review’!


  • ·        Sunday Funnies – February 9th, 2014 : “Just like a dog or a cat, Alexander is playing ‘Tug-of-War’ with me. He is a set of ‘Dog Tags’ that came with some PC FPS game, ‘War Rocks’. That somehow I have managed to keep these fake dog tags over the years. Alexander wants to play with these dog tags. Now, in all the years I have owned rats, and ‘Fancy Rats’ I have never encountered one that actually plays.” Now, this is not a “Stop the presses” moment, and then again it is out of the ordinary. This week’s ‘Sunday Funnies’ showcased Alexander R Hanning PLAYING ‘Tug-of-War’ with his father, Danny. I had a little pseudo-dog tag necklace, and I was dragging one end on the bed. Alex came running after it, grabbed it in his teeth and started pulling. Like a puppy with a sock, suddenly Alexander and I were engaged in a tug-of-war! All of my rats have played to one extent or another. They play ‘Hide-and-Seek’ with my hands, ‘Peak-a-Boo’, and other games that small human children would play. However, this was the very first time that any rat I owned played with an object, and the first time a rat played for an extended period. This shows two things; an extended ability to concentrate on a single task and the ability to ‘see’ an object as a ‘play toy’. These are the signs of a developing higher consciousness, being self-aware. Seeing himself as a living entity and that he and I can have, and cause, effect on our environments and the objects therein. Surprise, surprise, ‘Fancy Rats’ are evolving. Just like humans, before, they are eating what we do and the brains are evolving. It is like ‘Planet of the Apes’ only with rats!
  • ·        The Great Californian Exodus : “California was a desert. Let me say that again, the area we now call California was a desert. In just the past millennium (actually dating back to 850 AD) California has experienced; one drought that lasted two-hundred-forty years (240) followed, just fifty-years (50) later by another drought lasting one-hundred eighty years! A little quick math will tell you that in a single period of four-hundred-seventy (470) years the area known as California spent four-hundred-twenty (420) in drought! “ Looking back on this article, I have only one regret. That I did not put the word ‘Drought’ in the title. If I had, searching on Google would have brought a LOT of traffic (much needed traffic) to my blog this week. Otherwise, I am pretty darn happy with this article, all in all. Not many people are/were talking about this insanely persistent ridge of high pressure when I published this article. Now, more and more people and media outlets are getting in on the action. FYI Since the publication of this article the ridge of high pressure has not moved. The drought conditions, here in California, are worsening. With every wildfire we are forced to use much needed water to put out fires. If the forecast models are correct, for later this year, we could be looking at a record number of wildfires. California does not have the water to fight these wildfires. If left unchecked, this year’s wildfires could scorch substantial swaths of land and do billions of dollars worth of property damage. As I indicated in the article, I am keeping tabs on this situation and I will keep you, My Dear Readers, up to date. I will do my best to share pictures of any wildfires and keep a running total of land damaged by fires and property values, too.
  • ·        Disneyland 50th Anniversary Annual Passholders Plates and Pins : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today I am making a departure from my usual faire, and format. Necessity dictates that I push the limits of my creativity, and what I am willing to part with… in order to pay rent, and perhaps to keep my cellular phone. I am posting this article, again, and the items for sale at eBay in hopes of doing just that, pay my rent and keep my cell phone. I am not greedy, nor is my heart filled with avarice. To merely desire three meals in a given day, instead of the one. That is not greed. To desire to keep one’s only means of communication, with which to find solace of the soul by talking with long lost friends. Surely this is not greed?” This article was originally written and published during, and as a part of, my Indiegogo campaign to raise money for my power chair. Thankfully, I was able to raise the much needed funds without selling these highly valued personal items. Since the day these plates and pins were brought into my home, I have dreamed of the day I would be able to showcase them in a China cabinet or the like. The desert plates are a sight to behold. Gold trim along the edges and made of fine China. Each design was taken from attributes of the park or from movies. There is a “Blue Fairy’ plate, a tribute to the Blue Fairy in ‘Pinocchio’. As well, there is a ‘Tinker Bell’ plate as a tribute to Tinker Bell from ‘Peter Pan’. My Dear Readers, I cannot tell you the sadness and personal pain I feel having to relinquish these items without ever having fully enjoyed. I never had a chance to see them in a China cabinet… proudly displayed for all to see and enjoy. I am sorry… but this time period… in my life… is the saddest and most difficult… ever.
  • ·        350th Article at The Other Shoe – Conclusion : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today I am here to culminate my celebration of the publication of Three Hundred-Fifty articles published at The Other Shoe. I am deeply moved by the huge number of ‘Likes’ the five parts of this series received. Not since my publication of ‘The Story of Daniel’ and my first publications of ‘The Mars Report’ have I seen traffic this brisk, and enjoyment this marked. I work tirelessly, each and every week, on the publications here at The Other Shoe. Most times I work having eaten little, for weeks at a time. Every day I write in spite of terrific pain. Regardless of my hunger and regardless of my pain I work because I value you, My Dear Readers, and I value your time and your consideration.” This article was a review of the five works that I wrote, and published, as homage to my first 350 articles published here at The Other Shoe. I have embedded links to the five articles and included an excerpt from each, too. At the end, of each of the five, I added some personal thoughts about that part. This whole 350th celebration gave me a chance to look back over my body of work, so far. My Dear Readers, I have come a long way. In the past four years I have improved my writing style, managed to greatly extend the length of my works and still keep my readers engaged, and I am most happy to announce that my readership is at an all time high. My work is read in fifty nations world wide. In jus the past year my traffic has exceed the previous year in number of visits, time spent reading, and expanded demographics. This is not only improved my self-esteem, it gives me evidence of the viability of my blog. Much needed information when I go to raise the needed funds, later this year… IF I manage to keep a roof over my head till then… when I register my own URL and take The Other Shoe out on its own. I have the readership, I have the material, I have the ability to create engaging content on a regular basis… I just need to stay alive.
  • ·        Will Republicans Overthrow the Speaker? : “That is why, now in the cloak rooms and hallways of the offices of the House of Representatives and the Senate, radical members of the Republican party are cloistered evaluating their chances of a coup d’etat of Speaker Boehner. From what I am reading, and hearing through the grape vine. The Club for Growth was the first of these Tea Party linked groups to put their feet in the water of a coup.” This was my only political work, this week. I might have managed to keep completely free of political works, this week. If not for the grumbling, of the fringe, of a coup d’etat by Republicans of their Speaker. Yes, I have some readers… that are greatly upset at my political writings. They tell me “You are not fair… because you do not point out all of President Obama’s failings…”… “You make fun of Republicans…” The later, is only half-truth. I need not “make fun” of Republicans, in that they are messing up so much so often that just reporting the facts… upsets the party loyal. I refuse to write about Benghazi for the simple fact that writing about it is ‘Beating a Dead Dog’. ALL of the investigations are OVER, and there is NO ‘smoking gun’. I refuse to give voice to the, many, failed ‘Witch Hunts’ of Rep. Issa. He has wasted more than enough money to feed all the starving children in all 50 states for three months. Out of all the investigations? Not once did he find corruption that lead to the President. That did not stop him from saying, at the beginning of each failed invertiagtion, “This is another Watergate” and “This will go right to the White House”. Am I the only person that actually read “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”?
  • The Mars Report – February 13, 2014 : “Well, we made it through the gap, and there was something different on the other side. However, before we get to the surprise for this edition, I want to share another discovery that Curiosity made since last we met. We all know that Curiosity is a rock hound, among other roles. Well, Curiosity has scored a great rock find, by the name of Harrison.” Well, I am happy to announce, “I did it!’ I  managed to string two editions back to back and continue where I left off, the week before. Like the cowboy serials of my childhood, when you came back to The Mars Report this week, we took up where we left off last week. Last week Curiosity was at the entrance to the ‘Dingo Gap’ and this week we catch up with Curiosity having passed through the ‘Dingo Gap’! Along the way Curiosity traversed its very first sand dune! That was a major teat and trial of the design and construction of the rover Curiosity, and it passed with flying colors. Not to give too much of the article away, IF you go and take a look you will se the first ‘movie’ from Mars! You have to see it to believe it, and your eyes. This was a great edition of The Mars Report. I am very happy that I rejoined the mission and started publishing the much loved series. .
  • A Valentine’s Day Tale : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today, Friday February 14th, 2014 is Valentine’s Day for most people here in America. However, today holds a different provenance, for yours truly. When I was a very young boy, I would guess I was six or seven. My paternal Grandfather was visiting our home, Cecil Hanning.” This article is not what you might expect, from a Valentine’s Day article. This is not a love story, nor is it a love letter. Honestly, this is a real departure for me, My Dear Readers. You all know that I do not write about… myself… much. I mentioned that fact in the introduction to this article. People had classes with me every year, all through high school, and still to this day do not understand me and treat me poorly because of that fact. This week I lost a friendship, which meant a lot to me. Obviously, it meant little of nothing at all to this person. Least they would not, TWICE, end the friendship without discussion of any kind and without warning. Looking at that from a distance… that is sophomoric, yes? In middle school and maybe up till the tenth grade, people would befriend and then de-friend as casual as changing one’s underwear. It is not until we get older and gain judgment and maturity that we end the practice of ‘Fair-Weather Friendships’, and the emotional harm they do. However, it was this sophomoric act that helped trigger a memory. Trigger a memory of my paternal grandfather’s telling of a tale of social consequence. If you want to know more, you will simply have to read the article.


That brings us to the end of the review part of this edition of ‘A Week in Review’. I have to tell you, each time I publish this article I feel a great deal of pride. One more week I have managed to publish enough work to merit the creation and publication of this article. That is a real accomplishment, and I find a sense of pride. I would like to thank all of those that have stood by me yet another week. In spite of, of due to, my foibles and shortcomings you keep coming. I have never, and will never, claim to be perfect. I am a man with the strength of his convictions, and the convictions of my beliefs. In modern day America, that is an ever increasing rare breed.


Another week of loss, and another week of gain. I lost a difficult friendship with a person that found solace in continuing to judge and correct me. However, earlier in this week I was reunited with one of my very best friends from high school. Bobby Duncan and I have managed to reconnect with the help of James Coate (take a bow, James). I am happy to know that Bobby is still a good friend, and that he and I have a chance at renewing and rebuilding a great friendship. I will make the efforts to reach out to him, and to help rekindle that friendship.


In closing, I am going to cut this short. My pain… it is getting worse, again. Yes, the new pain medication is/was helping a lot. That is until I took the relief and used it to push my writing and publishing… too far. Saturday and Sunday I will be resting. This article will automatically publish on Saturday. Sunday I will post links to this week’s best, and rest. I dislike belaboring a point. However, my lack of proper diet, due to a genuine lack of financial resources, is taking more of a toll on me. Physically and mentally, so much so that I fear I might not be able to write of publish… much next week.


I want to, and I have the ideas and the material and have already made outlines for several articles. I just cannot muster the strength and concentration. If I may? Please, consider purchasing one of my prized personal possessions at eBay. The link is below. Barring that… I am not above asking you, My Dear Readers, to please contribute to my PayPal account so that I might purchase food… I sincerely apologize for ending this terrific article with a plea for assistance. However, I cannot allow pride to stand between my needs… and your potential generosity.


Thank you. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your support. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for coming here and reading my work. Thank you!


As always I am deeply honored that you come here and read my work.


P.S. I am still without much food in my home. I do my best, honest I really do. I am not lying about how much money I make… I do not lie about the lack of food I suffer. I sincerely apologize for even mentioning this problem. However, it was a good friend that told me… “Danny, if you don’t tell people your needs… there is no way those that want to help, know when they CAN help.” I am asking for help. I have written in many articles how to help. One way is to click the link below to my eBay Store for The Other Shoe. Please… if you can… Please do help.
. [PayPal account is Daniel Hanning enzomatrix@earthlink.net all contributions are private and greatly appreciated Thank you]
.The Other Shoe eBay Store
The Other Shoe's Daniel Hanning

The Other Shoe’s Daniel Hanning



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I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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