Will Republicans Overthrow the Speaker?


Speaker Boehner Addresses Press Conference

Speaker Boehner Addressees Press Conference


            Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe.  Yes, My Dear Readers, you read that title correctly, elements of the Republican party are working behind the scenes to execute and overthrow of the Speakership. Evidently, many of the Tea Party Republicans, in both the House and Senate, are genuinely outraged over the ‘missed opportunity’ with the passage of the ‘Clean Raise of the Debt Ceiling’. For me, I believe this is Much Ado about Nothing and this clean bill is a sign of Congress working.


I completely disagree with the idea that, somehow, Republicans have missed an opportunity. The only opportunity that was missed, was one for; causing further damage to America’s credibility in the international community, risking yet another downgrade in our credit rating, and hampering the recovery of our stalled economy. Quite honestly, My Dear Readers, the decision to not ‘throw a money wrench into the machine’, like Senator Cruz did last time, is the mature and reasoned decision.


Every time this debt ceiling comes up for a vote, I am reminded of what Alan Greenspan said of the debt ceiling (‘Meet the Press’ April 2011)


            ““This is an unnecessary problem. The debt ceiling serves no useful purpose… All it’s doing is requiring belt and suspenders, and we’ve got lots of that type of legislation which is running around constitutionally.”[1]


Under every other President, prior to President Obama, the Debt Ceiling was seen as “Housekeeping Legislation” and was passed with nothing more than a by-line of the bottom of page 12 of the political section of the newspaper. It was/is a no-brainer. Congress is fully aware of what it spends as it passes legislation each year.  The debt ceiling is nothing more than another opportunity for political theater and, in my humble opinion, there is way too much theater on The Hill already. However, the Tea Party fringe, of the Republican party,  are never to be overlooked nor any chance for political theater missed.


That is why, now in the cloak rooms and hallways of the offices of the House of Representatives and the Senate, radical members of the Republican party are cloistered evaluating their chances of a coup d’etat of Speaker Boehner. From what I am reading, and hearing through the grape vine. The Club for Growth was the first of these Tea Party linked groups to put their feet in the water of a coup.


        “The Club For Growth got the ball rolling by proclaiming that something was wrong with the House leadership, “When we heard that House leadership was scheduling a clean debt ceiling increase, we thought it was a joke. But it’s not. Something is very wrong with House leadership, or with the Republican Party. This is not a bill that advocates of limited government should schedule or support.”[2]


[Back story – The ‘Club for Growth’  is a fiscally conservative 501(c)4 organization active in the United States of America, with an agenda focused on cutting taxes and other economic issues… founded in 1999 by Stephen Moore, Thomas L. “Dusty” Rhodes, and Richard Gilder. Moore served as the first president of the original Club from 1999 until December 2004[3]]


Not to be undone by, or upstaged by, the Club for Growth’s call to arms. The Heritage Foundation’s Heritage Action chimed in, thusly;


        “The Heritage Foundation’s Heritage Action warned House Republicans that they are scoring tonight’s vote, Rather than suspending the debt limit again, Congress should “put the budget on a path to balance in order to avoid a much worse fiscal crisis in the future—before deciding how much more to borrow.” Heritage Action opposes S. 540 and will include it as a vote on our legislative scorecard.”[4]


Well now, if that is not saber rattling that I don’t know what is! Last year, Senator Rand Paul, threatened action against the Speaker if he worked to pass clean debt limit legislation, then. The bill was just passed today, so we can expect that the heated rhetoric to continue, in the coming days. Yet, I have saved the best for last, the best as far as the most heated rhetoric. This is from the Senate Conservatives Fund:


        “Instead of using Republican control of the House to stop bad legislation, Speaker Boehner has used it to increase spending, raise the debt limit, increase taxes, pass a bloated farm bill, and fund the implementation of Obamacare. Instead of fighting for conservative principles, Speaker Boehner has completely surrendered to the Democrats.”[5]


Ok, that simply has to be my favorite line in this whole shrill debate, so far. “Speaker Boehner has completely surrendered to the Democrats”. Woof! I cannot think of a single Democrat that would see the past five years, in that light. Much less a single objective; reporter, news anchor, journalist or blogger that has followed the past five years with any objectivity. See, that is really what I have never understood, about the rhetoric coming out of the far right. This rhetoric just does not reflect the reality of the past five years.


Speaker Boehner Addresses Republican House Freshmen

Speaker Boehner Addresses Republican House Freshmen


It would be one thing if the language and examples they used could stand up to the light of day. Represent the events of the past five years, in a truthful and honest fashion. Even come close to realistically characterizing the actions and threats coming from the own, and/or represent the actions and dialogue coming out of Democrat members. This is just not the case, and few networks dare to leave reality behind and report this hyperbolic rhetoric as truth.


Now, so far, there are not enough members of the House of Representatives (on the record) supporting the ouster of Speaker Boehner. Quite honestly, I cannot see any coup d’etat  going beyond the conversational stage. Mostly because any change in the Speakership will be seen (by both the American people and the international community) as a further sign of weakness on the part of Republicans.

With House Republicans currently polling in the single digits for approval, they have little room for making any more mistakes. In my humble opinion, ousting Speaker Boehner would be a catastrophic mistake, on the part of Tea Party Republicans in the House of Representatives. Now, that is just my opinion and so far these Tea Party members have not shown a great deal of insight or finesse, when it comes to national politics.  Therefore, I am not taking any bets.


I will keep my ear to the ground and my eyes pealed for any further developments. If I hear or see anything I will be sure to come back and write it up for all of you, My Dear Readers, to see and read.


As always I am deeply honored that you come here and read my work.


Thank YOU!


P.S. I am still without much food in my home. I do my best, honest I really do. I am not lying about how much money I make… I do not lie about the lack of food I suffer. I sincerely apologize for even mentioning this problem. However, it was a good friend that told me… “Danny, if you don’t tell people your needs… there is no way those that want to help, know when they CAN help.” I am asking for help. I have written in many articles how to help. One way is to click the link below to my eBay Store for The Other Shoe. Please… if you can… Please do help.

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  1. JUST since I published article, about 30 mins ago! The rhetoric surronding the ‘Dump the Speaker’ has HEATED UP! I am going to work, tonight, on an updated edition of this article. These PACs and Super PACS are “very serious:” about the Speaker’s Ouster! I will keep you informed! STAY TUNED!!!

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