A Week in Review – February 1, 2014

Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Well, I did it again. This is the second week, in a row, that I have written, edited and published seven or more articles. Now, if you really knew my physical condition and the amount of pain I endure each and every frigging day? You would be pretty darn amazed at this accomplishment. Honestly, the past month my pain has reached levels that, hitherto, I had not thought were possible. Writing is my balm. Writing gets my mind off the pain… and my physical limitations.


Enough of that stuff & junk. This article should be published on Saturday February 1st, 2014. If everything I have planned, goes as planned? Today you should be seeing this article appear along with ‘350th Article at The Other Shoe – Conclusion’. That would be the sixth article of the celebration series of articles I have written. You see, for me, reaching three hundred fifty articles… is a major accomplishment. I, quite honestly, thought I would never make it this far with this blog. My little secret? This blog is the way I am hoping to refine my writing skills… for the true work I have… inside. ‘The Adventures of Princess Nadia – The Healing Light’.


All this writing, all the different types of articles and all the different subjects I do to (hopefully) hone my ability to put words to paper… that create images in your mind… and (really hopefully) emotions in your heart. If you have never met a ‘fancy rat’. If you have never lived with, raised, taught and learned from a ‘Fancy Rat’?  You really are missing out. I have enjoyed dogs as pets, and I love dogs just fine. I have tired to enjoy cats, as pets. Cats are fine, I am just not a ‘Cat Person’. Then I had the privilege of living with a ‘Fancy Rat’ and everything changed. Enough of that.. for this article.


Today, in this article, I am going to review all the work I have published since last Sunday, including ‘Sunday Funnies’ from last Sunday. This week I achieved a huge milestone, here at The Other Shoe. I published my 350th article! As a celebration of this achievement, I have been publishing a retrospect of the past 350 articles. I must admit, I am pretty darn cleaver. Instead of just randomly picking a bunch of articles to highlight? I went another direction. Out of all the articles… out of all of my work here… out of everything I had tired to do to increase readership and expand my market share? I had the most success with series.  A series of articles all about one topic, spread out over days/weeks/months.


So popular these series have been, that the traffic they generate, and the ‘Likes’ they receive out performs anything I have ever published. In truth, I feel I owe much of my (limited) success to these series of articles. As well, when I write a series? It gives me more of a chance to full immerse you, My Dear Readers, in the subject matter. It is almost like… for a short time… you actually get to know… on a personal level… my subject. Be it as (possibly) foreign as Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or as intimate as ‘The Story of Daniel’ (me).


For awhile you, My Dear Readers, have an opportunity to get to know something… some subject… some interest… some aspect of my reality. As well as I. As a writer… and especially as a humanist writer, I just couldn’t ask for better. So, if I am going to look back over my work, with you My Dear Readers, what better to look back at… what better to review than these extended works? I think it worked.


Now, I am going to review just what has been published this week. Later today (I hope.. body and pain willing) I will be publishing a review of all the Five articles that I have just told you, about. Later today I will be publishing The Conclusion of My 350th Celebration. It will contain links and portions of all the Five works that made up my celebration series. I am looking forward to seeing it finished. I really hope that my hands hold out… and my pain… allows me to finish, on time.


Now, without further adieu, ‘A Week in Review’!


  • ·        Sunday Funnies January 26th, 2014 : “In this video Alexander is not doing anything funny. I just thought he looked so handsome, and was so happy and excited. I am really hoping to get some footage of him; hopping, skipping and cavorting. When he is really happy, in a good mood, he will literally hop and cavort. He just loves to play. He makes me smile… so much. I am working to get some footage of his antics. Just as soon as I do, I will gladly share them with you, My Dear Readers.” As you can probably tell, I love Alexander so much, that he doesn’t have to do anything, to make me smile. I was just looking at him, on Allen’s shoulders as Allen clipped his nails, and I realized just how BIG he had grown. I enjoyed watching this video, and I hope that you did, too. Coming Sunday? I have another video of Alexander R Hanning. This week? HE IS doing… something. That is all I am going to tell you. You will just have to come back, tomorrow, to see.
  • ·        350th Article at The Other Shoe – Part Three : “It is these series articles, here at The Other Shoe, that I would like to focus in today’s installment, Part Three. In just the past two years I have embarked on three different series articles. Two, of the three, I managed to bring to completion. The third, which was the first, I have yet to complete. It is this series of articles that I begin with, today. ‘The Story of Daniel’ ended up being an nine part (incomplete) series. Today, I bring you my favorite article of ‘The Story of Daniel’!” ‘The Story of Daniel’… hubris? Maybe… some. Though, when I wrote this series of articles, it was anything but hubris that motivated my work. Desperation, which is what, motivated the creation of this article, and every succeeding edition. A deep desperation that I felt every time I walked. Every time I walked, I realized it wasn’t going to be long when walking would not come as easy. It was not going to be long, when walking was something I could no longer… do .I was in the midst of the Indiegogo campaign ‘Daniel’s Power Chair Assistance Fund’. I, desperately, needed $5,000 – $6,000 to pay for a power chair. I had spent a whole year trying to get my doctor to work WITH Medicare and other doctor to get the payment for one approved, to no avail. I was weeks into the campaign, and I had just over $500. I, at the time, had a close friend. Jim Thornton. Jim told me that he tought Íf you remind people of the boy that used to perform on stage, made them laugh and think. They will come out of the woodwork to help you.” God bless Jim, it never happened. I wrote my heart out. I wrote about things I had not thought about for decades. I revealed secrets that I never wanted to reveal. I bared myself to the public, to no avail. It was my estranged brother that ended up giving $3,200 to make sure I got the power chair. I worked my fingers to the bone, and caused myself intractable pain to write and publish this series. I do not know if I ever will finish this wrok. I do not know if I want to finish this work.
  • ·        350th Article at The Other Shoe – Part Four : “Today, I am going to focus on the other type of series I published. PC Gaming is one of the few joys remaining in my life. Aside, of course, for the joy I experience writing and publishing my work. Gaming has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. PC Gaming combined two of my great loves; computers and gaming.” Out of all of the series articles I ever published? This, MMORPGs, is/was my favorite. Out of all of the retrospect(s) I published for this 350th celebration? This one was/is my favorite. Fact of the matter IS? IF I could spend the, limited amount of, time I have left with a good amount of use of my hands and arms. I would prefer to spend that time playing MMORPGs. IN the game I can still; run, hop, play, ride horses, swim, fight with swords and magic, and just generally enjoy a whole body. That is the why of me playing this genre of games. IN game I am still WHOLE. IN game I am not in pain. IN game nobody ‘sees’ my disability. IN game… I am still Danny. If any of you, My Dear Readers, wanted to reach out and touch my life… maybe give something to me… helping me to afford to play these games would be a great… way to… treat me. This article is a review of some of the games I reviewed in the single most popular series of article ever published at The Other Shoe.
  • ·        Growing Financial Inequality in 2014 : “Wages are stagnant at a fraction of what they were in 1960 (adjusted for inflation) while CEOs and Executives have seen their portion of the company profits grow exponentially. When I was a boy the doctors he worked for made multiples of ten times his wage. Like 10X or 20X = my father made $25,000 a year and they would make $250,000 a year. Now, these same CEOs and Board Members are making HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS times the pay of the lowest paid worker. All the while paying far LESS in taxes than the doctors and CEOs of my father’s time.” The first half of this article I talk about my ‘Fall From Grace’. How, in 2000-2003 I was on top of thee world and making more each year than I had ever made before. Then I was struck with a spinal-neurological disease. Instead of my company… the company I had spent the last three years making MILLIONS of dollars for… instead of that company helping me? They turned on me, forgot all I had done… and kicked me to the street without so much asn a “Thank you.” I am not embittered by their actions, I am hurt. I am not angry at how I was tossed aside, the moment I needed help most, I am sad. The second half of the article outlines how I am not the only American discarded by our society. In this article I try (my best) to speak to the grave financial inequality that plagues our great nation, and our economy .I hope that you read this article, with an open mind, from beginning to end.
  • ·        The Mars Report – January 30, 2014 : “The majority of images I am going to share here today were taken on the 527th Sol day (terrestrial days) on Mars. We are well into the second year of Curiosity’s adventure on the Martian surface. The last I updated this series, Curiosity was headed into the Gale Crater. Today, we find Curiosity in the Gale Crater and navigating to the ‘Dingo Gap’ leading to the foothills of Mount Sharp. In many of the following images you can clearly see the foothills of Mount Sharp in the background. Curiosity is making good progress and during our absence there has been only one interruption in the rover’s progress. That lasted only a couple of days, and Curiosity was back on track and schedule.” Of all the series I have published at The Other Shoe ‘The Mars Report’ had to be… the one I least expected to write and publish. You see, My Dear Readers, I grew-up watching the; Mercury-Redstone,  Gemini, and Apollo projects. When President Kennedy set the goal of “putting a man on the moon by the end of this decade” I was five years old, yet I remember it clearly. You can hear and watch the speech on YouTube (http://youtu.be/kwFvJog2dMw) “not because they are easy, but because they are hard”. It was as though President Kennedy was talking to me. Not many know this, but as a small boy I had to wear large metal braces on both my legs. They stayed on until shortly before I went to Kindergarten. My little legs were misshapen, weak and looked like I had spent the entire nine months in my mother’s womb… riding a horse bareback. Space is/was the greatest challenge man has ever undertaken. In ten years we made more advances into space than in the previous 40,000 years combined. Then, we lost our resolve and we lost our desire to harness space and claim those rewards for all for mankind. The journey of Curiosity reminds me of an early time of man, a time when we challenged ourselves, for our posterity.
  • ·        350th Article at The Other Shoe – Part Five: “Today, with this Part Five of the celebratory series of articles for the 350th publication here at The Other Shoe. I chose to highlight The Mars Report series of articles. Therefore, without further adieu, I bring you a short history of my scientific series The Mars Report!” ‘The Story of Daniel’ was the series of articles that was the most personal. ‘MMORPGs And YOU!’ was the Series of articles that was the most fun to write and bring to you. ‘The Mars Report’ is the series of articles which I feel the most pride in publishing. In my humble opinion the Earth is like mankind’s crib. We, human beings, do not spend our entire lives in our cribs. Niether, do I believe, should mankind spend its entire lifetime in our crib… just on Earth. At some point in time, our Sun WILL Bdye and take this planet out with its dying breaths. When that does happen, and it will, I hope that mankind does not become extinct because we were all more interested in profits and money and greed and forgot to get around to getting off the planet. This series of articles is my friendly reminder that mankind’s future is in the stars! This is also PART FIVE of the 350th celebration here at The Other Shoe. The next to the last celebratory article is a review of the series that brought me the most pride, in publishing.
  • ·         And The Walls Close In on Governor Christie : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Just appearing in the news feeds today; David Wienstein has come forward saying he has some damning evidence against Gov. Christie. Yes, My Dear Readers, while most American males are preparing for this weekend’s Super Bowl’, Yours Truly has his head buried in news feeds. I have located several different sources for this same information. David Wildstein is Governor Christies’ appointee at the New Jersey Port Authority. In my first article, about this ‘Brdigegate’ I told you all that all that need happen was one person you break and Governor Christie would have his back against the wall.” I take no pride in reporting this news. I do not smile, when more bad news is revealed about Governor Chritie’s involvement. I feel no happiness in the pain and sorrow that he and his family must feel, at this time. It is never my intent to insult, demean or otherwise do harm to Governor Christie or his reputation. However, IF he was involved in the closing of the George Washington Bridge during the 9/11 anniversary? IF he had knowledge of, or the people involved had his permission? I do hope we get to the truth, and that ALL people involved are punished. My Dear Readers, there should be no cheering for this man’s fall. There should be no one that seeks to capitalize off of his pain, or the pain of his family. However, IF this IS true and Governor Christie DID order this as some political retribution? I am GLAD we found out BEFORE he ended up in the White House. America just might have dogged a bullet, with this one. There is no room in the governance of your fellow man, for political antics or retribution. When that happens, it is We The People that get hurt. I am not happy about the pain and suffering he and his family might feel or end up feeling. If it is all true, he brought this upon himself, and (unfortunately) his family.


That, My Dear Readers, brings us to the end of this edition of “A Week in Review’(and none too soon as I am loosing the use of my left hand… and my pain is blinding) I hope that you have enjoyed the articles I have published this week. I hope that you come around, tomorrow, to check out the LAST edition of my 350th celebration articles. It is always my desire to entertain and (when possible) educate. I never mean to upset or offend any of you, My Dear Readers. If I have brought a smile to your face, or a question to your mind? I have done my work for the week.


In closing, I would like to ask your indulgence and a moment of understanding. I apologize for my intrusion. However, I am at a very unfortunate time in my life. Right now, I am without food in my home. As of the first of February… I will not be able to pay my rent in full. Again, I apologize for this… I am deeply sorry for asking. However, IF you have the resources… and it causes you NO discomfort… Would you please consider reaching out… and helping me some? I am doing my very best to make every penny stretch. I am not squandering money or resources. IF you can help, without any discomfort to you, please contact me via this blog, or Facebook (Danny Hanning) or you can go to PayPal and look for my name Daniel Hanning and my email enzomatrix@earthlink.net. Again, I deeply apologize for this intrusion and my asking for your help. As well, I am trying to seel some personal electronics at eBay. Click the link below and see what I have for sale. Thank you.


As always I am deeply honored that you come here and read my work.


Thank YOU!


The Other Shoe eBay Store

The Other Shoe eBay Store


Just a shot of a VERY thankful Danny in His Power Chair

Just a shot of a VERY thankful Danny in His Power Chair

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I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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