A Week in Review – January 25th, 2014

            Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Even though I am starving… I haven’t had much at all to eat in three days. You, My Dear Readers, find an exuberant author writing this article, today. I am exuberant because I am in the midst of writing a five part review of the past four year and Three Hundred-Fifty (350) articles right here at The Other Shoe!


Today, I published Part Two, tomorrow I will publish Part Three. Monday I hope to publish Part Four (I am writing that edition as I am writing this article… my how talented I am!). I am thinking that I will make the series, the series devoted to the review of my body of work at 350  articles, a five-part series. I know that it will be a least five parts, My Dear Readers, it may go on… further than five parts.


Now on with the review of my publications this week here at The Other Shoe. My Dear Readers, this week I waded… carefully, back into a realm I feel I am best suited. I returned to publishing political works, here at The Other Shoe. It is an unfortunate reality of this nation, America, we live in and the world we live as it is today, that politics and politicians make the decisions that set the course of our social growth and evolution. Quite honestly, My Dear Readers, I often feel that these politicians and the realm of politics are the least suited for the task of guiding social growth and evolution. This week’s articles, if you really do need proof of what I say, are proof positive that these politicians can be the worst individuals to trust with such a lofty and important social role.


Now, without further adieu I bring you the ‘Week in Review’!


  • ·        WONDERFUL News and Update January 21st, 2014 : “Today, while sitting in the nice hot bath with Epsom salt… it hit me! I was talking to myself… in my head… and all of the sudden I looked over at Prince Alexander (he sits on my bath chair.. when Allen is not here, when I take a bath). I looked over at Alexander and I said to him;

            “Alex! I figured it out! I DID it, Alex… I figured out just how to write your story… yours and Nadia’s story! I finally figured it out!”

And, figure it out, I DID! Just what you will know the moment you read the first few pages of my novel ‘The Adventures of Princess Nadia – The Healing Light’. You will know and you will understand the glee I felt. This article is more than just another publication, more than an announcement of a goal achieved. This article is a proclamation of devotion, and an article of faith. I am devoted to the work I do, devoted to the story I have inside me of Princess Nadia and the world she lives in and strives to make more like the world we all desire. It is an article of faith, faith that I will produce a body of work (the novel) that is written out of feelings of love. Love for my fellow man, and rat.  Faith in mankind, and faith that even the smallest among us, can assist with great change.

  • ·        GOP ‘Golden Boys’ In Dog House! : “Let me be clear, neither party is made up of people and individuals immune from scrutiny. However, one can easily see a pattern of behavior come into focus. This pattern seems to cling to one party, one group of wealthy and powerful Republicans. Two Republican Governors that, only months ago, were top picks for the Vice President position and now in the forefront for the 2016 Presidential election.” You see, My Dear Readers, I do not take any amount of pride or glee in writing about another man’s fall from grace. You are welcome to read all my political works (here at The Other Shoe) and in none of them will you find me engaging in the schadenfreude I so often write against. IFthis were happening to two Democrat Governors, I would not hesitate to write about them, much in the same way I have here in this article. For me, My Dear Readers, this is not so much about party. This is about the failure of the political process to serve man. This is more about how human beings, when handed the reigns of great power (in this world,) fall prey to their lesser selves and indulge in unscrupulous activities. How, as I stated above, politicians are not the best-suited individuals to oversee and guide our social growth and evolution. Oh, don’t get me wrong. Even in our nation’s short history, and even in the blink of an eye the 20th century was, there are and can be politicians that do excel at guiding our social evolution. Presidents; Teddy Roosevelt, F.D.R. and as recently as President Kennedy have made great inroads for social growth and change. Without President(s) Kennedy and his successor L.B.J. our African American brethren would not have the equality they share today, nor would they have the right to vote. This is why I feel so betrayed… betrayed when they act this way.
  • ·        Further Objectification Of Women : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. I just heard something I found rather disturbing, from a mouthpiece of the Republican Party Mike Huckabee. Speaking before the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting former Governor Mike Huckabee invoked the tired and true characterization of our Federal Government as “Uncle Sugar”. It just never ceases to amaze me how some Republicans, who actually ran for the top office of the Federal government President of the United States, can (having been scorned and refused the desired Federal Job/position) take aim at and characterize the entirety of our Federal Government simply as “Uncle Sugar”.” Some might like to think I picked the title of this article… willy-nilly. Rest assured, My Dear Readers, I thought long and hard about the title of this article. It was my intent to make this article more about the words used… the how & WHY and less about the person that used the offensive language. Aye, there’s the rub. I found the language, used by Mike Huckabee while addressing the ‘Winter Meeting’ of the RNC, offensive. It is common knowledge that, after the upset of the (Presidential/Senatorial/Congressional) elections of 2012 the RNC paid for a ‘GOP Autopsy’. This autopsy was done to give the RNC and the GOP a clear idea of just why they had; lost the Presidential election (even though pools up to that day showed Mitt Romeny ahead of President Obama), lost seats in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. You see, going into the election all the ‘Talking Heads’ of the Republican party and all of the Conservative media outlets (like Fox News) all predicted a WIN in the Presidential election and gains in Congress. They paid Big Bucks to get a handle on the WHY of their losses and HOW they could turn these losses around before 2014 (and 2016). I find it utterly amazing… even shocking, that given this ‘GOP Autopsy’ told Republicans that they must “avoid biologically stupid remarks by Republican candidates”. Yet, here were are… again!
  • ·        350th Article at The Other Shoe – Part One : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today January 24th, 2014 I am happy to announce that this article is my 350th article here @ The Other Shoe (@ Blog.com). Now, I have reached the 350 mark for my primary blog (location) @ blog.com. I will be posting this article at both my blog locations. This article will mark my 253rd article at word press. Once I reach 350 at the secondary location (at word press) I will be marking that publishing milestone, too.” Can you, My Dear Readers, feel the pride I felt writing this article? Don’t get me wrong; writing, editing and publishing three hundred fifty (350) articles was quite a chore. Doing it with the pain I feel, the physical limitations I experience, the depression I fight daily, and (did I mention?) the growing pain I experience? For me, this has been an arduous journey, to say the least. However, My Dear Readers I wouldn’t change a single thing. If placed, back in time, on March 22nd, 2010… knowing then what I know now? I would do it all over, again. My Dear Readers, this is a ‘labor of love’. I have no intentions of stopping this blog… stopping writing, stopping publishing my work… stopping any of this experience. I love to write. Furthermore, I love writing for YOU, My Dear Readers! However, ONE caveat; I would work to find a way to; write, edit and publish this blog… but do it in a way… where I wouldn’t often starve in the process. Take today, for example. It is 3:57 PM PST and I have yet to eat anything, today. I have written about how I do my best to live life with frugality. I am not wreck less with my limited funds. I would endeavor to do this blog exactly the same way… but I would work to find a way to make money… doing… it.
  • ·        350th Article at The Other Shoe – Part Two : “This is Part TWO of this milestone article here at The Other Shoe. Want to know something enlightening? When I started out writing this article? I had planned on it being about three pages long and I was going to include links to, like, three articles. As I started writing this piece… well, it just did not seem to do my blog… my work… me, or you, My Dear Readers to do anyting but my very best! Therefore, I am going to write this article just as long as it takes me to do this blog honor, to convey the genuine history of this blog, and the path that my work and my life have taken me over these past four years.”  Can I tell you, My Dear readers, a little secret? I never plan out these ‘review’ type of articles. I do not think about which articles I will showcase, nope not at all. I just sit down to write the review… then… I go back and look at what I wrote, way back then. That is why… when I went to write this Part Two… I cried. My Dear Readers, I remember Nakita… like he was sitting beside me yesterday. The pain… I felt… when he passed. I read the memoriam I wrote, for Nakita… and all the pain came rushing back… and so did the tears. It’s ‘OK’, My Dear Readers. You see, this is the great thing about this blog. The passion. The passion I felt when Nakita left my side, and the passion (pride) I felt when I heard Bob Schieffer SPEAK MY WORDS on national television. I share everything with you, My Dear Readers. And… I promise… when things get better. When I am finally published. I will share those wonderful and happy moments with you, too. I promise.


That brings us to the end of this edition of this edition of ‘A Week in Review’. I hope that you all have enjoyed this week of writing and publications. I hope that I have managed to, once again, entertain and enlighten. I look forward to the coming week of writing and publications. I look forward to two, or three, more editions of my celebration and review of the 350 articles I have brought to you over the past four years. I look forward, always.


As always I am deeply honored that you come here and read my work.


Thank YOU!


The Other Shoe eBay Store

The Other Shoe eBay Store


Just a shot of a VERY thankful Danny in His Power Chair

Just a shot of a VERY thankful Danny in His Power Chair

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