350th Article at The Other Shoe – Part Three

Daniel Hanning of The Other Shoe

Daniel Hanning of The Other Shoe


              Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. This is Part Three of my multi-part celebration of this milestone in publishing. This blog, and this journey, began back on March 22nd, 2010. I started this blog to create a balanced voice as counterpoint to the hyperbolic and hyper-partisan rhetoric that owned the airwaves back in 2010. From the onset it has been my goal to; entertain, enlighten, and present The Other Shoe in political dialogue.


Along the way, I have ventured into other realms of creative writing and entertainment. In just the past year I have branched out into, and shared, articles on; Baking, PC Gaming (MMORPGs), and a personal experiment in creative writing ‘The Story of Daniel’.


It is these series articles, here at The Other Shoe, that I would like to focus in today’s installment, Part Three. In just the past two years I have embarked on three different series articles. Two, of the three, I managed to bring to completion. The third, which was the first, I have yet to complete. It is this series of articles that I begin with, today. ‘The Story of Daniel’ ended up being an nine part (incomplete) series. Today, I bring you my favorite article of ‘The Story of Daniel’!


  • ·        The Guardianship of ‘Doc’ Springfield Part Two – The Story of Daniel : “I turned to my left, towards Russell, and looked in his eyes. Only to see he was distressed. Russell was a totally cool friend, and he had simply brilliant eyes. Right now (this second), his eyes were, like, full and… ‘puppy-like’? Almost cartoonish in nature, and I knew what that meant. Russell would not go easily into that good funeral home. That’s ok, I can be fairly persuasive when I choose to be.” To this day… I go back and read some of this story, ‘The Story of Daniel’… and I just want to keep writing this story. I would say ‘end’ this story, however, as it is the story of my life it has yet to end. My Dear Readers, if you were not around… here @ The Other Shoe back in October of 2012? I was in the middle of one of the single most trying and arduous times in my adult life. I had just been diagnosed with ‘Left Foot Drop’, and I was unable to walk… without assistance. When I did walk? I dragged (still do) my left foot behind me. My neurosurgeon and neurologist both told me that I should no longer be walking. That I should get a powered wheelchair for mobility, [I cannot use a regular wheelchair due to the fact I have greatly reduced strength and feeling in my left arm]and get it just as soon as was humanly possible. I did my best to work with my doctor, to get the power chair (Dr. L. Gorlick – Prohealth Partners Los Alamitos Medical Center). The biggest problem was? Medicare does not pay your doctor to put together all the different reports, studies, and paperwork that is needed for authorization for a power chair. Dr. Gorlick did not want to “work for free”, so that put Danny between a rock and a hard place. I ended up running an Indiegogo campaign. ‘Daniel’s Power Chair Assistance Fund’ (click the link to ‘see’ the campaign and all the information and medical reports).
  • ·        The Whittling of America : “My Dear Readers, right now we’re watching the ‘whittling away’ of America. Let me take a moment and try to explain. What I see in America disturbs me greatly, more than even I can put into words (and that, My Dear Readers is QUITE A FEAT). I see this now, and I just can’t take this ‘whittling away’ at the very core of our country. I see it every day. We all know right now America is only haves and have not’s. The great thing is most that can read, write and speak ARE ‘haves’.” Second only to ‘The Story of Daniel’ this story of ‘The Whittling of America’ is my most favorite expression of the political, and financial, reality that is modern day America. In this series of articles I take you on an actual physical journey, and through a demographic and financial journey through Southern California. My journey to visit my currnet doctor, Dr. Laurence Gorlick, take me from poor neighborhoods to one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Southern California. This journey exemplifies the disparity in wealth… the great financial inequality that plagues our great nation. 
  • ·        The Whittling of America – Part Two – Enclaves : “I remember telling all of you, upon my return from Los Angeles, how this journey… This adventure had not only drained me physically (and left me in horrific pain) but that it had taken me from me an emotional toll, too. Over the next few pages I hope, that by retelling my adventure, you gain insight not only into me myself (Danny Hanning) and that, for maybe a moment, you have a larger view of our America.” This is a continuation of the journey; both physical and financial, that takes me from poverty ridden neighborhoods to one of the single most affluent neighborhoods in Southern California. As well, in this story I share some of my personal past, and how this journey took me back in time, in the life of my current relationship. It takes me back to the days right after my severe head injury that has left me disabled and in severe pain, to this day. There is one more part, to this story.
  • ·        The Whittling of America – Part Two – Enclaves Cont. : “Now I have been to the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills. I have ‘Window Shopped’ on the World Famous – ‘Rodeo Drive’ in downtown Beverly Hills (I used to work right off of Beverly Drive and Rodeo). I have been to many… many malls, here in Southern California, from San Diego to Westwood. Never have I seen a ‘fancier’ outdoor mall in my entire life! It is an ‘Open Air’ mall… but it was clean! The name of the mall was Promenade on the Peninsulaand it was a site to see! There was a; Banana Republic, Anne Taylor, Abercrombie & Fitch, an Urban Underground and a J. Crew there is an Ice Rink, too. It is a three story mall built right into the hills!” This is the final episode to this series of articles. I continue to explain and paint a picture of the stark differences in financial ability, within BLOCKS of one another. How financial inequality harms all Americans and causes undue pain and suffering. Harming, for the long term, people that you KNOW and people that have spent the majority of the formative years and their adult life giving to the communities they lived. This financial inequality strikes without regard to the character of the person, or the abilities of their body. It IS time for all Americans to reach out to those they know suffer with inequality. It is time that every America that can does share with those that have so little… make do without food… and suffer without complaint. Today is the day that all that can afford, give and give some more to those they know that suffer with; hunger, pain and disparity.


These four articles are prime examples of ‘series’ that I have provided over the past four years. Three of these are political in nature, one (and there are nine in that series) is of a personal nature. I have never put this into print, but today I am going to reveal something from ‘Behind the scenes’. The series ‘The Story of Daniel’ came from an idea proffered by a friend during the ‘Power Chair’ campaign.


I was hitting some resistance, from contributors, to making donations. I was talking with Jim and he suggested “write articles about yourself. Remind the people who you were in high school. Remind them of the person that made them laugh, and made them think from that stage in Pearland.” That simple suggestion was the impetuous for ‘The Story of Daniel’ a series of nine articles over two months time. In these articles I shared some of the most embarrassing, and most revealing, moments of my childhood and my teenage years, in Pearland.


I do remember those years on stage at PHS. I remember them well, and I remember how I did touch thousands of Pearland residents… sometimes a thousand at a time. The words, on stage, were not mine… but the emotions… the delivery and the ‘take-away’ from these play was all ‘Daniel’! I used that time, on that stage, to reach out and touch the people of Pearland. I know that I did… I know that I reached them, and I know that hundreds of the people still living in Pearland… and of the people that read this blog… still remember me from that stage.


Now, I come to entertain and enlighten these same good people with my written word. This blog means the world to me, and I hope and pray that many of the same people that enjoyed my work on stage, enjoy my work right here, today. I have a least two more of this series to share with you, My Dear Readers. Part Four will be about gaming and my work here at The Other Shoe about PC Gaming and gaming in general.


The final edition of this series? I am going to keep that card very close to my chest. I have planned that the final edition of this series will be published for your pleasure this Sunday. I hope that you come and enjoy all the remaining editions of this series.


As always I am deeply honored that you come here and read my work. .

Thank YOU!


The Other Shoe eBay Store

The Other Shoe eBay Store


Just a shot of a VERY thankful Danny in His Power Chair

Just a shot of a VERY thankful Danny in His Power Chair


About Daniel Hanning
I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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