A Week In Review – January 20th, 2014

Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today is Monday January 20th, 2014. As many of you, that know me on Facebook, know I have been away from The Other Shoe and Facebook due to growing pain; in my neck and left hand. Quite honestly, I had very much hoped that I would physically be able to rejoin all of you, MY Dear Readers, this weekend. Much to my dismay, I was not able to achieve any relief from my pain. Today, I contacted my doctor’s office and they have called my pharmacy to release extra pain medications for me.


I am just waiting for Allen to get home and go and retrieve the medications… then I should be able to knock down my level of pain with extra drugs. I am hoping that, on Tuesday February 4th, my doctor will finally ‘see the light’ and move me from my current pain medications up to another level of pain relief. I have been dancing around the topic, for more than six months. Tuesday, I am going to just put it blu8ntly… explain the level of pain in my left hand and the increased pain in my neck… along with the popping and grinding in my upper cervical spine… and hope and pray he finally increases my medication so that I can find relief.


Today I am going to publish this short ‘A Week in Review’ and then I am going to start on my (much anticipated) article on Governor Christie and ‘Brdigegate’ and the newest allegations by the Mayor of Hoboken. Rest assured, I am going to get my two cents in on the antics of Governor Christie, prior to his ouster.


I am so very sorry that this past week was a very light week of publications. Honestly, I am still surprised that I took a bite at the violence that plagues women’s reproductive rights in America. My Dear Readers, did you know that only in America do abortion doctors and health care workers in clinics providing reproductive services for women come under violent attacks sometimes resulting in death?

Only in America!


Now, without further adieu, here is ‘A Week in Review’:


  • Sunday Funnies January 12, 2014 : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Well, I did it. I manage to bring you, My Dear Readers, a full week of articles and two of my ‘regular features’. With the publication of this edition of ‘Sunday Funnies’ I finish out a very full and productive week. For those of you that have read this week’s articles, you know that three of the articles this week were rather expansive. Weighing in, as Word documents, at twelve and fourteen pages each they are some of the most lengthy works I have published in some time. Seems I had a lot to say.” This was Alex’s very first video and ‘Sunday Funnies’ in several months. He was very happy to get that Christmas present, and is still eating those treats. Alex does the most amazing and entertaining things almost daily. It is my shortcoming that I do not have more and more videos of his antics. I am working to keep my phone charged and handy, so that I might be able to catch more of his antics and bring them to you, My Dear Readers.
  • January 13th, 2014 Traffic Reports : “I am much happier with the year-end traffic totals for my primary blog location The Other Shoe at blog.com. With 2,105 visits by 650 unique visitors racking up 4,195 page views in just twelve months my primary location wins hands down. Now let’s combine the yearly totals of the two blog locations. I am proud to announce, that in the twelve months of 2013, my combined total visits is… (drum roll, please)… … … 3,672! That, roughly, equated to ten visits each and every day for one whole year.” With 4,600 page views by nearly 4,000 visitors from FIFTY nations… well, I would call that a huge success for myself and The Other Shoe. I promoted this article for several days, I really wanted EVERYONE to see the success that my blog is enjoying, all around the world. I was not as surprised by the number of page views, or the number of visitors I receive here at The Other Shoe. I reguarlly check Google Analytics for my traffic numbers, so I had a pretty good idea that I had broken the 4,600 mark in page views and nearly hit 4,000 visitors. The fact that my blog is read in fifty nations, THAT took me by surprise. If you looked at the breakdown, you could see that in Germany I I had several dozen visitors, the same was true in; England, Italy, France and Greece. I am overjoyed that people around the world enjoy my blog. As a matter of fact, IF you are reading this blog posting outside America? WELCOME and Thank you for visiting The Other Shoe!
  • The ‘Other’ Side of Anti-Abortion Activism : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. First, I would like to say “Thank you!” To everyone that has made this blog the success that I it is today. As I mentioned, in my last article, this blog has received over 4,000 visitor from fifty nations world-wide in just the past two years. I know that I have yet to break into the filed with the ‘Big Boys’ but I am really making a showing for a one-man blog. In the coming weeks, months and year I hope to continue to bring you quality articles that both enlighten and entertain.” Now, I understand that the majority of you, My Dear Readers, are men. I can look at and read site statistics like anyone else. However, I am trying to bring more women readers to my blog… AND violence against women, and violence against health care workers in the field of women’s reproductive health is EVERYONE’S concern… not just women. I was quite honestly shocked by the level of violence that I discovered when I began to research this article. I had no idea that there were 188 arsons, and EIGTH DEATHS of workers in women’s reproductive clinics. I have always, and will always, support a women’s right to choose. I hope and pray that they choose to give birth, but I respect their right and their decisions. I hope that this article gets more traction over time. I really do believe that more MEN need to be made aware of the incredible violence that has become a daily part of working to protect a women’s right to choose, and working in the field of women’s reproductive health.


That, My Dear Readers, brings us to the end of this edition of “A Week in Review’ here at The Other Shoe. It was a light week, in terms of publication. I hope that everyone understands the incredible pain I suffer with, and accepts that sometimes… well, I just cannot get my hands to work well enough to write and publish.


That never means that I am not thinking of you, My Dear Readers. You are always on my mind. I hope that I do get more pain medications, today. If I do, then I am going to work to bring a full week’s worth of content to you, this week. Having you as My Dear Readers I understand is a privilege that come with responsibility. I have a responsibility, to you My Dear Readers, to work hard to provide you with new and fresh content on a regular basis.


I promise that I will do everything that is within my power, to do just that… bring you new and fresh content on a regular basis. Your time is valuable to me… as is your patronage to this blog.


As always I am deeply horoed that you come here and read my work.


Thank you!



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