The Bill of Human Rights

Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. First, to all of you My Dear Readers that came by yesterday and read my article I say “Kudos”. Yesterday’s article The Powers That Bind Us… ALL!left me feeling as though I had an experience… as much as just reading an article. I have never, in all my time here at The Other Shoe, shared of myself in that way… or written an article of that type. I am still working out, in my mind, just how I can get more exposure for this article. I really want to have more and more people read this piece, I want to expand awareness of this work. As well, I am still working out the kinks in the article.


As I read the article, for the video of the reading, I realized that the article just did not flow the way I had wanted… and as well as it seemed to, in my mind… as I wrote. To that end, over the next few days I will be revisiting the article and working and reworking the article till it flows the way I wanted and it reads the way I felt. This is not a slight to my work, or in any way am I trying to diminish the experience of the people who have already read this piece.


This was a very important article, for me and for the future of this blog, and my life as a humanist writer. Never before have I allowed myself to speak so freely from my heart, and soul. Though it was the first time, I can assure you it will not be the last time. You see, My Dear Readers, I have a vision of the world. A vision of the world, as it should be… as it could be, that I want to share. I want to share this vision but, more importantly, I want to plant the seeds of change in you My Dear Readers. The time has come for us humans to no longer settle for the world as it is and merely accept. The world we live in is, quite honestly, substandard for the majority of humans.


This is not only true in third world countries. This is true all over the world and even in America. As we humans no longer accept the limitations and shackles of arranged marriages, and sought the power and freedom to marry out of love. No longer should we accept a world where subsistence is acceptable for the majority and indulgence is the norm for the 1%.


It is my humble opinion that all humans have a God given right  to; adequate and healthy food, safe and comfortable housing that is affordable, good and caring health care that provides a healthy quality of life, and a general sense of happiness and fulfillment by feeling appreciated and needed in the community that we live. No longer should humans settle for a subsistence wage or worse ‘starvation wages’. All humans have a God given right to a ‘Living Wage’.


Meaning that all workers have a 40 hour work week, and the paycheck that comes from that work week is (at the very least) sufficient to; pay rent for reasonable accommodation, three healthy and flavorful meals a day, a reasonable amount of entertainment and enjoyment, full health care, adequate vision care and glasses or contact lenses, reasonable access to a means of transportation that is safe clean and runs on time so as to get one expeditiously to work and back to home so as to afford leisure time for life, and a bed and furniture that are of good quality and in good repair.


For too long mankind has been forced to work for slave wages. For all too long too many humans have been denied the right of adequate health care to assure a quality of life that makes life worth living. For way too many years mankind has been raped when it comes to rent for reasonable accommodation for living for him and the ones he loves. Whereas, it should be resolved that individual transportation should be a luxury and that affordable, safe, and effective and timely public transportation is a right. Mankind should not be forced to choose between transportation and food. Between paying their rent, or food. Between paying for medications, or food and rent. No longer should the greed and avarice of the few enslave the majority.


Be it resolved, that in this place and on this day that we, the; poor, the elderly, the disabled, the feeble minded, veterans of all wars, and all else that are of the 98% RESOLVE –


That there should be a new Bill of Human Rights’ for all nations that guarantee all humans these humane rights as outlined above. Be it resolved, that in no business or enterprise (be it public or private) should the pay of the few at the top be so exorbitant that it prohibits the company or public entity from paying the workers of said corporation or public entity a ‘Living Wage’. That a ‘Living Wage’ should forever more and from this day forward be defined as sufficient to meet these needs; rent for adequate clean and safe housing for themselves and the ones they love to live, sufficient healthy food for themselves and the ones they love and choose to live with, safe clean and timely adequate transportation to and from their place of work and back, and to and from any and all entertainment and practices of enlightenment and edification they so choose and deem necessary for their quality of life, adequate and professional health care and medications and treatment as needed and as necessary for a good quality of life, sound and adequate clothing for themselves and the loved ones they so choose to live with, care for vision and correction of vision as needed for a good and enjoyable quality of life, dental care as needed for a good and enjoyable quality of life for themselves and the ones that they choose to share love and life with, reasonable pet(s) and/or mechanical companions that are good and necessary for a good quality of life for themselves and the ones they desire to love and live with, vacation outside of the home adequate and reasonable for the job they perform for a good quality of life for themselves and the ones they choose to love and live with, and finally education and continuing education for the enjoyment and edification of themselves and the ones that they choose to love and live with for the rest of their natural lives.


Be it resolved, that these Human rights cannot, and will not, be infringed on, removed or in any way reduced or altered by any act of man or law for any reason at any time in perpetuity. That the only way these rights can be altered or reduced is in the case of the act or commission of a crime against another human being or a corporation (both private and public). That these rights can only be infringed upon for a reasonable length of time and only when a human has been convicted of a crime. That while they are suspect that they are still to be treated as outlined above. That the abridgement of these human rights shall only be interrupted for the time deemed necessary and fair by a jury of ones peers and that once the time has been served that all human rights be returned to said individual with NO reduction or modification.


That only in the incidence of the guilt of the commission of a capital crime (murder, manslaughter, rape, and child molestation or kidnapping) should it be entertained that a human being be denied any of the human rights. And, even upon the finding of guilt of a capital crime that a human shall still be afforded the rights of health, food, clothing, and accommodation as provided for by law. The rights of; vacation, entertainment, edification, and the like can or shall be reduced or removed. That, when considering, the removal for life of any or all of these human rights that this can only be done once all reasonable efforts be made to establish innocence. That not only a jury, but that an individual court of reasonable members of the community the human belonged to at the time of the crime, must also agree to remove and condemn another human being to a life or existence without any or all of these human rights. That complete removal of all rights should forever be a rare and disturbing exception.


That, from this day forward and forever more, that these rights cannot, nor should ever be REDUCED. That, from this day forward and forever more in perpetuity that these rights can easily be added to, but that it should be an extreme rarity if not barred completely, that these rights be reduced to less than stated here today. That, from this day forward and forever more in perpetuity that the rights of the HUMAN should always be put before the rights of a corporation or any group of humans.


Be it resolved, that from this day forward and forever more in perpetuity that; wealth, greed, avarice, being rich, hoarding and a wage more than 5X more than the lowest paid worked shall be considered ‘immoral, socially deficient, deviant and unacceptable and even punishable’ by the majority. That in all lines of work, in all companies and corporations (be they private or public) that every effort be made to make sure that the lowest paid worker must have all the entitled rights as outlined in this Bill of Human Rights. Be it resolved, that if a company or corporation private or public cannot at any time provide for any reason a wage that provides for all of the human rights for all workers; that the highest paid worker/executive/board member should and must give up as much of their wage/commission/bonus/perks et all so that all and any of the lowest paid workers are brought up to the minimum level of living as established by this bill of human rights.


That any corporation or company (be it private or public) that engages in practices that in any way deprive any or all workers of any or all of these human rights, and that the reduction or removal or said adequate pay for all of these rights is not corrected by the owners/executives/board members that said company or corporation be forced by power of law to comply with any and all of these human rights.


That, if for any deliberate or extended length of time any or all workers of said company or corporation be denied or find reduced any or all of adequate wages or providing of and for these human rights. That said company or corporation should be held completely responsible for the return of all wages and or providing of rights and that any and all individuals found guilty of; greed, avarice, theft, or any fiduciary wrong doing should be held completely responsible for any reduction or removal of pay or benefits of any and all workers. That they should repay the removal or wages or provided rights (for any time over one month) TEN TIMES to any and all workers harmed by their actions. Further, that their personal property, savings, holdings, stocks and bonds, bonuses and commissions can and will be forfeit.


That any or all of the above named fiduciary instruments can and will be liquidated in order to return and or repay, up to and including ten times, the harmed worker or workers. That this can and should be done as expeditiously as humanly possible  and that the benchmark for action should be no less than a week and no more than a month. That no worker at any time and for any reason should be the victim of reduction or removal of adequate pay or provided benefits for more than one month at any time for any reason. That NEVER shall any human being, be it worker or disabled or veteran or senior, ever for any reason be allowed to end up without a home and a roof over their head.


That any homelessness in a community is a sign of a deep and unacceptable failure of said community, county, state or nation. Be it resolved that forever more and in perpetuity that homelessness is not allowed for any reason at any time for any human being forever more. Any such homelessness is a sign of failure on the part of; family unit, company or corporation, county or state, and if true and known, nation. That for now and forevermore that we as a race have resolved that there is no acceptable reason or situation whereas any human being shall be homeless. That for now and forevermore that all human beings shall do all work as need be to provide adequate safe and clean dry and heated or cooled housing at all times for all humans.


This will not be easy, My Dear Readers, and many will scoff and scowl at the mere idea of this; a deep and fundamental change the nature of humanity. However, this must happen for the good of our Republic and for the good of all mankind. We must be resolute, in our devotion to a better and more fair Republic. The era of greed must come to an end, and the time of capitalism for the few at the expense of the many must also fall with time. We must be resolute in our efforts to reign in the extreme avarice that ravages our people and our nation, like a plague.


We must be resolute, for the few will grip the followers and plague them with fear. Fear of change. Fear of equality. Fear of their fellow man, their neighbor, their brother. Our Republic, America, before was riddled and ruled by this fear before. It drove father against son, brother against brother, and South against North. I have no doubt that the few that control so much will reach for, and use these same ancient dynamics… they will use our fear of each other, against us.


Mankind deserves better. America deserves better. WE deserve better than what is dolled out to us now. We deserve better food, we deserve better care, we deserve better lives lived in the pursuit of happiness and love and to be NO LONGER shackled and chained to a fiduciary master. We have it within ourselves to make this dream, a reality.


I will give of myself in any way needed, at any time and in any place to make this dream a reality for myself and my fellow man.


I do, hereby, take this pledge and announce my fidelity to this cause. I implore my fellow man to, as well, pledge themselves to this cause. That we, as humans, do in our hearts and in our souls know that all men and women, children, and stricken do deserve, by right of birth, a life lived not in fiduciary pursuit, but rather in the pursuit of happiness, edification and companionship. That as of this day, and in this place, we all do hereby throw off the shackles and chains that are a life spent in fiduciary pursuit. That, as it is written in our nation’s Constitution, “ALL men are created equal” so it shall be that we live as equals in this life, forevermore.


As always I am… deeply honored that you come here, and read my work.


Thank you!


Just a shot of a VERY thankful Danny in His Power Chair

Just a shot of a VERY thankful Danny in His Power Chair

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