MMORPGs And YOU! – Conclusion

              Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Now that I have both of my blog locations working properly, and I have a minute new medication I’m taking for my rheumatoid arthritis. I am ready to begin the process of catching up on publications. The two articles that I will be publishing this weekend were initially slated for the last week in December 2013. The first of these articles, and the one I will be publishing today (Saturday), is the conclusion of the most popular series of articles for 2013.


That series of articles, of course, is ‘MMORPGs And YOU!’.  When I started this series, on June 24th 2013, I had no idea that it would span seven months and nine articles. Touting (compiled from all nine of the series) a grand total of 145 ‘Like’(s) this series was/is my greatest work to date. Hands down, the single most popular of the series was… … (drum roll, please)… … ‘Star Wars the Old Republic’ with thirty-six Likes total.


As is that was not enough, this series was the single most ‘reblogged’ of all my works to date. Carried by three other bloggers (at one point) these articles certainty are the epiphany of my abilities in 2013. As a ‘Tip of the Hat’ to this storied franchise I will revisit each and every of these fine articles here, today. I have been working on this homage for the past two weeks. At first I really wanted to include a screenshot and a video from each and every one of these fine articles. However, due to the temperamental nature of my primary blog’s server… and the growing pain in my left paw, I will be including only a screenshot with each synopsis.


If you would like to see some (or all) of the in game videos you need only follow the link (at the beginning of each synopsis) and visit the respective web page. FYI I made over thirty-six (three dozen) in game videos through the life of this series. Never before, and not since, have I spent as much time and effort on the production and publication of articles. I am very proud of this, my largest, body of work.


Now, without further adieu I bring you (in its entirety)  ‘MMORPGs And YOU!’.


  • ·        MMORPG(s) and YOU – 1st Edition – Rift : Rift was born of a culture already brimming with MMORPGs. There was the primary MMORPGs like; WoW and Everquest. The next tier of MMOs would include; Aion, Rift, Lord of the Rings Online, and Star Trek Online. These round out the middle of the market. Next would be the user designed games like; Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.”   I had no idea, when I wrote those words, that over the next six months I would write an article about nearly every one of those games. Little did I know that Rift would end up being the jumping off point for the single largest and most popular series of articles I ever published at The Other Shoe. I still play Rift, though with my left hand spending most waking hours with a hot pack wrapped around it, I do not play Rift nearly as much as I would like.
  • .
EnzoMatrix - Danny

My toon, Enzo Matrix, at the Intro Screen for Rift. This is where you choose which toon you want to play.


  • ·        MMORPGs And You! – Part Two – Age of Conan: “The game that you’ve been seeing pictures and videos, above, are from the MMORPG ‘Age of Conan’. This MMORPG is based in the world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. As well, a lot of the characters the plot lines the story are lifted from the movie series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. If, My Dear Readers, you enjoyed in the works of Doyle or the movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger this MMORPG is the one for you!” Once I saw that the article on Rift had garnered twenty-something ‘Likes’ I knew that I was on to something worth spending time writing and publishing. As well, getting the screenshots and in game videos was getting back in game with some of my favorite games. When I wrote this article, I had not played Age of Conan since it went to a Free-to-Play format. There were a great many changes. Some I did not like, but the vast majority I found enhanced the game play.
Enzomatrix-Age of Conan Riding Blue Snow Mammoth

Enzomatrix-Age of Conan Riding Blue Snow Mammoth


  • ·        MMORPGs and YOU! – Part Three – Aion : “Now when I tell you that Aion it is a stylized what I mean to say is that every character in the game is beautiful and dressed in fine silken garments. For guys, if you have issues with your masculinity then this might not be the game for you. If you have uncomfortable thoughts, when looking at attractive guys and men, this game is not for you. However, if you like looking at beautiful men and women dressed in fine garments and beautiful armor? Well then, Aion is the game for you! If the attractiveness of yourself and your fellow gamers is just a non-issue for you? Then this is the game for you, too!” Of all the MMORPGs that I shared with you, My Dear Readers, Aion is the single most stylized. Designed by, and for, the target audience of South Koreans this game is as distinctive as it is dynamic. In no other MMORPG I have ever played do you grow wings and fly! The costumes and armor are flowing garments seemingly made of gossamer. This game is not for everyone, but those who do take a venture into this realm will be greatly rewarded for their efforts. I would have to rate this game in my ‘Top Five’ of the genre.

Enzomatrix-Danny in Aion

Enzomatrix-Danny in Aion


  • ·        MMORPGs And YOU! – Part Four – Guild Wars 2 : “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe and another edition of ‘MMORPGs and YOU!’. Let me first take a moment to say “Thank You!” to all of you who have been reblogging this series all over the net. It is really quite flattering, and humbling to, to see this sign of appreciation of my work. I have been writing, here at The Other Shoe, for nearly 3 years and this is the first time I had one of My Dear Readers share my work with others. Again, thank you.”  And, there it is, the highlight of my blogging life… right there in print. After nearly three years of writing I was finally seeing my work published at other blogs. Oh, at this point Bob Shieffer had already used my words on NATIONAL TV but… this was a very important moment in my life of blogging. This game, ‘Guild Wars 2’ had an advantage over all of the other MMORPGs that I shared with you, My Dear Readers. It was the SECOND game of the same title. This gave this MMORPG a distinct advantage over all of the other games I shared of this genre. This game is completely ‘Free-to-Play’ with no strings attached and is still played by millions each and every day. I still have it installed on my gaming computer, and at times I still play this game. It is a very enjoyable franchise.
Danny/Enzomatrix Closeup Guild Wars 2

This is a close-up of Danny/Enzomatrix in Guild Wars 2, While in the City.


  • ·        MMORPGs And YOU! – Part Five – Star Trek On Line : “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to the Fifth edition of ‘MMORPGs And YOU!. Welcome to Part Five – Star Trek On Line. This edition, based on the Star Trek Intellectual Property seems to be timed by a larger force. Perfect Worldis the current keeper of this storied franchise. This title saw several hands during its creation and birth, but Perfect World finally brought it to the world, and spent the last two years refining STOL.”  Of ALL the MMORPGs that I have shared, and played, this game had the single most difficult birth and launch. Of course, when you are dealing with an intellectual property with a history as long as the Star Trek world you are bound to have problems. I remember watching the inception and creation of the game for YEARS! Nearly a decade was spent brining this franchise to this genre. There were more people and hands involved in the creation of this game than any other MMROPG in history. Only to have its ten year conception and birth to be followed by one of (not the worst) single most difficult launches I have seen since World of Warcraft. IF you enjoy ANY of the storylines of this franchise, you WILL enjoy this MMORPG. ALL of the different TV series and movies are represented in this game. IF you like Star Trek, then you simply cannot miss out on playing this game!

Consitution at Space Dock With Earth in Background

Consitution at Space Dock With Earth in Background


  • ·        MMORPGs And YOU! – Part Six – Star Wars The Old Republic : “Lucas Arts excelled at that bringing a pioneering gaming moment to gamers just like me. The MMORPG ‘Star Wars – The Old Republic’ delivers a like experience. For sound (music) you have John Williams playing in your ears throughout the entire game. Everywhere you go, everywhere you fight and die… there’s John Williams playing in the background in huge orchestral style. It makes key moments, in the game, seem almost cinematic. See, right there… that is what Lucas Arts did with games. Lucas Arts made games that were larger than life.” If one ever needed proof that MMORPGs are THE gaming genre of the 21st century, you need look no further than these last two titles. Here are the two most successful Sci-Fi franchises in history, both represented in an MMORPG. Yes, there were PC Games from both of these storied franchises, but never before have two science fiction series been better rendered into reality. I consider myself fortunate to have been able top play both of these games. Writing this article, I do realize that coming only second to writing and publication, playing MMORPGs are my favorite past time. I watched the movies. I read the books. However, until you install one of these games you never really enter these worlds. This MMORPG is a great game, and great play and an investment in interactive entertainment.
Enzomatrix/Danny With Companions On Coruscant)

Enzomatrix/Danny With Companions On Coruscant)


  • ·        MMORPGs And YOU! Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn : “Now, My Dear Readers, I have been playing this storied franchise since the original Nintendo gaming system. I’m not talking about the Super Nintendo or the N64 I am talking about the original eight bit Nintendo gaming system. I’ve been playing this franchise for the better part of 25 years. Not only that, but I had the opportunity to be a Beta tester for Final Fantasy XI and XIV. I also played, extensively, this game before its redesign and “rebirth”. This gives me a unique perspective on this Realm Reborn version of this massively multiplayer online role-playing game.”  Earlier, when writing about Guild Wars 2, I mentioned who that game had an advantage in that it was the second MMORPG of the same franchise… and that it was alone in that regard. I totally forgot about Final Fantasy, for good reason. Final Fantasy XI (11) was the very first MMORPG for the Final Fantasy franchise. However, 11 was just so bad… for the majority of gamers, that it just slipped my mind. Further, though few people outside gaming know Final Fantasy, this franchise now has over FORUTEEN titles. I remember playing this franchise on the Nintendo (original) gaming console… many many years ago. This MMORPG is still a little buggy, and I had hoped to still be playing… However, my membership lapsed just the other day and I am in no position to afford to renew my subscription. Still, this is a good MMORPG, not of the ease of play of WoW or Guild Wars 2, it is still a good game belonging to a great franchise.
Daniel/Enzo Matrix in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

Daniel/Enzo Matrix in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn


  • ·        MMORPGs And YOU! – World Of Warcraft : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. This is the eighth article of this series ‘MMORPGs and YOU!’ here atThe Other Shoe. Since the very first article of this series I have wanted to bring you screenshots and video of game play inWorld of Warcraft. However, it was not until this week that, through the kindness of an online friend, I had access to my World of Warcraft account. I was given a ‘Scroll of Resurrection’ from a good friend of mine in World of Warcraft. This ‘Scroll of Resurrection’ can be given to any player who’s been away from the game for more than three months to, quite literally, bring them back to life in the game.”   Strong and found memories, I have for this title. This was the very first MMORPG that I ever played. Just thinking of this game brings back such strong and detailed memories. Yes, World of Warcraft has a very bumpy launch. However, it was the very first of the ‘Mega’ MMORPGs and still has the record for largest subscription base in the history of the genre. At one point, this title, all by itself, aided the ‘Gaming’ to eclipse MOVIES in gross profits. Yes, it was the 12 MILLION subscription member base that catapulted Blizzard from a small company to being bought and sold… and in so doing making and breaking whole corporations. Now, the game’s subscription base is much smaller. Less than half of what it was in its heyday. It is still ‘One-of-A-Kind’ among MMORPGs. This IS the game I think of playing, most often, when I long to play an MMORPG… again. Writing about WoW… makes me want to be able to play it, today.

Allen and Daniel on Bear Mounts in WOW

Allen and Daniel on Bear Mounts in WOW


  • ·        MMORPGs And YOU! – Requiem : “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today I present number Nine in my ridiculously popular series ‘MMORPGs And YOU!’ Requiem. Requiemis a FTP (Free-To-Play) MMORPG that launched in June of 2008 by Gravity LTD. Gravityis game developer located in South Korea and is known for such titles as; Ragnorok On Line, Dragonsaga, Steal Fighter, and Requiem. I was still writing for a gaming web site, as Lead Gaming Writer and Editor, when Requiem went into Beta.”  The ninth, and final, MMORPG in this series of articles. This ‘horror based’ MMORPG occupies a special place in my collection of games of this genre. I was contacted by the development team and offered a (much desired) opening in the Closed Beta in exchange for exposure on our web site. I, of course, jumped at the chance to get into (yet another) Beta and had the opportunity to help guide the final development of this game. IF you like horror movies and you want a VERY easy MMORPG to download and play? You need go NO further than the web page for this title. It can be downloaded, and updated, in just a couple of hours. It is completely ‘Free-to-Play’ and you will be involved and flying by dinnertime. I heartily indorse this game, and still play it myself, from time to time. IF you decide to check it out, let me know. There is only ONE server, and I would be happy to show you hoe to play.
Requiem Enzo Warrior Class

Requiem Enzo Warrior Class



Well, My Dear Readers, that brings us to the very end of my favorite series of articles in the life of my blog… so far. This article has taken me… well, two weeks… off and on, to complete. PLEASE… consider ‘reblogging’… and ‘SHARING’. This is the ONLY way my work will see the light of day. I hope that you have enjoyed this compilation of my nine part series; MMORPGs And YOU!


As always, I am deeply honored that you come here and read my work.


Thank YOU!



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