MMORPGs And YOU! – Requiem


Requiem - Enzo Loading screen

Requiem – Enzo Loading screen


          Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today I present number Nine in my ridiculously popular series ‘MMORPGs And YOU!’ Requiem. Requiemis a FTP (Free-To-Play) MMORPG that launched in June of 2008 by Gravity LTD. Gravityis game developer located in South Korea and is known for such titles as; Ragnorok On Line, Dragonsaga, Steal Fighter, and Requiem. I was still writing for a gaming web site, as Lead Gaming Writer and Editor, when Requiem went into Beta.


I was contacted by the development team and offered a (much desired) opening in the Closed Beta in exchange for exposure on our web site. I, of course, jumped at the chance to get into (yet another) Beta and had the opportunity to help guide the final development of this game. First, if you have a Goth child or grandchild that is into PC gaming… well then this IS the MMORPG made for Goth kids. It is a “horror based” MMORPG and is one of the most gory and bloody of the genre. I would not suggest this game for any minor under the age of 16 or 17.


Requiem Enzo Warrior Class

Requiem Enzo Warrior Class


There is no real problem with language, or sexual (well, overtly sexual) content in this title. However, the level of blood shed and decapitation and mutilation is on the level with ‘Age Of Conan’. The game started out as a paid membership model with over a dozen servers, in the US and Canada. Now, it is completely Free to Play with a marketplace for game boosts, toon enhancements and content expansion. The number of servers is now down (in America and Canada) to one.


During Beta I gave this game very good reviews and a solid recommendation for purchase. Gravity is a sound developer with a very good track record and, at the time of release, this was the only Horror based MMORPG on the market. I knew that the horror vehicle for the game was not enough to keep the title competitive, and it appears that I was right. Though, even back five years ago, and today, I find that this game has much mo0re going for it than just the horror and gore.


(An Example of the Graphic Depictions of Death)


Originally released as Requiem: Bloodymare, the game is now called Requiem: Memento Mori. The story of the game has remained the same through all the changes over the past five years. It is a story of recovering the lost history of the ancients, and reconstructing the loss of four of the eight original races on the planet. You play in a barren world, brought to its current state by a war between science and magic. It is your role to protect the rebirth of humanity… at all costs. The plot and story do not play as large a role in game play as, say, World of Warcraft. You are given basic information, via quests and videos, of the past and the Ancients but having this knowledge is not essential to winning game play.


The gore decapitations and mutilations are all brought to the screen with the (extensive) use of the Havokphysics engine. This adds greatly to the whole horror theme of the game, and makes for some incredible decapitations and multiple mutilations. If gore and decapitations with ragdoll get you going… this game is (quite simply) as ‘Must Have’ for you. The game visuals, textures, and engine are really nothing spectacular. They are not rendered in, like, the Unreal 3 Engine or any modern day 3D graphics engine. This is good in that it will run of virtually any PC and most laptops/notebooks. There is no need to upgrade your computer to play this game on highest settings.


Requiem Enzo on  Mount

Requiem Enzo on Mount


One of the better features of this game, and something that I have not seen in but a few other MMORPGs is the Possession beast system. This aspect of the game allows you (once leveled and properly altering your DNA) to  transform into a horrific beast that has greater attack and decapitation abilities. The downside is that egven with your higher level and the transformation of your DNA, you have to work hard to kill a lot of beasts (in a short period of time) to fill your ‘Hardcore Bar’. Once the bar is at 90%, you are given the opportunity to transform into the Possession Beast and go on a rampage of gory mutilation and decapitation. It can get quite bloody and dismember(y) if you transform in an area rich with beasts.


Requiem Enzo Caster Class

Requiem Enzo Caster Class


There are four races to choose from, in Requiem. They are the;


  • Turan – The race that most resembles humans. It is a well-balanced race between strength, agility and intelligence. Their one pitfall is a weakness to magic.
  • Bartuk – A race with exceptional physical strength, but are easily angered and have a very low spiritual ability.
  • Kruxena – The darker race of the four, they do not get along with any of the other three races. Physically and spiritually superior to the other races they are lacking in tenacity, compassion and are quite inhumane.
  • Xenoa – Unmatched among the four races in intelligence they lack physical strength they have good hand skills and eyesight. This helps to compensate for there other weaknesses.


Each race has  limited choices in classes, mostly based on the strengths and weaknesses I have outlined above. If you would like to be a caster or long range weapon type, then the Xenoa race would be the best choice for these classes… and so on. The game does not drawn you in with plot, or character development. The game deosn’t really draw you in too well at all. This is, likely, the reason for its failure in the long run. Lacking in plot and character development, it is a very easy game to play and master. Combine that with the completely open world Free To Play model? This is what makes this game so desirable in gamers new to the genre and casual MMORPGers and Goth kids.


(A Walk Through the Main City in the Inro Area)


I would recommend it for newbies to the genre, and young people fond of the Twilight movies and books and Vamp Kids. I still have it installed on my gaming rig, and it is always updated, too. That means I play the game regularly and that it brings me happiness.


I hope that you have enjoyed my review/overview and the screenshots and videos I have shared here, today. I do not know if there will be another in this series. I cannot think of another MMIORPG that I already own, and I do NOT have the money to go out and buy any games that I do not already have… at least… now,


(A Ride in a Christmas Themed Vehicle in Requiem)


As always I am deeply honored that you come here and read my work.


Thank YOU!

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