Speaker Boehner Stands Against Far Right Jabs

House Speaker Boehner

House Speaker Boehner


Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. In a completely unexpected, yet much welcomed, reversal of an earlier position the Speaker of the House of Representatives has garnered the ire of the talking heads of the far right. It was just six months ago, July 21st, that Speaker Boehner made the most infamous quote. Saying; Congress “ought to be judged by how many laws we repeal”[1] in response to a question asked by Bob Schieffer and written by yours truly.[2] (Evidenced in my article MY TOPIC Opens ‘Face The Nation’ TODAY”)


This week sees a completely new and different Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Instead of further advocating the repeal of Obamacare Speaker Boehner is working to actually pass a budget without a government shutdown. This budget, if passed in its current form, will work to ease some of the painful cuts America has been under since the beginning of the sequester. In responding to attacks by the Heritage Foundation, Freedomworks, and Americans for Prosperity the Speaker states that their attacks are “ridiculous” and that these groups have “lost all credibility”.[3]


Either the Speaker of the House of Representatives has been a victim of the “Invasion of the Bodysnatchers” or, Speaker Boehner has decided to wrestle control, of the Republican party and Congressional Republicans, back from the Tea Party fringe. Either way this is a bold move on the part of the Speaker and completely unprecedented based on the previous two years of his Speakership.


I would like to extend my personal congratulations to Speaker Boehner for standing up to the intransigent members of the United States House of Representatives. Further when Speaker Boehner, earlier this week, said “Frankly, I just think that they’ve lost all credibility.”[4]he pretty much slammed the door in the face of radical Republicans. Now, My Dear Readers, this is a course of action that I have been advocating since the early weeks of the 112th Congress, last year. I have seen comments, on Facebook, stating they believe that the Speaker “has grown a spine”.


It is my belief that this new course of action has a different source. I believe that two factors figured predominately in this 180° reversal, on the part of Speaker Boehner. First, I believe that the Speaker, and Rep. Paul Ryan, have grown extremely tired of the abysmal single digit approval ratings the Republicans in Congress and the Republican held Congress. I believe that the Speaker and Rep. Ryan are working to try and save the Republican Party from a complete route in the 2014 off-year elections.


Second, I believe that between the public statements made by Pope Francis, regarding the grave nature of financial inequality in America. Combined with recent statements made by Pres. Obama, regarding the financial inequality in America. These concerted efforts have worked to give the intelligent members of the Republican Party no choice but to completely alter their course of action. No longer can the Republican Party merely stand for the interests of the wealthy. No longer can the Republican Party cut benefits for food for; seniors, veterans, the disabled, and poor children. No longer can the Republican Party be the party that tries to stop unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed. No longer can the Republican Party merely be the party of “No!”.


My Dear Readers I am sure you understand the unmitigated glee I feel at the complete turn around that we bear witness. For two years now I have used this blog as a bully pulpit to speak out against; the intransigence and the Republican leadership of the House of Representatives, the control of a small number of radical far right Republicans in the House of Representatives and the grinding policies of said Republicans against the least among us.


This new course of action, by elements of the Republican leadership of the United States House of Representatives, is very welcome by yours truly. I am extremely elated to be able to write an article praising the actions of the Speaker of the House of Representatives for the first time in two years. If this is the course they plan to keep, for the immediate future, you will continue to see articles here that are positive and supportive of these new efforts of these Republicans.


I am very happy that at this holiday time of the year… At Christmas that I am able to write and report that the Republican leadership is backing off of the screws they’ve had on the poor and the least among us. I hope and pray that this new leadership will prevail and that Speaker Boehner will not buckle to the attacks of the talking heads of the radical right.


As always I am very flattered that you come here and read my work.


Thank you!

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