Avarice in America

                      Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. Today President Obama is to make a Presidential address about inequality in America. I heard about this from the Facebook feed to Professor Robert Reich (once Labor Secretary under President Clinton). In the statement the Professor says this:


Today the President will be giving a major address on inequality. He can be expected to say it’s the central domestic challenge of our time, that equal opportunity is the keystone of our social compact, that widening inequality threatens our economy and corrodes our democracy, and that he’ll be devoting the rest of his presidency to this fundamental challenge.”[1]


Another voice, in a growing chorus, seeking to make everyone (yet, mostly Americans) of the severe damage an era of greed has wrought upon our great nation. If you are a frequent reader of this blog, then you will know that America’s Avarice is often a topic of my writing. I have, also, made everyone aware that our newest Pontiff, Pope Francis, has frequently made avarice and inequality topics of his dictums, speeches and press releases. Seriously, one would have to be burying their head in the sand most days, and deaf the rest, not to hear the growing cries against avarice and for equality.


“The great danger in today’s world, pervaded as it is by consumerism, is the desolation and anguish born of a complacent yet covetous heart, the feverish pursuit of frivolous pleasures, and a blunted conscience.”[2] (Also found here: ‘Pope Francis Strikes, Again’ http://theothershoe.blog.com/2013/11/pope-francis-strikes-again/)


Fact of the matter is that for the handful of Americans get that did get reap the financial benefit of our recent economic upturn, life is quite good and I am sure this is the last thing in the world they want anyone talking about. However, for the rest of the 310 million Americans that saw no benefit, this is a topic that is not getting enough ink. My Dear Readers this is a topic there will always be space for here at The Other Shoe. I am not against my fellow man making a good living or, if they are fortunate enough, amassing a fortune.


My problem lies with my fellow man’s avarice. Avarice. Now there is a very old word, a very old word indeed. King Midas had dreams of avarice. King Solomon is what most would see is the epitome of avarice. What follows is the dictionary definition of avarice;


“extreme greed for wealth or material gain”


“Extreme greedis the textbook definition for avarice. Aye, there’s the rub! For it is in that one word… That one adjective that I see the frailty and disease of mankind. Extreme, as if there isn’t enough of that already today. Extreme poverty. Extreme religion. Extreme governance. You see it is in fact, where mankind so often falls, that goes before the fall. As a young boy my father, God rest his soul, warned me of extremism… Of steel and zealotry. You still me it was a good thing to be diligent, it was a good thing to persevere, and it was great to Excel . however, he warned that extremism field and zealotry always came before the fall . So I say to you today it is with America. So I say it is today with the extreme right wing of our Republican Party; the tea party. Today’s tea party is the group most responsible for the intransigence of the last two sessions of Congress. Most tea party members will freely admit that they are extreme and that they are selling. You see, that’s when they lost me. And, My Dear Readers, that is where they should have lost you, too. Extremism demands so much from its followers, takes from everyone else and leaves the world behind it in shambles. All too often, in this life, I and I know you to as well have seen the evidence. The zealotry and religion of the Spanish Inquisition that fell a tree of the third Reich needing to the second world war. In the extreme bigotry and racism of the Ku Klux Klan and the John Birch society’s.


One simply cannot trust seal… Extremism… Zealotry… Or fanaticism. For when you give up all that is you to become your believe? One news is one’s self. Today America is gripped in the throes of extreme capitalism. We hear the cries of the devout


“too much regulation will strangle growth…”


Yet, when asked to provide proof that what they’re saying is true? None is forthcoming. As a matter of fact time magazine, just last year, ran a very short article about the regulatory practices of all the industrialized nations in the world. I found it most enlightening to see that the greatest growth in commerce was in India, at the time of this article. However, most ironic India was also the nation with the largest growth and regulations. Looking back just on the history of our nation. One can quite easily see a very recent parallel. The 60s saw this single largest expansion of the middle class, and our national economy, and the history of our nation. Not surprisingly, the 60s were also the time of the greatest growth of regulations and regulatory agencies in the history of our nation. It was the 60s when”tree huggers”started their campaign to save our national ecology. It was the beginning of the environmental protection agency. I apologize that I don’t have the time nor in my of the strength to fully document the expansion of regulation we saw in the 60s and the 70s in America. I know that most of you, My Dear Readers know that what I say is true and I ask for your understanding. So I see it is no coincidence that one time magazine, and 2013, looks to find the single largest growing economy on the face of the earth they find it that very nation is also the single largest growth and regulations. I dare any of you to go and find me proof that the opposite is true.


I have not written in the past three days. Not only is my body wracked with an unusual level of pain I just keep getting these fevers. Thankfully Allen is working nearly every day. When his paychecks catch up with the hours might actually be able to eat better, again. However, I am afraid that I have to bring this article to a premature close. I am getting quite dizzy and have a growing extreme headache. I apologize I was just beginning to gain some wind in my argument. You all know this won’t be the last time I come here to speak to you of the disease like state of avarice in our nation. I use the word disease most accurately. For avarice has infected our nation. Greed has infected the minds the hearts and souls of too many good people that I knew and grew up with I pray every night for the strength and the lack of pain so that I might complete my novel. One day soon regardless of my condition I will finish this novel. And it is my prayers that my novel is quite popular. And that that popularity I through the the strength of my will and the sharpness of my wit translate into a good deal of wealth of my own. And then I can stop talking about avarice and I can show you… I can show you all what should the done with any wealth. More children go to bed every day right now today in America than any time in our nation’s history. Children, not adults… Not crack whores are welfare moms but children! What ever did children do to deserve to live in poverty and sleep in the hunger?




As always I am very flattered that you come here and read my work. I hope and pray that in the coming days I will feel better so you get back to writing on more daily basis. I apologize for my absence and I just hope and pray that I feel better soon because I have so very much to say to you all.


Thank you!

P.S. Please excuse any typos or errors. In my current… condition… I apologize, I jst didn’t have the strenthto prof prior to publication. I will check, tomorrow… when I feel ‘better’… o less, depending on the malidy.

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