Pope Francis Schools Palin and Buchanan

                    Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe! It appears as though I HAVE MY BLOG BACK WORKING! I just now noticed @ 9:15PM Monday November 18th, 2013. I am going to start writing and posting as much as I can, starting tomorrow. However, I just HAD to share something I read about Pope Francis. This new Pope is one I can really get behind. He is a Pope of the People! If I were Catholic, I would be very proud to call him Pope. Now, to the point of this posting.


Yesterday, on the Blog for His Holiness, Pope Francis gave Sarah Palin and Pat Buchanan a Holy Bitch-Slap! He took on these wanna-be ‘Conservative Poosers’ and took them to Sunday School. Here is what he said about Pat Buchanan:


“This is a man who has dabbled in Holocaust denial and has a documented history of anti-Semitism,” Francis wrote. “Of course he doesn’t want the Church to become more inclusive. He’d probably like it if we segregated mass services from now on.”

“Opening up the Church to all of God’s children is the just and moral thing to do,” Francis continued, “and I won’t be persuaded otherwise, especially by a man who couldn’t even beat Bob Dole in the ’96 Republican primaries.”1


After soundly taking Pat to the wood shed, he then turned his brilliance and holy wrath on Sarah (I cannot even complete ONE term of an elected office) Palin:


“The Holy See also had harsh words for former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, another of his American conservative critics. Palin—who, unlike Buchanan, is not a Catholic—said Thursday that she is “taken aback” by some of Francis’s decisions and is dismayed by his “liberal” comments.

“What does Palin know about leadership?” Francis wondered. “This is a woman who couldn’t even make it through one term as governor of Alaska before resigning, and who, let’s be honest, was probably the worst vice presidential nominee in American history.”

Francis also questioned Palin’s grasp of religious tenets. “I’m not convinced she knows the first thing about the Bible,” Francis wrote. “In fact, I’m not even confident that she knows how to read.”2


Oy Vey!


“In fact, I’m not even confident that she knows how to read.” (Sarah Palin by Pope Francis)


Well, my birthday is not until Wednesday… but the Pope just gave me my BEST Brithday present two days EARLY!!


I am thrilled to see that the Pope has the courage to take on these purveyors of hatred and ignorant rhetoric. Perhaps, now, many more American writers and journalists can take cover (with the Pope’s words) and come out and lambast these ignorant rehtoric parrots. It is about time that this ilk were soundly put in their place. So very happy that I lived to see this wonder of God.


As I mentioned above, it appears that my primary blog is back up and running properly. Now, I will start work on publishing more content on a more regular basis. My health is slowly improving, and I apologize for allowing my pain and fevers to keep me away from you, My Dear Readers. Thank you for your understanding and support. See you, more, soon.


As always, I am deeply honored that you come here and read my work.


Thank you!


EDIT: This article is satire. The ‘news’ source is a pseudo new site, meant for laughs. I apologize to all that may have not known of this web site, or that this article was satire.


1. – http://www.newslo.com/pope/#sthash.vuNkAlPN.dpuf

2. http://www.newslo.com/pope/#sthash.vuNkAlPN.dpuf

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One Response to Pope Francis Schools Palin and Buchanan

  1. For those that are ‘new’ to the internet? These “quotes” were taken from a satrical web site. NewsLo is pure fiction, and I totally support their spin on Pope Francis’s intent. We can all see what we want, but the FACT of the matter is? Pope Francis is speaking out about the financial inequality, the deep politicla divisions, and the ignorant rhetoric that IS current American politics.
    Thanks to EVERYONE for a GREAT RIDE!

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