My Problem With President Obama

            Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe. First I’d like to extend my apologies to all of you, My Dear Readers in that my primary blog is still having severe technical problems. I have written the technical support team at four times expressing my concern that I am unable to post or edit articles at my primary blog. Yet they have neither contacted me nor addressed the problem. Having said, and until further notice this blog, at word, will be the only location for current and updated articles forThe Other Shoe.


Next, I would like to express my my deep and unequivocal concern for the hour-long press conference, I just witnessed, with Pres. Obama. Now, I know that his popularity numbers are the lowest they’ve ever been… But what I witnessed today, I don’t feel, is going to improve his numbers. First, the way I was raised your actions are either right or wrong, there is no place for back-peddling in leadership positions. Two things; the plans… The health insurance plans that were outlawed, under the Affordable Care Act, were bad plans. I’ve read the articles by Consumer Reports[1] about these ‘MiniMed’[2] health insurance plans. It was my understanding that these plans, that were outlawed, took advantage of unknowing, uninformed and uneducated consumers.


Second, I personally know of a handful of people that have had their poor health care plans canceled, because of the Affordable Care Act. Some of these individuals have even been forced to put down large deposits for new health plans that were approved by the Affordable Care Act. So, what happens to these Americans? What happens to the Americans that have already received a cancellation notices, gone to their insurance providers, found new health insurance plans and then asked to put down large deposits prior to enrollment into ‘ approved’ healthcare plans.


As I said above, I view these mini med health plans as either; bad for consumers (and therefore should be outlawed) or they’re ’okay’. Americans are putting their paychecks into these health plans, as well as their health and the health of their children and other relatives. This is not a game, Americans. And we certainly don’t deserve to be played according to some politicians poll numbers. Nothing raises my ire or more than a politician pandering to improve poll numbers.


I have been a supporter of Pres. Obama since he gave the keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic national convention. However, his actions of late, and especially today, are not the actions of a man I can believe in. Frankly, I don’t give a hoot and a holler about poll numbers. You see, My Dear Readers, I already put my two cents into the pot on the subject. Right here atThe Other Shoe I have made my position clear, I have documented my position with facts, and I know that my position is correct. These mini med health plans are nothing more than bad medicine.


To allow these trash health plans to continue to be sold to the American people is nothing short of a betrayal of leadership. How can the American people place their confidence and a leader that undermines himself? That reverses course  because  of political pressure? These are not the attributes of a leader that most Americans respect. In my humble opinion, to allow these mini med plans to continue is to allow the American people to continue to be lied to, deceived, and stolen from. If any president is going to take action via Executive Order, that action should only be to preserve and protect the American people. To take action against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them.


This is not the actions of a president that I will respect. Now My Dear Readers I am not saying that I no longer respect Pres. Obama. As a patriotic American I will always do my best to treat what ever man or woman who occupies the office of President of the United States with of the up most respect so long as they occupied the office. For me, to show disrespect to a sitting president is to show disrespect for the Office of President of the United States. However, this action does much to my opinion of Pres. Obama.


My Dear Readers I meant to be completely upfront and honest with you, as I always try to do, in telling you that I anticipated the pressure Pres. Obama would get over outlawing these mini med health plans. I am one of the few Americans that has read a majority of the 3,000 page Affordable Care Act of 2010. In reading, I realized there were many pitfalls in the legislation and that these pitfalls, as time passed, would have to be addressed legislatively. Honestly I think I may have given this president more credit than he’s due.


You see, My Dear Readers, I honestly thought (in reading the Affordable Care Act) that Pres. Obama (and Democratic legislators to a lesser degree) were working to force America’s private insurance industry and to direct competition with Medicare. I honestly believed that was in their intention, their desire, and that these foibles in the Affordable Care Act were intentionally placed their to undermine the stranglehold privately owned for-profit health insurance corporations have on the health of America and Americans.


My Dear Readers I honestly believe that the time has come for the end of profiteering off the pain and suffering of our fellow citizens. I do not believe that, in good conscience, any nation can seek to make a profit from the pain, suffering, and death of its citizenry. I equate that action to be on the level of the tobacco companies making profit off of cancer deaths of literally hundreds of millions of Americans for more than 100 years. How can a great nation like America hold its head high in an international community when our fellow nations know that we are making bank off of death?


My Dear Readers I am saddened to say that I do not believe my nation is actually headed, with regards to its nation’s health care system, in the correct direction for the betterment of its citizens. It is my firm belief that if  Democratic legislators and our Democratic president had properly use this opportunity they could’ve put our health insurance companies in direct competition with Medicare. That by placing these health insurance companies in direct competition with Medicare they would’ve brought about the crippling the end of privately held (for-profit) health insurance corporations. I honestly thought that was their intention. I honestly thought they had that much foresight… That much ambition… That much concern for the American people that they used the political clout of a Democrat held Senate, a Democrat held House of Representatives and a Democrat Presidency to foster the type of health care system America has needed for the past 100 years.


My Dear Readers America is the very last big boy and industrialized nation without a single payer health care system. America is the last big boy nation that seeks to make a profit from the pain, suffering, and death of its citizens. Having said, it is the only logical and sane course of action for our nation is to join our brethren nations in freeing the American citizen from this sick stranglehold that is profit-making off of health. It is long past time that America stood up for Americans. It is long past time that the American people be given the birthright that good health is for every other industrialized nation on our planet. My Dear Readers it is my humble opinion that, with every passing session of Congress, we bring shame to our nation and ourselves by not empowering our citizens with nationalized healthcare.


Not only, My Dear Readers, is it sick to think you should make a profit off your neighbors cancer, and it is sick. Did you know that American car manufacturers cannot play on a level intermational playing field with car manufacturers from; Germany, England, France, Italy and Japan merely because 20% of the cost of a car made in America is associated with health care costs. What that means is that we cannot sell American-made cars for competitive competitively based prices, in international markets, just because of the associated healthcare cost of our privately held for-profit health care system. And it’s not just cars, My Dear Readers, it’s every single item we make in America and export to international markets. America can not be competitive in international markets when all the other nations have given their citizens the birthright of healthcare.


Today America took a step backwards. Today Pres. Obama made America take a step backwards. Today is a shameful day for Pres. Obama and for the American people.


As always I am deeply honored that you come here to read my work.


Thank you!


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I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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