The Other Shoe… Changes

Daniel Hanning

Daniel Hanning

Dear Family, Friends and Followers of The Other Shoe.

I wanted to make you all, My Dear Readers, aware that I just made a ‘pre-reservation’ for the URL When these new URLs become available I plan on moving The Other Shoe to this new web address. I am hopeful, that by this time, my financial… difficulties will have worked themselves out and I will have the resources to obtain; the URL, web hosting, email addresses and everything I will need to move from and wordpress. It is my intent to keep these original blogs updated.


However, I plan on having ‘Special’ articles and weekly series that will only be available at the new (and all my own) web home. This is a very big step for me and my blog. Just to let you know, My Dear Readers, in adavance I am planning on having advertisements at my blog’s new home. Few and limited, at first, I will be working to make this new location self-supporting. As well, the new home will be the ONLY place you will see ANY releases of ‘The Adventures of Princess Nadia – The Healing Light’. I feel it is only fitting that the new location be the new home for my future novel.


I will be keeping you, My Dear Readers, up to date as quickly as possible on this move and upgrade. I will be asking for input on; Web hosting, web design, regular articles, advertisers and most importantly… should the new location be ‘Members ONLY’. I have been toying with that particular idea for the past two years. The Other Shoe here at and Word Press will always remain FREE. I just cannot help thinking that the new location should be… special. Making readers register is quite a bother and I know and understand that is different and might well meet with stiff opposition.


My thoughts on this is simple. For three years I have provided over 300 articles completely free, barring the Indieigogo campaigns I have run to help me obtain a power chair and avoid homelessness. I plan on making membership completely free I have a deep desire to control the exposure of ‘The Adventures of Princess Nadia’. You see, I have big plans for Princess… plans that could well stretch into the next decade. I do not want just anyone reading ‘Princess Nadia’ and the people that do read this work… well, I want to be select… and I would appreciate feedback.


Of course, this is all in the planning stages and nothing is written in stone. Finally, I am tossing around the idea of… staff. I have realized that i simply cannot keep up the pace that my blog demands… that you, Mu Dear Readers, need and desreve. Between the new expenses of web hosting myself and a greater need for more content… staff… It just might be a nessecity that I run an funding campaign to raise the money I need to start this… well, it is nothing short of… business.


I belive in my work. I believe in You, My Dear Readers, and I belive that I have the ability and desire to make this happen. I will be looking to you all to give me your feedback, your thoughts and (most importantly) your support. I am bringing something great to life. Something that, currently, just lives inside of me. Soon, it will come to life and take to living and growing outside of my mind and in the; hearts, minds and souls of my readers and supporters. The Other Shoe was always larger than just me. I have been selfish, in a way, for the past three years. Now it is time to let The Other Shoe take flight… and time for “Princess Nadia’ to walk and live among us all.


As always, it brings me great honor that you come and read my work.


Thank you!


The Other Shoe eBay Store

The Other Shoe eBay Store

About Daniel Hanning
I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

3 Responses to The Other Shoe… Changes

  1. Jim Thornton says:

    Danny, consider a children’s book version of Princess Nadia. The market is very lucrative and I think the concept will translate well.

    • Yes, when I have posted about ‘The Adventures of Princess Nadia’ I have indicated that I have a target audience of children. Hoping to make the first for Middle school aged, the second for 8th to 9th grade… and on up as each passing novel. Thanks for the input and support, Jim.

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