Moving The Other Shoe Store to Amazon, Soon.

       Welcome back My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. Last night I wrote about how I am hoping to make changes with The Other Shoe, by expanding my blog to its own URL location. In the spirit of change I am here to announce another change, coming soon. As you all know, about two weeks ago I entered into an adventure at eBay. The heartless and soulless theft of $300 of my charitable donations, by one Lawrence Hierlmeier of Anaheim, I am facing a huge hole in my finances for the next several months.


In an effort to replace said funds, I sought to sell some electronics. I have been buying electronics parts and peripherals from eBay since 2007. Now, I though I might turn the tables and make some money. Easier said than done, I tell you what My Dear Readers. Before I ventured into this unknown territory I; read the FAQs at eBay, read several articles on the web about ‘How to sell on eBay’, and followed all the directions as I listed my items. I did everything according to the advice and directions I received.


Now, with two weeks into this venture I have; One item that was bid on seven times only to have the highest bidder withdraw his bid because “I was confused when I place the bid…” and now I am going through all the previous bids with ‘Second Chances’. And, One item (with a value of $45) being sold for 99 cents! IMHO eBay is the 99 cent store of the internet.


MC760 USB Data Card for $.99 at eBay

MC760 USB Data Card for $.99 at eBay


The majority of people using eBay are chronic users that, pretty much, sit in their mother (or grandmother)’s basement looking for any item for 99 cents, purchasing it and turning it around for a profit. There really are no individuals left on eBay that are regular normal folks… it has been taken over by chronic eBayers. That is all fine and good, and I have learned a valuable lesson with only a small loss of time and money.


As of today, I will be slowly removing all my items from eBay and setting them up over at where I will set myself up as an individual seller. In order to be a “Professional Seller’ I would need to pay $39.99 a month. That is a non-started with me, seeing as I am trying to make money and not spend money. As I have said, this is a great learning experience and I am not upset or angry about anything that has happened. (So far).


All SIX Dessert Plates n Crft authticity

All SIX Dessert Plates n Crft authticity

(Six 50th Anniversary Disneyland Dessert Plates)


I am deeply disturbed that I do not have the $150 filling fee or the $40 service fee so that I can sue Lawrence Hierlmeier for the $300 the black hearted _____ stole from me. I am working as hard as I can to make sure I have; rent, my phone bill and food. Once I have that all paid for I am going to save my money so that I can take Lawrence Hierlmeier to court. I hope to win back my original $300 plus the filing fee, fee to have him served and I am going to ask for ‘pain and suffering’ and money to compensate me for all the extra work I have been forced to do, thanks to his greed and avarice.


I have enough proof, and I am quite good in court. I have little doubt that I will win, and think that I should come out of the court with just shy of $1,000.00. Then I will place a lean against his home and his car, and wait for him to pay me. It shouldn’t be a long wait. J


So, My Dear Readers, this week (and culminating by this weekend) I will be moving all of the items I have for sale from eBay and over to Amazon. I have a ‘good feeling’ about Amazon. I spent several hours, early this morning, looking over like merchandise at Amazon and I am pretty sure that I will be able to make some money with far less “I got confused” and 99 cent sales. See, I understand why eBay tells you that you will have a better chance of selling an item if you start the bidding at 99 cents. It builds traffic for eBay at the expense of sellers like me. No hard feelings, they have to hurt others to make money for their share holders. It is a soulless business, but I have no hard feelings for the blood sucking losers. (Meg Whitman made here millions making eBay the blood sucking company it is today. Only to loose $130 million of it running, and loosing, against Jerry Brown.)J


Well, My Dear Readers, that about sums up things for today. Oh, yes it is 5AM. I get up really early anymore. I help Allen get ready for work, then I check on my sales and do some writing. My pains reasserts itself about 6AM, and I go back to lying in pain in bed until later in the morning or afternoon. I am working as hard as I can to get as much work into each and every day that I possibly can.


Remember to stop by my listings at eBay, and soon Amazon.


As always, it is a great honor that you come here and read my work.


Thank you!


The Other Shoe eBay Store

The Other Shoe eBay Store

The Other Shoe eBay Store

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