A View of America’s Future via the Past?

“Fellow Americans. … This year… When the war ended. I felt, like millions of Americans… that I was not responsible for the causes of the war… nor the outbreak of war… nor the conduct of the war. Nor was I responsible for the political situation in America. I was just a citizen, just like tens of millions of other Americans.


A time came when an American could only take pride only in the past. While the present was only something to be ashamed of. With the decline of foreign policy and the decay of political power the internal collapse began. The dissolution of our great national institutions amd decay and corruption in our administration. And so began the decline of our nationhood. All this was brought about… all this was caused…


And now we see the collapse of class after class. The Middle classes are in despair. Hundreds of thousands of lives are ruined. Every year the situation grows more desperate for tens of millions. Hundreds of thousands are going bankrupt. The ranks of the unemployed continue to swell. One, two three four million… five million, six million seven million… Today it may be seven or eight million.


How long can this go on? I am convinced that we must act now if we are to act before it’s too late. Therefore, I decided with the support of my party… which began with few members… and now is twelve million strong. To save the nation and the Republic.”


Does any of this sound familiar? Do these words ring true, today? Does anyone recognize the words I have just written? Do these words strike a cord, with you?


This is a speech I just finished watching. I have replaced… updated… some of the words. The numbers were brought up to date… I replaced fatherland with Republic… and I replaced Germans with Americans.


This speech was originally given by Fuehrer Adolf Hitler at a rally given days after he was appointed Chancellor of Germany.


As I listened to his voice… as I read the translation at the bottom of the screen… a chill came over me. A chill that cut to the core of my soul. I left out the harsh words about “the Jews…”. However, if one were to replace “the Jews…” with “the Liberals…” it would speak the same… carry the same…. Appeal the same, to the same people.


We, Americans, stand at a turning point in history. If we continue to allow ourselves to be lead by divisionism.. If we continue to allow hyper-partisan tactics to succeed. If we allow ourselves to see members of the other party as not equal Americans. Equal in all ways, equal in all rights? We stand on a path that leads to a deadly future.


The echoes of the past are coming to haunt our future. I cannot stop people hating. I cannot stop people pushing their brethren down so that they might feel up. I cannot stop the schadenfreude (a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people). I can only write what I see. Write what I think. Share my ideas and pray for the best.


I have been writing, now, for more than an hour (I write slowly with one hand). Yet, I still feel the chill. The terrible cold of these words, and the anger and hatred that is sew into them by their speaker. America stands on a precipice. The edge of a social razor blade. I cannot pull US back… I can merely warn of the fall.


As always, I am honored that you come here and read my works… my words.


Thank you!


About Daniel Hanning
I am a; writer, editor and publisher. I write, most often, articles about our space program, fun videos andpolitical works. My most recent additions are; A Week In Review, Sunday Funnies and The Adventures of Nadia. Along with The Mars Report and Lost in Space. ENJOY!

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