A Week In Review – August 24th, 2013

                    Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. If it is Saturday then it is time for ‘A Week In Review’! What ‘A Week In Review’ this is, with THIRTEEN (13) articles in just seven days (14 counting this one)… Well, I have out done myself. I have to say. If I am not very much mistaken that would bring the total, for the length of the campaign, to about FIFTY (50) articles just since July 11th, 2013. I am nothing, if not prolific.


Danny and Darrell in 1959

Danny and Darrell in 1959, I am the Blonde Driving


Now, for the past several days… maybe even as many as seven, I have been writing and publishing… without ‘editing’ as much as I would like or as usual. For this you have my apology. This campaign is over tomorrow. Once I have rested, I plan on going back and checking each and every article I have posted. I will check for; typos, spelling error and poor grammar. I can tell you, they will not be perfect, but I will fix what I am able. Again, I deeply apologize for publishing with errors. Your time is valuable to me. I apologize for… a poorer product that you are accustomed.


Finally, if it is still Saturday, August 24th, 2013? Would you, please, take a single moment and look at my campaign? The link is at the bottom of this article. I am not asking that you… go there ready to give. I am asking, would you please take a look, read a little and consider donating… and helping me out? Thank you. Thank you very much.


Now, without further Adieu I bring to you ‘A Week In Review’!


  • · The Future Of Mankind’: “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. Today I come to speak with you not about things. Not about oil, or gas. Not about cars or clothes. Not about money or gold. I come to speak on the most important. I come to speak to you about that which endures. That which nurtures. That which binds us all. That which, form which, we all came, and will eventually return.” This article was a bit of a miracle, in that I had no idea what I was about to write, when I sat down to write this article. I had the intent of doing my best to write about ‘Climate Change’. I had it all worked out, how to talk about the science, all of it, and not make any conclusions. I knew that I might offend some of my audience, and I had in my heart a deep desire not to offend anyone’s ideas of beliefs. This article is what ended up coming out at the keyboard. I, and writing, is that way sometimes.
  • · August 19th Update From Danny’ : “Dear Family, Friends and Followers here at Facebook and at @ The Other Shoe, First I would like to express my deep and heartfelt “Thanks!” to all of you that have given, to my campaign to help me move. This weekend We moved forward to the tune of $50! I am extremely grateful to everyone that helped!” I do not think at this point, yet, it shows? However, I was gravely concerned about the failure of the campaign. I put that wrong; not failure but lack of sufficent support. See, that has been one of my biggest problems. I use the wrong words d it appears s though I am grinding on my supporters. When, in actuality, I am grinding on myself. It is my FAILURE… not anyone else.
  • · FACEBOOK CHANGES!’ : “I have just been made aware of a recent change to Facebook. Seems, from NOW ON you will ONLY see; Status Updates, Comments, Pictures etc… from ONLY ‘Show In Feeds’ or by selecting ’Close Friends’. Otherwise, you will see NOTHING all DAY! I wondered WHY my Facebook feed was BLANK the past couple of days!” You would think I understood Facebook better. I now know that there are several settings for friends. I now understand there is; ‘Get Notifications’, ‘Show in Feed’, and ‘se Friends’ settings. I hope I did not give out wrong information. I was just doing my best to talk about the changes that occurred, right at the end of my campaign. I am still convinced… that these changes cost me thousands. Guess I am just not that bright.
  • · TODAY With Danny Hanning! : “Dear Friends Family and Followers here at Facebook and at The Other Shoe, It has been a VERY busy day, for me. I JUST NOW got home from; blood tests, hematology doctor visit and getting prescriptions filled. I got some ‘none so good’ news, today. I will write about that at a later time, as it is still just sinking in for me. (Hint… I saw a doctor of hematology…)”I apologize for not following up on these test results. Fact is? I have not heard anything back, myself. I saw a hematologist because my doctor has some concerns about my fevers and weight loss. Just as soon as anyone gets back to me, I will post it here @ The Other Shoe. I do not intentionally keep you, My Dear Readers, in the dark… anymore than they do me. Right? I have my opinion about the reasons for the; fever, weight loss, heavy feeling in my arms, headaches. Funny, that… those are the very same symptoms for… a herniated disc. I, and the radiologist, are in a bit of a discussion. I am hiring another radiologist to look at the films. The fact of the matter is just this; my final MRI prior to surgery (just one week prior), according to the radiologist, did not show any herniated discs. However, once Dr. Anker cut into me? He found two ‘herniated discs’. See a herniated disc is difficult to read on an MRI… without contrast. It is difficult to discern. I will keep you informed. I will bet you a nickel to a dollar donut that I do have a herniated disc @ C7-T1.
  • · Sunday Funnies – Tuesday August 20th, 2013 : “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe and a very tardy edition of ‘Sunday Funnies’. Sunday I was terribly depressed… well, I started being terribly depressed. So, I just wasn’t of the mind to publish last week’s edition of this fine series. To all my regular readers, I sincerely apologize.”Alexander ‘Construction Rat’! I love this boy so much! I now have severalvideos of my building/remodeling his ‘Second Home’. He has a cage(A large aquarium with; running wheel, nice cottage house, water bottle and shiny chrome food dish. That is his ‘Primary Residence’, but that was not enough for Alexander. Alexander (and no other rat has done this) has turned the side arm storage area to my computer ‘Bed Desk’ into his ‘Second Home’. He spends most of the day, right there in bed with me. Rats, the ‘Fancy Rat’ breed, are very social animals. Believe it or not… they feel love. He feels safe in bed with me. Hence, creating a place to sleep right on the bed with Daddy. Did I say just how much I love Alexander? A lot.
  • · The Story of Daniel… Flashback! Part One: “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. Today… this article will be, well, out of the norm. I am not sure just who from Pearland or PHS. That might be reading this, remembers me back this far. However, here goes. Before I became involved in choir and drama, I had another great love. SCIENCE!” Desperate to increase donations, I struggled to try and create content that might increase traffic and people’s innate generous nature. I remembered that during my power chair campaign. The articles that received the most ‘Likes’, at @ The Other Shoe, were those based on ‘The Story of Daniel’. I, by no stretch of the imagination, have a checkered or entertaining past. (At least the parts I am willing to write about, now. Wait… when I get closer… there is a LOT of weird… twisted and shocking stuff I have NEVER written about.. I WILL)! I figured just reposting would be a cop-out, and not at all what you My Dear Readers would expect from me. In a moment of clarity, and lesser pain, I created the first of the new ‘Flashback’ series. There is some the same, but there is so mouch more in this series. I am flushing out the setting and sharing more details… and my impressions, too. I really hope that you, My Dear Readers, get.. well, at least some enjoyment from reading these articles. Thank you for all your ‘Likes’.
  • · August 21st, 2013 Danny/Campaign Update : “iWelcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. Today was another busy day, and I finally got some sun. I have been looking on Craigslist for a studio apartment or like accommodation. It is something you need to do every day, and keep current th the listings. However, not many viable leads. That is why, today, I had my caregiver go out into this neighborhood to look for available rentals. First, I learned a lot about looking through Craigslist. The first of which, ‘if it looks too good, it is too good.’ A 2brd/2bth for $500 a month? RFOLOL. I am still looking everywhere I can think. I go out, in my wheelchair (I refuse to wear out my beautiful Power Chair with these long journeys to look for a new place to live. I am not… discouraged… but, also. Not having any luck. I hold out hope that I will find a new place. One that I can afford, and that once I tell my story they will overlook by lack of credit history and any negative reporting. I know that a very old and good friend, Cheryl Banks, owns a trailer that she rents out. It is up by Austin… It would be better than ending up on the street in a wheelchair. See, IF I have to put my belongings in storage and live in a shelter… or worse. I will not take the power chair; to the shelter or to live on the streets. In that very nice and facny looking power chair… well, I may as well wear a sign saying ‘Rob ME!’
  • · SPECIAL August 23rd, 2013 Update: “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe and a very special edition of UPDATE! In just the past thee days I have been very generous contributions to Daniel’s Relocation & General Relief. I do truly hope that, by doing this, I am not stepping on anyone’s toes. The last thing I want to do is to upset any current contributor, or anyone still considering donating to my Indiegogo campaign. These contributions… well, they really stuck out”! ENGLAND! Never in a million years did I ever imagine I would be the recipient of donations from England! Now, don’t get me wrong, this did not come out of left field. I, on several occasions, saw ‘hits’ from England on my traffic reports from Google Analytics. I have seen hits from; Hong Kong, Cyprus, and France. Each and every time I see hits from outside the United States… well, I get this big smile on my face. I mean no disrespect to any/all of my American readers. I value all of you, My Dear Readers, equally. You are all very special to me. However, in my wildest dreams I never imagined my work reaching the United Kingdom. Further, to have these fine citizens of England enjoy my work, or be touched by my words or videos, enough to contribute. I wear; I am blushing right now as I write these words. My father would be so very proud that, without a Ham Radio, I am still following in his footsteps and communicating with people from around the world. My mother would be very proud, too. I say that about my father because he talked with many Ham Radio operators in England and Ireland. I hope I do honor to their patronage.
  • · Part TWO – Flashback to TSOD : “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. I was writing my ‘Special Update’ for today. As well, my apologies for how tardy this ‘Part Two’ of my Flashback of ‘The Story of Daniel’. Today has been hectic and I am really trying to get as much accomplished every day as my pain and time allows. I am very happy to announce that, as of the time I wrote this article, that my Indiegogo Campaign has raised $1,400.00! As well, my last two contributions came from (Drum Roll… … …) ENGLAND!Guess I got a little carried away. I see that, now. Past the first paragraph, I do get back to the past. My father took a great deal o f pride in his hobby. He built most everything from scratch. Scratch and used equipment. See, I remember him talking to me, late one night in the garage, about the cost of his hobby. He did not want his sons thinking that he was taking away from the family, just to play with his hobby. First, I saw how he worked after he got home, in the garage repairing electronics. I understood that most of the money we used for vacations? Actually came from the business he ran out of our garage. My father worked a full time job, drove from Herman Hospital and back each day, then when he got home he spent more hours working to make more money. When he was finished working to repair electronics. He then spent the rest of the night reaching out to the larger world (he taught me in that garage about the world. He had world maps in the garage…. He put push pins in the places he had contacted). He helped connect parents with their sons and daughters in Vietnam. My father worked 18 hour days… until the day cancer took him from us.
  • · The Mars Report – One Year!: Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. I have made it my goal, here at The Other Shoe, to share in the science and wonder of Mars. Specifically, the awe and wonder that the rover Curiosity brings to us humans here on Earth. I am rather ashamed that I have, until today, missed the One Year Anniversary of the landing of Curiosity on Mars. August 5th, 2013 was that anniversary… and I was just too busy… too focused on my goal… my head down, my eyes like lasers… that not until right now, today did I realize how late I am in celebrating.” This article was my return, just in time, to a series of articles I very much enjoyed bringing to you. My Dear Readers. My love for spaceflight began as soon as I could read and write. I clearly remember the Mercury-Redstone-Freedom 7[1]project. Even though I was only four, at the time, I have memories of these first flights. My father was enthralled with the gauntlet thrown down by President John F. Kennedy when he uttered these words; “landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth… by the end of this decade”[2]. I found writing about the Curiosity mission to Mars reminded me of his passion, A passion that he and I shared from the Redstone project all the way through to the Apollo project that projected man to the moon, and America into the technological forefront of the twentieth century.
  • SIXTY Hours and Counting: Dear Family, Friends and Followers of Facebook and at @ The Other Shoe, With, roughly, Sixty hours left for me to raise sufficient funds to move. I am working with the worst fever yet. However, I will redouble my efforts to garner the needed remaining support. Everyone has been so supportive, so helpful and kind. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone that has helped. To everyone that has donated, a very special ‘Thanks!” Here, I am beginning to really feel the heat. The pressure of the campaign ending and the fact I was not achieving my goal. I had many goals, over the past two months. Find a new place to live, which is in progress and I am devoting more time and focus to this goal. Get to the hospital for a new MRI, done. Raise money to help finance the move to a new apartment/room. Get blood tests done to help eliminate ‘other causes’ of; fevers, weight loss, increased fatigue and acute pain, done. I was getting things done, the things I have some control. The clock was ticking, and I was getting ‘blue’. So, I keep myself busy while keeping you, My Dear Readers, informed. As well, it helps to write about the tension. I apologize if I have made anyone uncomfortable.
  • Part Three – Flashback – TSoD:Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. Let’s see where we left of, yesterday. That’s right, learning; electronics, geography, and social history in my father’s garage. I know I was not supposed tp speak of this, way back when it happened. However, now that it is 2013 I think it is safe to tell. I told you about how my father talked to people from all over the world. Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom and… China. I am kind of fuzzy as to when this actually happened. It happened before the landing on the moon. I think it was in the late 60’s” This is more like it! I enjoy writing about my father and the years we spent together. In this edition I talk more about our mutual experience in; Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. I haven’t put this into words (here or anywhere) YET. I, now, realize that scouting was a good segway from being a child working every evening in the garage with his father to, the divorce. I had never really put that together prior to writing these articles. Funny thing? That very thought process was happening as I wrote just now, today. Wow, talk about ‘self-therapy’! Anyway, in this edition I talk about my father having a copy of ‘The Little red Book’ when I was a very young boy, about five or six and our time scouting together. It was shortly after this article was up twelve hours I realized that ‘The Story of Daniel’ was raking in the ‘Likes’ once again.
  • August 24th, 2013 Update on Danny : “Dear Family, Friends and Followers at Facebook and at @ The Other Shoe, Welcome, My Dear Readers, I’ve promised you to keep you informed. Told you I will ‘keep you in the loop’. Well, there’s a ‘Good’ to that and a ‘Bad’. I’ll let you decide on this one. Most of you know I am a gamer. Back in the early 90’s I kicked ass on Quake. There was time, during the first F.E.A.R. PC Game… well, I was #1 or a few weeks… ended #10 in the USA in a Worldwide Gamespy Tournament. For F.E.A.R..” This article uses my favorite mouse’s brush with death an analogy for my declining health and disease state. Granted, it was my favorite mouse, my most recently purchased mouse (seven years ago), the most expensive mouse I have ever owned (a Razer… for a gamer they are one of the very best. Prior to this mouse, even during my F.E.A.R. competition days I used a Logitech), and the segway mouse from FPS gaming to MMORPG gaming. Loosing it… well, paralleled my physical loss that has resulted in me hardly ever gaming, anymore. Oh, FYI I used the title ‘Dominator Dann’ back in the day on H.E.A.T. (IF you remember HEAT… well that certainly dates us) and Gamespy I used that handle. More recently I game(d) under the handle Enzo Matirx (from the Canadian CGI Cartoon Reboot[3]). I am going to try playing later today. Once I have this article posted for You, My Dear Readers. The mouse is currently drying, and once I am done here I am going to check and see if I have managed to save my favorite mouse.


That brings us to the end of one of the longest editions of ‘A Week In Review’ and one of the single most productive weeks in my short writing life. I enjoy writing for you, My Dear Readers, and it brings me joy (And takes my mind off of my pain… some) to know you are enjoying my work. I know this by looking at the Facebook ‘Shares’ and ‘Likes’. Now, I also know it by seeing extremely generous people from other nations make donations. I will say it once more, my father would be so proud… not of me seeking assistance… but that my work, my words, are read outside America.





As always, My Dear Readers, it is an honor to have wonderful people like you read my work. Soon, I will be moved. I will feel safe once again. In large part because of YOUR generosity. This, I will never forget. I know when I am moved and. Alexander and I are settled in our new home. When the bills are all paid and I see that we can ‘make ends meet’. I have a ‘Good Feeling’. I have a feeling that I will write for fun, again.


I have a feeling that Princess Nadia, Nakita, Alexander, Alice, and all of my fury friends will come out to play, in my mind, again. When they do, I will capture their antics and I will write the novels that I know live inside me. I will share, too.

Thank you, ALL of you, for your support your kindness and your understanding and generosity.



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