The Future of Mankind

              Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. Today I come to speak with you not about things. Not about oil, or gas. Not about cars or clothes. Not about money or gold. I come to speak on the most important. I come to speak to you about that which endures. That which nurtures. That which binds us all. That which, form which, we all came, and will eventually return.


Not so long ago, mankind was majorly different. Mankind took only from the earth what he needed for himself and his family to survive. The food he ate? It came from either the fruit of his labors in the earth, or from the sweat of his brow hunting lesser animals. The animals we took life from? We looked it right in the eyes. When we took a living animal? We showed respect for that animal by using all of the animal. Wasting nothing.  When we did take, from the earth that gave us birth, we only took what we needed to survive. We fed ourselves, or family, or tribe. The rest we left alone.


The clothes on our back came from the skin of the animal we ate. We used the animals bones for tools and weapons. Medicines we made from the intestines and other organs. We used all of what we killed. We celebrated the harvest by sharing the rich bounty our earth gave.


No one as left out of the bounty, because that would offend the mother earth that gave up her bounty for us to use. We understood the harmony of life. We honored the planet that gave of life by celebrating and sharing.  If we took life? We looked that life right in the eye. Upon taking its life-force we honored the greatness it once had, on this earth. We took time to show reverence to the life the animal once had.


He honored the animal’s life by using all of the animal. Not to get too gross? He even used the droppings of animals for fertilizer for the food we grew for our families. There was a known as the ‘circle of life’. He honored this ‘circle of life’ in all we did. We held celebrations  to honor what she gave up for us to use. We, the People of the Americas sought harmony in everything we did.


“Oh, but that was so long ago…” Not really. The earth is over four point five BILLION years old. Of all that time? Mankind has only been around about forty thousand years. Dinosaurs lived,  in harmony with the planet, for over seventy million years. You see, mankind has only been around the blink of an eye.


Even shorter? Our time in this land. The Americas! Out of five billion years of a planet’s life. Out of the forty thousand years of mankind? Only about five hundred years have European immigrants been here in the Americas. Another blink of the eye. When our European ancestors came to this great land, another people lived here in the Americas. The native Americans had been living here, in harmony with the mother earth, for ten  thousand  years.


They lived the life I outlined above, living in harmony with the earth. They treated the land, and the animals that lived here, as brothers in the journey of life. Among the America Native Indians there were no; poor, hungry, or disenfranchised. They gave of themselves for the whole. They all rose, or fell, together as a whole!


I do not know if there is a pathway back to that life. Seems, if this life is wrong? The mother of our existence, Our Mother Earth, just might send us all back to the stone age.  


We now live in a world where the majority of mankind lives… poorly. A handful of our species lives… surrounded by all the greater comforts of this earth and our modern society. I speak of the 99% and the 1%. However, before you stop reading… think of this. Never before in the history of mankind has this social model prevailed. Be it the Roman Empire or more recently the Empire of the Untied Kingdom. Each and every time wealth is accumulated by the few… the majority left to live off of scraps? That society collapses. Period. End of story. In turn it is replaced with another, more equal society.


England, for the longest time, was Kings and surfs. Now, everybody in England has; health care, food, and a roof over their head. England leads the civilized world with the lowest rates of: hunger, homelessness, disease, infant mortality and death. In England the lifespan is longer than here in America. Infant mortality rates are lower, and the citizens have overall better health than their cousins across the sea. (FYI that is U.S.)


Everything happens for a reason. I am now convinced of that fact. Just ten years ago? I made over $50,000.00 a year. Had a brand new truck a sweet loving dog, a two bedroom home in the city of Los Angeles. A terrible disease struck me out of no where. It has now crippled my body worse than I could have ever imagined. In just ten years.


Everything I owned? I lost. My life was ripped away form me. All because of a disease that still ravages my body, every day. Instead of driving a new truck? I make my way around with a cane dragging my left foot behind me. Instead of a nice two bedroom home in Westwood? I an loosing the single room I have in Cypress. And, right now I stand on a precipice of loosing even that.


I understand inequality is the nature of the beast. I just really hurts that I keep having to loose what little I do have in this life. I do not want to have to sell my; TV, computers, DVDs and player. However, next week I do loose all those things… just so I can move… again. I worked hard all my life. I did without for my wife and family. Now, simply because my body is failing… I have to loose what little I do have?


It doesn’t have to be like that… With a little help from everyone? I can keep the few possessions I have… and just do my best to find another place to live that I can afford. I am not asking to be wealthy. I am not asking for my old life back. I am not an idiot… just kind of beat up by life.  


I know that times are hard all over. I am not asking for those that have little more than me, to give up what they have. Maybe, just maybe… there is someone out there that reads my work… that could make a difference. That is all I am asking. If you are just making each week, hand-to-mouth like me? I am not asking for you to give up cable to help me out. That is not what I want. I apologize if, in the past few weeks, I ever came across like that! I sincerely apologize from the depths of my heart if I made anyone living paycheck to paycheck feel like I wanted something from them.


IF you can afford? Please… help me not loose what little I have. That is all I ask. Nothing more. Just a little harmony within our lifetimes.

Thank you.


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Daniel's Relocation and General Assistance Fiunding Canpaign

P.S. Infant mortality rates here:

Homelessness rate here:

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