A Week In Reveiw August 17, 2013

            Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. If it is Saturday then it is time for ‘A Week In Review’. It has been another busy week here at The Other Shoe.  Even with loosing a day to go to the hospital for my MRI I managed to publish NINE articles! I am working to provide another preview from my upcoming novel ‘The Adventures of Princess Nadia’!


The pressures of raising financing and looking for a new place to live have not really be conducive to writing this tale. The characters still live in my heart, and world that they live in occupies my mind. I know that one day, soon, this story will reach the page. It is just too difficult to tell when I am facing such pain.


I have discovered that the radiological report will not be mine, yet. I have to go all the way back to the hospital, in person, and pay a $10 fee. That means a hole other day lost to travel and that I just cannot afford. I am to discuss it with my doctor, when I see him in October. When I have the information I will be sure to pass it on. However, even better I have the whole scan right here at my fingertips to review anytime.


I have posted many of the images for everyone to see. One article, listed here, I even have an image from the MRI in 2011 compared to the MRI from this week. I just wanted to keep you, MY Dear Readers, informed. I know that you care and want to be kept informed. J


And now, without further Adieu I bring you this week’s ‘A Week In Review’!


  • ·         Life IS Hell: “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe.I was awakened at 7 AM this morning to the thundering sound of a steel dumpster being dragged through the parking lot. By 8 AM there were workers slamming, banging, and breaking up sheet rock, plywood, toilets and countertops in the steel dumpster. Nowhere around either the dumpster or the work area could there be seen permits.” It comes as no small surprise that my life is hell. Especially now, with the move hanging over my head. This was the morning before I had to go all the way across town for my MRI, and I wasn’t allowed to rest because of the caustic owners/workers that now own the place I live. Unfortunately for me, things have not improved. My pain is getting worse with every day and my neck is a disaster area with no help on the way. Every day I look for a place to live, only to realize that I cannot afford to live anywhere decent to live. Life IS hell.
  • ·         My Date With An MRI Tube…Today! :“Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. Today is Tuesday August 13th, 2013 and my fate for today is to lie in a tube. That’s right today is my MRI at St. Joseph’s hospital here in Orange County. As anyone from my childhood can tell you, Danny is a little (more like a lot) claustrophobic so today promises to be an adventure in fear as well as the daily adventure I experience in pain.” The adventure was better than I had imagined it would, but that comes with a huge exception… I spent the day in severe pain. They did not put in in the same machine as last year. This is causing some confusion about the results that are seen. It was a very long and painful day. One that I do not look forward to repeating anytime soon.
  • ·          MRI Results From August 13th, 2013 And Some Very Bad News…: “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. I have been home now for about a half an hour. Already I have looked at the images from the MRI I just endured. (More on why I said “endured” in a moment) First, a word of THANKS! To my father Kenneth Hanning. Dad taught me how to read X-Rays and all kinds of scans when I was… … eight or nine. While Darrell played ball, other children had fun in the sun? Danny was working at the Herman Medical Building for my father’s bosses.”I was very much unpleasantly surprised at what I saw when I looked at the images on the disc. Immeditaely I put the images from two years ago side-by-side with images from this Tuesday. It takes a detail oriented mind and more than a passing glance. However, one can see the deterioration in my cervical spine. IMHO the disc at C7-T1 has ruptured. It has lost it’s integrity and the edges are jagged. As well, that disc is showing up as hollow, like devoid of dural fluid. I have to discuss this with my doctor when I see him. I am just so depressed by these results… and I am looking for a place to live… I can afford.
  • ·         The UNFORTUNATE Truth About Danny Hanning: “Dear Family, and Facebook & The Other Shoe Followers, First, THANK YOU for bringing my campaign to ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! That makes me 1/5th to my total GOAL! I am extremely happy with this progress. Second, my blog at Blog.Com may well be GONE! I have not ‘seen’ my blog for almost a whole WEEK! I do not know what is going on. Third, My left hand is mostly useless. = I’ve had to slow my writing LOT”.  I mean, nor meant, no disrespect to anyone by writing this piece. I am just walking on the edge of a razor blade… dancing on one leg, more like. The pressure gets to Danny… It’s hard dealing with failing health and getting kicked out of your home for the past decade… in just one week. I am not sure that I have made any progress, personally, I am still majorly stressed. However, I cannot back away from writing.. least I loose any chance of garnering any further support. There is the, afore mentioned, razor blade.
  • ·         Improved MRI Images and a Plea For Help!: “Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe! I am just tickled pink that I have my primary location back! Today I spent my time bringing the primary blog up to date. Then I worked tweaking five of the images from the MRI so that everyone can ‘see’ what is wrong. I am expecting the radiologists’ report by Friday. When I get the report I will post the results here, too.” In this article I do my level best to outline the advance of the degenerative disc disease. I show four different images from this week’s MRI that I felt showed, clearly, how the progression of my disease. You can clearly see that the discs at C1-C3 no longer are just “desiccated” but are protruding into the spinal canal. One shows what I am sure is the rupture of the disc at C7-T1. Why I keep stressing this fact is that my symptoms are radically worse. I experience; nausea, dizziness, trouble breathing in any position. It is not going to be a pleasant visit with my doctor next time. However, it is a picnic compared to what I live through every single day. My depression is growing… just writing about this…
  • ·         Daniel’s Feelings About The MRI Results: “Welcome back, My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe. Well, today has been a very busy day. I just finished publishing the article with all the improved images from my MRI scan. Now I’m going to take a moment to talk to you about my feelings.” This was an extremely difficult article for me to write. I do no, often, write so bloodily about the feelings that I have… It is not in my nature… it is not in my making. However, I do live in fear for my life. That’s right I did not write health I wrote life. See, I have this problem where I stop breathing all together. This used to just happen when I was sleeping. Now it is happening even when I am awake .I feel this shuddering in my body…  I have to think in order to breath. I know what I is happening to me, and I am afraid. I wanted to get it down in writing. In case the worst comes to pass. So sorry that you, My Dear Readers, had to see this so early on.
  • ·         Dear TEXANS! : “Dear Family and Facebook & The Other Shoe. Followers, I have just been told that I “have offended Texans…” and that I cannot expect support because of my transgressions. I accept my responsibility! I would, very much, like to make amends. THAT was NEVER my INTENT! N E V E R!!!! I AM A PROUD TEXAN!” I never meant to offend. I genuinely mean that from the depths of my heart. I would never write an article just to bash. That is not my style… it is not who I am. Regardless, I am sorry. Genuinely sorry for the hurt I have caused. If I end up homeless… then that is the price that I will pay. At least I have made my peace. I hope that all those that Are/were offended have read my words, too. I want to put his behind me. Move on and look ahead. I hope that is possible. I pray that it is.
  • ·         On Little Cat Feet: “Welcome back,. My Dear Readers, to The Other Shoe I have been laid up with tremendous pain. What the pain hasn’t taken from me, the depression does. I have but one purpose, one goal. Write. Write to ensure continued life. My words are my bond with this life, with you My Dear Readers. The rest?” If you, My Dear Readers, I think you should.
  • ·         A Cry In The Dark: “It is 1:20AM and I am unable to sleep. I tried writing for The Other Shoe, but only darkness and depression came out. There is eight days left for me to raise enough money to; hire people to help me move, rent a moving truck (without car insurance as I do not own a car), and pay for rent & deposit on a new place.”I wrote this just thirteen hours ago. The feeling is still fresh in my mind. I still haven’t slept. I need to do that… soon. I apologize (seems I am doing that a lot this week) for sharing my depression. If nothing else? I am an honest writer, indeed.


That brings us to the end of this article, and the end of the week. I regret to inform you, this week there will be no ‘Sunday Funnies’. I just do not have it in me. I look forward to seeing you on Monday. Have a great weekend.


As Always, it is a great honor that you come here and read my words. I hope that you find enjoyment… I take solice that someone does.


 Thank YOU!

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