Improved MRI Images and a Plea For Help!

                        Welcome back My Dear Readers to The Other Shoe! I am just tickled pink that I have my primary location back! (Well, I DID today is Sunday the 17th and my blog is gone, again) Today I spent my time bringing the primary blog up to date. Then I worked tweaking five of the images from the MRI so that everyone can ‘see’ what is wrong. I am expecting the radiologists’ report by Friday. When I get the report I will post the results here, too.


  I am doing this to keep you, My Dear Readers, completely informed of my medical condition and to inform potential contributors of the complete impact of their donations. Each donation helps make it so that I do not have to endanger my health by; lifting, moving, packing or any other potentially dangerous activity. I am a bit of a boy scout and truth is my friend.


There are five images, below. Each image is a cross section of my cervical spine. They progress from anterior to posterior views. Each image has target areas highlighted by red lines. The areas inside the red lines are trouble areas of my cervical spine. Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal canal. This narrowing results in; pain, numbness, headaches, and even foot drop (as I am experiencing in my left foot now).


First image:


Image One

First MRI Image of s series of Five

(Notice the flattened mushroom shapes?)


Second view, further in from chest to back:


Second MRI Image

Second MRI Image

(Clearly you can see the smashed mushrooms blocking the canal)



Third view, further anterior than the last…


Third MRI Image

Third MRI Image

(NOW you can clearly see the flat mushrooms from TOP to BOTTOM)


Fourth view, next to the last here… but more clearly shows the ‘mushrooming’ of the discs. Note the disc @ C7-T1 (the bottom) appears to be void of dural fluid. OK Each ‘disc’ is made up a dural sack, dural sack fluid, and dural sack fibers. When a disc is completely desiccated the sack is torn, the fuild escapes and all that is left is the dural sack fibers. Also note how the discs are mushrooming ALL ALONG MY SPINE!




(Note how the ‘mushrooming’ is all along my spine @ this level)


Final image from this view of the MRI.


Fifth MRI Image

Fifth MRI Image

(At the bottom of the image, NOTE the mushroom is blocking the canal)


That brings me to the end of the images. The report will be by a professional radiologist. However, I have more than a little experience at looking at X-Rays and other radiological imaging. I think that even a layperson such as you, My Dear Readers, can see the extensive damage in my cervical spine. Previously, there were no flattened mushrooms shapes. There was only one disc that was encroaching into the spinal canal. Now, there are five discs all along the cervical spine with flattned mushroom heads that clearly encroach into the spinal canal. 


I am experiencing; headaches, shooting pain into my face and hands and arms and chest. Nausea, dizziness, an a couple of other symptoms that I refuse to discuss in a public forum. The pain is the worst it has been in the history of my disease. Several times a day… the pain is… the worst I have ever felt in my life. I cannot stand without assistance. I cannot bathe without assistance. I cannot walk without dragging my left foot behind me.


Now, I come to the end of this article. I do believe I have been completely frank about my condition. I have done my best to share the potential risks of my disease. I am scared. I am really scared. One slip and fall and I am a paraplegic or a quadriplegic. That scares me a lot!


As always, it is my deep honor to have you come to my blog and read my work. Finally, I simply must ask for your assistance. I have no choice to move. Honestly, this could not have happened at a worst time. If I had a choice? I would not move. I have no choice.


Therefore, I ask for you help. Your assistance. Your donations. The better financial backing I have? The less the chance I am hurt during the process. As I said earlier today…



Please Share & Help?!?

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